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How do Roman Catholics Live

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How do Roman Catholics Live

(whether You agree or disagree would seem to be of little consequence, whether You have Peace in Your Heart or malice toward Your Fellow Man may be of the Utmost urgency)

Firstly: It is necessary to grasp that Roman Catholics, via the age old teachings of their Church, are not bound by bible alone nor by faith alone nor by grace alone teachings.. as some other Christians are.

While these three mentioned methods of living are each an important part of their overall concept of what The Father In Heaven expects of His children, Catholics also take into account the concept of Tradition.  

It is easiest to say that: they attempt to live within dogmatic parameters which include:

1).    Firstly Scripture, and an interpretation of Scripture, which is for the betterment of a Universal Teaching and Liturgy.

    1a).    Liturgies remaining open to change and designed for the delivery of the grace attainable by the Word and grace attainable through those Sacraments believed to be the vessels that actually contain the Grace that they imply. 

            a1).    That Jesus Himself instituted the Sacraments as such and the Biblical recordings of same, along with the observations of Graces received by recipients over time, are the justification.

            a2).    It is very important to research - study - and know the historical and spiritual truth that: The Bible itself is the culmination of Divinely Inspired Writings, given to mankind throughout "time" and agreed upon by mankind in around the year 400 AD by those whom, up until that time, got their learning from studying Hebrew Scripture (including the Old Testament), as well as faith, grace, tradition past to them, by those that learned, from the original 12 Apostles.

The Original 12 were taught by Jesus Himself, although were NOT confirmed in that teaching until The Third Person of the Trinity did so at Pentecost, and each generation of "Ordained Successor" after that was given the earthly authority in heavenly matters via the Laying on of the Hands.

These 4th-5th century persons, through 400 years worth of Apostolic Succession, (which is spoken of in each century, in many of their writings to each other) possessed the power of The Holy Spirit to Bind and Loose.

Then realize that they did this binding when agreeing on which Writings were Divinely Inspired "enough" to be included within the Cannon (for the Liturgy) and what we know today as The Bible.

    1b).    These things are the seed which has grown into Tradition by being a culmination of inspirations - pondering - discernment - and rulings by some of the greatest thinkers of each age, for roughly 2000 years.

2).    Secondly, yet equally, Roman Catholics are guided by this, ancient yet ongoing, Tradition. This Tradition itself is a Holy Responsibility that is guided by and relying on the freedom of each member, of the Church, to make judgments and question the teachings of their church. NOT an invitation to BREAK THE RULES. Although through any members personal revelation, perceived to be received from GOD via: Divine inner locution during prayer or Scripture interpretations or apparitions and the likes, are invited to raise issues.

   2a).    They fully believe that God has never stopped and will not stop communicating with mere earthlings via sending messages .and messengers....most of which are very personal and meant for the receiver alone but others are meant for the overall good of the membership.

     2b).   Roman Catholics are encouraged to weigh, with the caution of Discernment, those messages they receive as to whether personal or for the good of all. Then bring any that are appropriate to the attention of a legitimate authority within the Church.   

           b1).    To which change is inevitable and adding to the wealth of knowledge of Gods Kingdom. And the means of attaining change can be enhanced for the individual immediately and or for the good of all throughout time.

            b2).  Change within the teachings and even the dogma (new dogmatic declarations being added that is)  has always come about by all members of  this body remaining open, firstly, to direct revelation from God, and, secondly, to the rulings of the hierarchy and authority they acknowledge as the Lords Vicar.

Additional Personal observation: When some episodes of the Old Testament Writings are read, like that 40 years wondering in the desert one,  as well as many others, including the 1000s of writings "considered" for inclusion in the New Testament, it seems as though God has never been in a big hurry in some of these matters. This in itself is a loving grace allowing both individuals of each century and all of mankind extra time to ponder and discern.


Same subject observed from a social perspective, as follows:

Having had many homespun type theological discussions with other humans (Mostly other Christians and a few Jewish friends, and only a couple with Islamic or Buddhists beliefs, but that is just because of where my home is)...  but anyway.... some things that have been noticed over the years, are that:

1)    Many of my Non-Catholic friends have said to me and are under the impression that "Catholics think that they are the only people that are going to get to go to heaven". But when speaking with Roman Catholics it is rare to find any of them willing to say that they are going to heaven for sure..   If asked the direct question as such, most will look a little puzzled, like it is a trick question or something, but eventually state that it is not their own decision and it will be Up to God as to whether they are allowed to Enter. (and generally accompanied by a posture or body language of sincere humility)

    1a)    Although when the issue has been pressed, with some of the more open to conversation ones, it has been expressed to me that, They do believe that "by the Grace of Father" and the Grace of the "Life of the Son" and through the "Ongoing Interactions of the Holy Spirit", The Church, has been given and "is being given", ALL the TOOLS necessary for each member of each century, via the Bible - Sacraments - Traditions, to accept or deny their individual eternal salvation. They fully believe that running around proclaiming to have already secured "the brass ring" is presumptuous and would not be seen as a statement of faith, but more than likely, a statement of a bragging pride and an assault on the humility needed to be a serious candidate to accept whatever place God has prepared for them in Heaven.

They do believe that their Church does possess the Authority to Bide and Loose, AND they believe that other Christians, in fact ALL humans, are on the same road to eternal bliss, although may not be taking advantage of all the tools available to do the job.

    1b)    None the less they fully believe that other Christians and Non-Christians, by the Grace of God, certainly can get the job done ... In fact at every Roman Catholic Mass, They pray for the success of ALL THEIR "Departed Brothers and Sisters" (those that have left their faith and started new practices) "and ALL" (non- Christians) "that have left this World in Your (Gods) Friendship".

2)    One oddity is that, socially, Roman Catholics are supposed to be courteous and find a way to compromise their faith practices to conform with other "Christians" that don't agree with the roman catholic point of view. But very little of the same courtesy is given to the Roman Catholics...this has always puzzled me, in the areas of the Rosary and Traditional Customs as well as the Sacraments but especially when it comes to the action of receiving Holy Communion at a Catholic Mass ...WHICH IS at the Very HEART OF THE BELIEF of this 1 billion strong worldwide group....

    2a)    If a person doesn't Believe in the Transubstantiation of the Eucharist, as Catholics believe takes place at the time of Consecration, why would one possibly want to take part in what would have to be considered an illicit ceremony. 

    2b)    If a person does Believe in the Transubstantiation, but hasn't converted to the practice as a whole, why wouldn't that same person already be on their way to becoming in full communion with this and the other dogmatic beliefs within that organized religion and thereby abstain from the reception until, which time, they "are" in full communion.

    2c)    If the individuals belief is stuck somewhere in the middle, (yet still considers themselves to be Christian and no lies are being told to ones self ) that individual certainly would not want to take a chance of committing a Sacrilege against God Himself , or on the other side of the scale, insulting the faith practices of their fellowman, until which time they would decide, (guided by the Holy Spirit one would hope) as to which way their guiding spirit has chosen for them to follow on the road to eternity. And if that decision would be "go ahead and Insult Your Fellowman" one may well have to seriously question the initiator of the inkling.

It all seems to boil down to a matter of "what rules or Authority is each,  personally willing to accept" and one analogy that continually has been stuck in my brain is the old Football Player metaphor,  

3).    It seems that most of any malice in the greater arena of Churches stems from a disliking of accepting an earthly authority in the realm of heavenly matters. Opinions have been expressed and to a certain extent are agreed with, such as: "That is a manmade rule".... and "Nowhere in the Bible do I find that" as well as "There has been so much corruption in *that church* (see footnote), I can't in good conscience follow any of the teachings".

Most of these statements have come from respected individuals which are known as Christians. Which leads me to continue to search for answers as to why these friends are willing to accept their own or a smaller group authority, believed to have been given to them by the Holy Spirit, over an established authority given to mankind. Especially when it doesn't take much online research these days to follow the succession of leadership for the Roman Catholic Church step by step from the present day back to Pentecost and the biblical record of which, (when Peter stood up and took charge as Jesus told him he would) says to me, that it was the activity of the Holy Spirit that started building the Christian Church then and there.


*that church*

My profession, on this earth, has "allowed" "blessed" "cursed" me to work in almost every known Christian denomination within the US for (34 years), in a Non-Clergy manner, yet with the hierarchy and the lowly of each.

Not one group has been found, where someone hasn't, (while getting to know the people within)    offered an unsolicited "the corruption thing comment" about their own Church. EVERY DENOMINATION and NON-DENOMINATIONAL GROUP, and sadly without exception.

So, to he who will continue badmouthing others, here is offered a paraphrased quote for consideration...Let he that is without sin cast the "next" stone.   

4).    Every split off from the Original, and now days even the split offs of the split offs, has been done by some man or woman, insisting to have been given authority to do so from heaven. Which if any of them were true would make Heaven a house divided against itself. Even though the gates of Hades have not prevailed against the Church spoken of by Jesus that he was about to "Build", each additional split would seem to have the makings of an attempt. Most of the initiators of these split offs insisting that, any type of man made ruling ...is a very bad thing to follow ..except in the case of the new revelation that has just been given to them.

5).    When it comes the the Roman Catholic Church: It is NOT BEING SAID that there have NOT been some very bad individual people within the last 2000 years. (starting very possibly with Judas Iscariots example even prior to Pentecost) Having within their heart all form of malice, confusion and vile intent or in some cases small groups teaming up for political, liturgical or social perversions. And those few have worked diligently, to promote their own agendas from within high and low offices of that, what is today, one billion plus membership Church, foretold and Ordained by The Father in Heaven, of which Jesus Is the Cornerstone, the Holy Spirit initiated at Pentecost, and Peter The Apostle being the first building block, as well as each human thereafter, to be a brick or scoop of mortar.

6).    These fore mentioned sins are the personal sins of those individuals .. Given to them in their own weaknesses, by the father of all sin, and all the more reason to stand fast, or quietly as Our Lords example would have it, and attempt to bring compassion and love to any individuals or groups that have been wronged by such wolves in sheep's clothing... but NO reason to attempt to condemn the Church Herself, for that would seem to be wanting to take upon ones self an authority that God the Giver of All Authority often times in the Good Book warns us to not even attempt to take..

7).    FURTHERMORE, being the transubstantiation of the Eucharist is the TRUTH it negates (via its ability to be the Vessel that Actually Contains The Grace That It Implies) anything done by individuals between the Alpha (of the Last Supper) the Second Primary Action ( of Pentecost ) and the Omega (that being: the individual reception of Our Personal Savior at every opportunity of the Eucharist) NEGATES EVERYTHING: with the exception of any punishment due to any individual that has NOT taken advantage of the wealth of forgiveness and healing available at each Eucharistic opportunity.


This old man, is a "homespun" theologian, with more questions then answers and my best suggestion is:

1)     Trust in Jesus to be your Personal Savior....

2)     Pray for the Guidance of His Holy Spirit in all you do. (Read, Recite and Meditate on the The Words within The Holy Bible)..

3)     Carry out the Inklings He Gives you. Starting with no malice toward others and if possible with His Love...  and continue in that Guided Spirit until which time He Decides you are ready for the transformation from this Life of "Time" and "Rules"  to your LIFE OF ETERNITY. (for with HIM all things are possible)



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How do we judge?


Why do we judge? In the Light of the laws of the New Covenant how dare we judge?..... Yet we must...



Firstly, we all know or have been told and are supposed to know or at least like to live under the pretence that we know, that "judgment" is not supposed to be a part of our detail.  "Judge NOT that you will NOT BE JUDGED".




We have to make judgment calls every day.

We judge the distance between parked cars.

We judge the amount of food we should consume so as to stay full of health yet not over eat.

We judge the severity of punishments to be handed down upon disobedient children, or fellow workers (if being an employer or manager or any position of authority).

We judge the amount of time we will spend and the effort we will put into any one task - hobby - travel - pleasure -good work or ill deed. 


Yupper we are a judging bunch of fools...... but what makes us think we are qualified to be in such a position of authority to make all these judgments?


It might be said that some things mentioned above are not really "judgments" but actions which must be taken with carefully considered factors weighed and entered into the rationally executed plan. And it would be true. Although that is also a pretty good definition of the core meaning of the word "judgment".




1) We get so used to making judgment calls in small areas of life,  that we think we are good at it. This leads us to becoming desirous for the feeling of power and the pride, that comes with "being right".


2) Once we think we are good at it, we start to believe that we should be the only one whose' judgment or opinion should have any validity.


3) If left unchecked, this attitude becomes severely dangerous to relationships with all fellowmen, especially family and co-workers... but will rapidly expand to anyone encountered, and shortly thereafter, or already during, it is no longer funny to God, in that showing love and respect for the judgment ability of our neighbor is directly related to our ability to love Our God with our entire being. 


So what is it that we should "judge" and what is best not to judge??


1) Me thinks we all would agree that the distance of parked cars is a good thing to judge...


2) As well as a correct amount of food (or drink and the likes) consumed, is a handy thing to get right, in that without an attempt at proper regulation, all sort of bad physical and mental "addictions" and maladies can be the result.


3) Executing  punishments and or making laws or rules to be followed which have a "action and consequence" to them .... is a two way kind of judgment and an area where greater discernment is needed ...in that we are now allowing ourselves to make a direct impact on our fellowman via both direct and indirect means, which has with it a direct responsibility...to that fellowman.


4) Another quirk of judgment is that of calculating the unseen.

Judging feelings.

Judging how someone else will react to a given situation.

Judging sin, of our own.

Judging sin of someone else sinning against us.

Judging sin of someone else that has sinned against someone else. (This last one seems to be pretty much the worlds favorite pastime: because it allows us to feel "detached" from the situation if we wish to)


BUT actually it is all the same judging: Although without the advantage of "rear view mirrors" - "time clocks or curfew clocks" - "calorie counters" - belt notches, and the likes, we all need something else or someone else to aid us in making our insight keen.

Especially when it comes to estimating the effects of Sin. Most everything involved in this type of judgment call does have a direct impact on our fellowman either in our actions toward or opinion of that fellowman.


1) This would seem to be where it is best if God comes in.. And it is extremely loving of Our God don't You think? To have dedicated Fully 1/3 of His Being, in the Person of the Holy Spirit, (which in the case of The Triune Deity 1/3 equates into 100% ) "to being willing" to enter into each and every human, and guide each and every "judgment" that needs to be made, in matters both seen and unseen, if we will only let Him.


2) A full and correct judgment of sin within ourselves, by ourselves, is impossible. Due to the fact that once we are in a state of sin, that in itself, is proof that correct Heavenly Discernment or 100% proper Judgment is already impaired.

    3a) When considering sins we have allowed ourselves to commit against or involving others, such self qualified judgments become more then impossible, to the extent that the impaired factor has now at least doubled.

       a1) Oh sure we can judge the initial hurts we have laid on someone, oh sure we can somewhat feel the anguish and relate to the suffering we have caused, but only to the extent that our minds eye can visualize our own past hurts.

We can not feel the total pain, nor assess the interior damage done to our fellow human being and maybe they can't even see it, simply because we have not lived their life and can not draw from their past experiences to formulate the entirety of the hurt of which we are the cause.  Nor can we stay focused long enough, and may not live on earth long enough, to see the fallout and spin-off sins of others caused by our shortcomings. 

LET ALONE  feel the anguish of God who sees all things, Loves all of His Creation, and is waiting for each of us to ask His help in the discernment, that we may be fully forgiven, to the point that we accept His forgiveness and prove it by forgiving everyone else and ourselves.


4) He wishes to give this discernment and proper judgment so that we can see what He sees. 

    4a) That at the same time we get a glimpse of the horrific malice - hatreds - vile stench -and confusions from which our sins are all born, (and this alone should be enough to have us turn to Him, for the further needed help, out of disgust of such things) we will look beyond and be overwhelmed by the complete beauty - romance - tender loving kindnesses, which surround the peace in His Heart, thereby being enchanted and become desirous to possess the latter rather then the former. 

    4b) He has judged us each worthy of receiving these good gifts, by the decree of us having been created by Him. (as some wise old hippie once put it "God Don't Make Junk and He Can Fix Anything")


5) Moreover "willing to help us" have proper judgment, that we may receive the fullness of these good things, is the understatement of the universe. He COMMANDS us to receive them.     

NOT overtaking us as some super computer mainframe operating a robotic factory of do-gooders.

NOT forcing thoughts or causing actions for some entertainment value or personal gain, as many of us would seem to like to have Him do and the enemy would have us continue down that path.

But instead simply guiding us, shepherding us is one way He likes to explain it, for our own good and for the good of the entire flock ...setting parameters for our free will to flourish within.  

A freedom within which, many a "judgment" must still  be made and He being desirous to give us the good sense (grace if you will) to make proper judgment and be there to assist when our own judgment is lacking and we are in need of Someone that can see the unseen.



These thoughts have been spurred by a wise Priest of the Catholic Church, that when writing an excerpt about the 4th of July and the "Declaration of Independence" and the freedoms brought about by that document. He equated it to a far deeper "declaration" and made reference to a loving declaration in our personal relationship with Our Personal God...thereby calling us to embrace a "Declaration of Dependence".


Yup: Me thinks in that light it is best to allow the judging to be done by The One True God, that can weigh all the factors and "be right" every time. Yet be awake and willing to take upon oneself those "judgments" that are well within the graces possessed.

THIS is best for the individual and for the flock.


Does it sound like something that we ALL should attempt?  For with God all thing are possible.



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