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1). Some humans "question" the existence of God ...


        1a). For the most part the same persons will insist that they are open minded, and solid of mind enough to never be influenced by the inklings of other humans, saying that God indeed does exist .. and that they can make up their own mind without any one else's help. 


        1b). The insistence that He has been and is active within the lives of all of His creations that  He gave a soul to, well that notion is debatable and not of much concern as long as we are all good people in our own eyes and the eyes of society ..(generally meaning we don't break any, or very few, Governmental or laws of Nature)


        1c). All of the laws of ALL GOVERNMENTS of ALL TIME of **Civilized Man**, are based on Gods Laws. (This old man hasn't been able to find any that aren't a spin off of one or another of the 10 Commandments of the Old Covenant) ..and the following of which are what makes us acceptable to ourselves and society in general. OR the laws are deemed a BAD Law, by not standing the test of time for humane treatment of citizens, and the makers of the law (s) are condemned in the court of conscience and history.

                **1c). footnote on civilized man** Now days our archaeologists are finding remains of those ancient humans that were thought of as Pre-Civilized Man... and that they were far more "civilized" then previously believed. (Discoveries of "Totem Sacks" point at belief in the Spirit World, for one thing, and leads me to believe that we should all simply: Leave their graves alone). but anyway....


        1d). When we perceive ourselves  as "Open Minded" while debating or ignoring an obvious, or time proven, good, (such as attempting to work with Gods Will in our personal lives and thereby giving credence to His Existence ) we are often just being prideful in the exercising of our own Free Will ..in the vain effort to be non committal, which in itself is a commitment. 


        1e). Being that self pride and or inherent pride is something that the Triune God has (via scripture and tradition) told mankind that He despises. It would seem to some that they may be better off to continue questioning His existence in hopes He will be easier, in judgment, on "pretend ignorance", then He would be on failure to produce.

Although without taking into consideration the fact that God can neither deceive nor be deceived, it is a fools game. 

As well as with Non commitment, sleeping in on Sundays isn't a cause of guilt. And modernism has the notion that, feelings of guilt should be shunned at all costs for they may lead to all sorts of impaired judgment in other areas of life.


Conclusion 1). Logic ... must prevail ....If we use the rational expressed in the second half of (1b) we ARE believing in GOD, VIA His LAWS, but living in denial.



2)  Some humans "deny" the existence of God...


        2a). For the most part the same persons will insist that they are solid of mind enough to have logically deduced His Non-Existence through a mixture of scientific knowledge and gut feeling.


        2b). Ultimately SCIENCE is Science is science and when it can prove something utilizing the latest technology available to the scientist involved. The completed Theory must be accepted by all, until the next generation of thinkers and technology comes along and refines or disproves the initial theory. (The greatest thinkers of each century have always use the latest technology)

BUT try as we humans might, all attempts to disprove Gods existence have fallen far short of even being a THEORY in the scientific sense of the word, and only remains "theory" in the faith sense of the word. (which is ironic)


        2c). With all of the evil and hardships seen in societies, wars, and the earths natural disasters and the suffering of disease, Well if there was a God that is an all Knowing and all Good, Kind, Compassionate and Loving Creator --- He would have not allowed these things in the first place ... therefore He cannot exist .....


        2d). Possibly for any one or more of the negative excerpts mentioned in (2c) some people are mad, even hateful, at God (if He does exist ) and are either boiling to the point that they hope He does exist so they can hate Him even more (because if they were Him they would do better) or miserable to the point of indifference and want everyone else to be miserable also, so we can all feel the same. Denying His existence is the shortest route attempting to achieve that or some other void which is impossible to fill.

These hatreds or dying heart indifferences are usually taken out on surrogate gods in the form of rude or intellectually lofty treatment of parents - pets - pet peeve groups, such as Government officials, Ethnic groups, Athletes or Co-workers.

Or God is replaced by rudimentary vices, which contain there own hatreds, allowing the individual to "feel" detached from the hate. This allows an avenue for the needed expression of distain (of being abandoned by a Creator that does not exist in the minds eye), giving that person the ability to express hatred indirectly upon their chosen surrogate god.......Self. 


        2e). Verbally denying Gods Existence by taking this solidly negative attitude, is the best way to keep the Bible Pounding Group at an arms length . Which is better then to constantly be explaining a more truthful conviction that "Life is good, I am lazy, God MAY or May Not exist and if He does I just haven't had much use for Him lately .. and If I ever do it is none of your business... because IF all the stuff you guys say about  Him is true  .. it is between Him and me and He knows it ... so leave it alone."


Conclusion 2). Every Human has the inner driving to need to "rationalize their Stand" on the subject of the Existence of God.

When we feel that we are solid of mind and reason enough to discount the influence of our fellowman; we may well be discounting the influence that God Himself is attempting to send us, through that person, offering us yet another one of His personal invitations, for our own betterment.

If that person happens to be a real hardcore Bible Thumper .. well cut um a little slack ... and bear in mind that, He is working on them too and telling them to not make so much noise, as they are scaring some of the the fish away. It is believed to have been the great (St. Patrick) that once said .... "we must preach the gospel unceasingly, using words if necessary"



To which it must be asked, of anyone reading this, (simply answer in your own heart)

Question #1).  What is Your Opinion on the Existence of Sepiturian???


Answer #1). It would be a miracle if You have an opinion ... because it is not even a word ..as far as this old man knows.., "It" couldn't have placed an inner driving within your heart, let alone within every human of all time as to "its'" existence. Let alone claim to have created You, Love You, be willing to Die for you (and give an Historically  documented record of same) and allow You a free will to decide if you want to spend all eternity with a Being that promises to be in your heart if you will attempt to be in His and to be near you spiritually throughout your time on earth while you decide. All for the asking and WITHOUT forcing it on you...  





The proof that HE exists  ... is that we exist ...in the fact that we can't get it out of our heads ... that we are drawn to please Him ... because He is drawing us. And for our own good, He isn't going to give up.


Bottom line .. in the form of THE ONE Question


While some of us may, for whatever reason, wish to Question His Existence , do you think He is Questioning yours, for whatever reason: and if so, Who's question is more important?



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Something You Like..


How is it that we are sure we like something ???


It is our senses ..that respond to the "flavor" of it ...

Could be taste ...

Could be vision ...touch ..

Or any of the rest of the senses..

Once we decide that we truly like whatever it is .. it gets engrained in our brain that ...."hmmmm this is good and will most always be accepted."


This could also pertain to someone ....

This, me thinks is how we fall in love, to one depth or another with our Friends .. our Soul mate (or spouse) on earth ...as well as with the true Soul Mate for Eternity (our Creator) ....




We and one of our friends, both happen to "like" (to the point of what could be called a superficial "Love") the same thing ...

For example .. Butter Pecan Ice Cream...or Movies by a certain director or actor involved... or Traveling to a certain place which would require airplane fare ... and



You were the one that by some happenstance came upon Free tickets for 2 to that place or opening night premier of a movie... Or a bargain on a Gallon of the good brand of Butter Pecan ...(the stuff that doesn't need any topping to be melt in your mouth good, in fact it is so good it would be insulted by putting topping on it)


Wouldn't it be a marvelous "test" of friendship ... to anonymously bestow the complete gift on your friend. Making them think it came from some totally outside source, to see if they come running to you with the excitement and desire to share something that they should also know you enjoy as much as they, and that they would think of no other before you in such matters?..


Now this might seem dirty in that true friends should not be tested by true friends, but bare with me ...


Imagine the double joy .. you will feel when the hoax is exposed .(or even if you never expose it and allow it to be their gift to you) .

You both are laughing and chomping on spoonfuls of the Delicious Ice Cream .. or the Hours and Hours of glance smiles and suppressed out and out laughter before, during and after the movie or on the trip to and from the favorite vacation spot...


Also Imagine the hurt .. which may take a time to heal.. IF you find out that your Gift was shared with some other "friend" or that you were even excluded from list of consideration...


These pains we all feel in this life ... and in true Christian Love (or even attempting to copy the example of Jesus) we must pray for that persons blindness and inconsiderate nature... while never stopping the Love we have for them .. and learn to keep things in perspective that such "tests" (when failing to accomplish their "tricky" goal) are not burdensome to our soul but that such gifts could be given without expecting to be the "chosen friend". 

THIS SCENARIO GETS A LITTLE LOPSIDED in that for us to "test" a friendship as mentioned above is unfair, if done as anything other then a practical joke. And if the response to that practical joke would have NO negative effects on, us the giver, if "we" are not accepted as the "chosen second beneficiary party to the gift"., BUT :


For God to do this type of Giving (or testing) is Just.. In that He created all things .... Owns all people and things ....and as we have come to know His Nature, it is LOVE.

Therefore the "testing" is by no means flawed or tainted as our earthly personal testing of "friendships" would usually be. and HE would have every right to feel hurt.

Especially if we look at history... from Creation (or the beginning by The Father ) to Gods Earthly Life and Crucifixion.., to Pentecost (the coming of the Third Person)... onward up to today, as well as  into the future and hold to the promise of Eternal Bliss.



And then lets change the focus of our minds eye to the friendship we have with God .. and a couple of "what ifs"



God (without having been asked ) bestowed upon you a gift and made it seem as though it came from an outside source? or

God (after having been asked)      bestowed upon you a gift and made it seem as though it came from an outside source? or



The last time He bestowed upon you a gift and made it seem as though it came from an outside source, His Loving Heart WAS hoping for you to call upon Him to join in the jubilant moments of the reception and usage of the gift?



God wanted you to (out of Love) share  with others any or all of the gifts ever given to you?


None the Less ... Look around You ... Look within ... What Gifts has God bestowed?


Is He asking us to share them with HIM, save them for HIM, "present" them back to HIM?



He is asking us to share them with our fellowman. By this He is willing to judge "us" as the giver (this is why these gifts "seem" to come from some outside source and "seem" as though we own them) and we are mimicking or becoming like Him when giving them away. (depending on the amount of Love "Charity" we have within)


He only asks that we always are looking to Him as the Supplier.

If we acknowledge God as The Supplier and do this simple thing, we cannot help but to grow in a Loving Dependence on God and God alone.

Continuing in the sharing and receiving of the blessings, thereby the giving of HIS gifts to others is an act of Worshiping Him.

For with God all things are possible.




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These are only 3 main "categories" of Graces and while they have many additional attributes, other "categories" , (and sub -categories) we are going to concentrate on these for now ...(more as time allows)


1).    Actual Grace

These graces are tangible or at least so closely related to every day tangibles via the application of our human involvement that, in general, we consider them tangible.


Some examples:


The ability to cook well -  gentleness -  being good at woodworking - athletic abilities -having a  big brain - ability to breath - walk - see -having a small brain.

Any positive attribute we humans have is an Actual Grace from God and is given to each as a gift that is not to be taken lightly, let alone abused, but instead should be honed throughout our lives into the utmost of what it can become, and used as a tool or shared as a gift for the benefit of present and future generations...

( Should God  be "impressed" that our Nano-scientists have recently laid claim to the "discovery" of the sub-particles of the  DNA molecules that govern many of these Actual Graces and are, rapidly and with prideful intent, attempting to "reinvent" some of these microscopic wheels?? Although they are having some serious troubles determining the functions of the "sense and anti-sense" portions .... Hmmmm what could be up with that ?)    


Actual Grace would seem to be those graces we are given by a culmination of attributes passed on to us by our ancestors DNA  as well as those things we developed by our sociological (as well as spiritual) path in life and are (by Gods Design through the use of our free will) able to become placed so deeply within our "being" that we can then pass them on to the next generation.


To which if an oversimplified logic may be interjected: (Here we are looking at this as the reverse side of the entire "sins of our fathers truth") ( This is said bearing in mind, the scientific fact, that the human body replaces every cell within and without approx. once every seven years) ...

Lets say someone is a severe alcoholic: To the point that it is almost guaranteed that the offspring of that person will suffer from Fetal Alcohol syndrome ... but that person KICKS the habit (and even leaving "spiritual" out of this) with no physical or psychological attachments to alcohol present within that person for a period of at least seven years ... it would seem impossible to pass on the negative trait to any offspring born after that time period.....Simply because each DNA strand that once contained the negative information was regenerated (reborn during the replication process) and would no longer contain that negative information therefore, that which would be passed on would be only positive or neutral character information .   



2).    Sanctifying Grace

These Graces are supposedly Non - tangible and to the 5 earthly senses this is true .. they cannot be seen with eyes- smelt with the nose- felt by touch - heard with ear -or tasted with tongue ...

ALTHOUGH our Most Gracious Triune God... has seemingly allowed those that will "seek that they may find" Extensions of these earthly senses and glimpses of these Sanctifying Graces CAN actually be seen (or felt by the heart) through other humans when we view their (God Given) Virtues in action.


Sanctifying Graces are also something that are "tangible" in the sense that even though we don't know "what" they are we do know "where" they are.


Gods Holy Tradition has taught us "where" to Seek:


Scripture (The Bible) is the outpouring of those Sanctifying Graces attainable by THE WORD that is JESUS ....through which  the Holy Spirit can easily and simply call upon each persons Virtues and unit Spirit to spirit exhorting those virtues into action, thereby elevating that individuals (S)spirit, like onto Gods Own..   


Scripture (The Bible) is the outpouring of instructions (or paths) for mankind to follow to: The Sacraments which actually contain the Sanctifying Graces implied within The Inspired Words of Scripture ..and brought to the 5 earthly senses in manners that will remain (to those senses) "mysterious" until the end of time. (as time allows we will look at 7 sacraments individually and ponder on some of the ways the "tangible" aspects lead body and mind to encounter Spirit)


All of which is calling each to embrace  the Virtuous attributes of their personal lives and exercise them with every fiber of our Actual Graces becoming sanctified allowing each person and all mankind the path to full and total Sanctification of Soul with The Father through The Son by the workings of The Holy Spirit...   



3).    Signal Grace (Signs and Wonders)

A little more time is going to be spent on this type of grace because even though different faith practices call this type of grace by different names, it seems to be the type so many humans these days are grasping for in an effort to be assured of a connection with God ..

NO we can not see the words "Signal Grace" anywhere in the Bible, at least not in a row, any more than there has ever been found the word "Trinity".

Although most do believe in the Trinity (for many reasons but) Scripturally because at the River with John the Baptist we find the Son being Baptized, the Holy Spirit present in the form of a Dove, and the Fathers Voice being Heard from above. ...ALL AT THE SAME TIME.... which says to me (and many) Three United as One = "Trinity".

This entire episode at the River with John the Baptist, itself, would seem to be one of those, Biblically recorded, "Signal Graces" (Miracles or Signs and Wonders) given for all mankind so that the Triune Nature of God would not be too hard to understand. but anyway:


These Graces are very tangible but also very mysterious. Much like any earthly "signal" (as one that a catcher behind the plate will give to a pitcher on the mound or the Team Coach on the sideline sends to all of His Players, in a baseball game )  these graces are given by God to individuals, letting them know they are on the right path or on the wrong path .. and can come in 7x7x7 forms. From Inklings of the Holy Spirit - to Apparitions of all sorts - to Collapse of Governments.

It is well known that these graces are only as trustworthy (in witness) as the receivers Virtue of Discernment, for without Heavenly Discernment we will find ourselves giving into all form of superstitions and twisted notions of "God said this" and "God said that to me" and are all to often mistaken for that which has Sanctified the soul and that no further action is needed. This mistaken judgment causes some to think that, at that point, they are "full of grace" or God wouldn't have contacted them.


A few examples as follows:


1). A little girl is given 2 sandwiches, by her mother, for lunch. The mean little boy in her class (that is feared and disliked by all) was given a kick in the shorts and no lunch as usual by his dad that morning.

The little girl although afraid (and not knowing why but following an inkling of the Holy Spirit) DID approach the boy and offer 1 1/2 sandwiches to the boy. He accepted the Gift and (not knowing why but following an inkling of the Holy Spirit and eating his fill ) said "Thank You" to the girl (and really meant it) and for the rest of recess he was pretty decent,  not only to the first little girl .. but almost made friends with a couple her other friends.


Although there were so many "Signal Graces" flashing around that playground it could light up most towns ... The obvious one (that should lead to Sanctifying Grace)  would be the inkling the little girl would learn to  trust in overcoming fears, trusting in the locution (particular voice) of the Holy Spirit, and prompted by the reward of seeing her playmates join in the attempting to make friends in a normally volatile situation that she was allowed to initiate.



2). A middle aged man that enjoys his "morning cup of coffee" and has taken a liking to the "pipe and tobacco" and for many years kept the pleasure of both of these things within modest consumption, finding the result to be both uplifting to his spirit and soothing to the nerves... But as the years went by ... let down his guard and the pipe became a  permanent extension of his facial features and sub-consciously considered the coffee cup holder a deciding factor in the purchase of vehicles.  

One day he got angry when he was out of coffee and couldn't find any tobacco.. and this was compiled a couple months later when he started having sharp pains in the lower abdomen.

Fearing the dreaded prostate cancer that his doctors diagnosis was leaning toward ( and wanting to schedule a biopsy for testing of ) he had an Inkling that cold turkey quitting ( these 2 now bad habits )  and adding some herbal tea and a couple vitamins to  his diet ( known to help in this area )  would help the pains to go away .Also he decided to beckon God to perform a miraculous healing.... AND BAMM... the pain was gone overnight .... The next visit to the doctor revealed that there was no need for a biopsy and that with proper diet being followed ( as insisted upon by his trusted practitioner ) there should be no reason his earthly life shouldn't continue for decades to come....


In this scenario we first see "allowed pleasures" (which should be guarded by regularly giving thanks) turning into rudimentary vice which is a time when God DOES give all persons (attempting to live a righteous life) some "signal graces", pointing out the error of the ways, in an effort to gently return His beloved child to the path that will lead to Heaven.


    2a). In this scenario we see the "Inkling" of Spirit beckoning the turning away from vice, back to victorious or normal behavior,

        But is it a "Signal Grace" from God or remnants of Actual Graces (common sense) given to Grandpa and passed on to this man? ...

    2b). In this scenario we see good medicine which should be accepted as a Gift of God,

        But is the "insistence to follow proper diet" a Signal Grace from God or a God fearing Doctor exercising the virtue of wisdom?

    2c). In this scenario we see a man turning to His Creator in a time of trial and seemingly the prayer was answered with an affirmative reply,

        But should this be considered a Signal Grace of a Divine Intervention?,


Only God can know the answer to these three questions and He may or may not share that answer with "the man" at any time in his earthly life, even IF that mans virtue of Discernment is exercised on a regular basis ...for maybe the Signal Grace in all of this, was intended for the mans bowling buddy, that when seeing HIS best friend going through all of this, HE decided to bypass this suffering in HIS life and quit drinking Brandy before noon ( in fact all together ) and within two years of saving all the money HE was spending on booze ..(and by cooperating with the further Inklings of the Holy Spirit) HE opened a food shelf, extending the lives of numerous people, that by experiencing HIS humility gave Praise and Thanksgiving to God. (and both of their bowling averages went up by 7 pins) 


The only thing, this old man, knows for sure is "It is what it is" and that some of us overlook many of the signal graces given to us and when we do, "the enemy" gets on base far more often than he should .... and others of us see signal graces in every sparkle of sunlight on the dew... and while that isn't all bad ... sometimes those sparkles are just beautiful remnants of work Our God did many centuries ago and we are giving into superstition...   




But now on to a true story:

 My all-time favorite story of a signal grace... The Virgin Mary at the annunciation and again at the visitation.


3). For this to "be a true Signal Grace" in our own mind, one must believe the Inspired Word of God can be found within the Douay-Rheims or the King James "Protestant" Version of Scripture as well as other more traditional translations .


If we believe these translations to be true we will consider the  dialogue of the Angel Gabriel who "stands before God" and the "filled with the Holy Spirit" words of Elizabeth.

The attempted is being made to critique this without "reading between the lines" too much, although attempting to interject some common sense, while considering the topic of SIGNAL GRACES..


    3a).When looking at the demeanor of Mary the Blessed Virgin some things that we are told.


            3a1). She wonders what can this greeting mean?? (Her humility could not immediately accept being told that she was "Blessed among Women" by an Apparition and ONLY persons of Power or Royalty would receive a "Hail"). Imagine Her surprise at encountering an Angel, a heavenly being of tremendous stature. (and scripture says that He, Gabriel, needed to calm Her fears)

              3a2). She is told not to worry about it and is lead by heaven to look at the situation of her cousin Elizabeth as a "proof" (or Signal Grace) that what Gabriel has said is indeed from God and a truth. Imagine the anticipation of a visit to her cousin to check it out. Yet even before a "proof" is ratified her love of God prompts Mary to make a declaration of Faith in Her own FIAT.   


Now common sense tells us that she would have shared this experience with her parents or at least Joseph (as She was still a 14 or so year old "betrothed women of the era" and a virtuous Virgin of a Jewish family) and accountable to that family. So someone not only gave her "permission if you will" to go to Elizabeth and check it out. (the trip would have been arranged for and made possible by Mom and Dad and or Joseph and other family members in accordance with rules of the day) Which the very next verses within Scripture say this is exactly what was done ..."in haste"

The Bible DOES tell us that Joseph wasn't thinking too highly of this story until HE was assured by Heaven, at which time HE (to a certain extent) also said let it be done unto US.


    3b). What happens when Mary comes to the home of the recently Muted ( Priest - Uncle)  Zackary and the (thought to be) Barren Older Cousin Elizabeth? (and bear in mind that any "barren woman" of the day was a real embarrassment to the Husband and the entire family unit, and Elizabeth  was humbled all Her adult life by this situation as we are told in Luke 1: 24-25 )


The dialogue opens with the same heavenly words that made such an impact when Mary heard them for the first time from Gabriel.

Imagine the burst of wonderment upon hearing those same words repeated by a second reliable source ...("Blessed are You Among Women" as well as a the privileged knowledge of "and Blessed is the Fruit of Your Womb")


            3b1). Can we not see this as a Signal Grace? ... As well as the signal Grace sent to Joseph  from heaven that He was considering taking a wrong path and the Signal Grace that (the Priest) Zachary received letting him know, he was to father John the Baptist?

               3b2).  Consider ourselves: "Modern men and women" so full of pride, having a hard time NOT considering it a "signal grace" if (within the same week) we have two family members tell us that our new hair dew certainly is fitting to our quest of being "graced" with beauty and charm...


4). How could Mary not consider this unusual .... unexpected....unsolicited phrase as a totally qualified Signal Grace ...as DID Her Family. Even bursting into Her own dialogue of joy and thankfulness and praise and prophecy ... (known traditionally as The Magnificat") which  itself is humble when held up to the backdrop of honor and glory  that Gods plan for this Virgin of Virgins has revealed in scripture and throughout time.




If you want to SEE a SANCTIFIED GRACE let your minds eye take a look at this one:


1). The signal grace which Mary received at the time of the annunciation, affirmed that she is indeed full of (at least)  "Actual Grace" ... (and me thinks that affirmation was for US more so than for HER)


2). While "believing' the signal ... She next, applied her Actual Graces through the usage of her free will, and working with that belief in the "signal" took it to the next level by putting that belief into action, when she went "In haste" to her cousins residence.. (in other words: announcing to others)


3). ..Upon entering the house .... that Signal grace was uplifted into Sanctifying Grace ...as stated by the Holy Spirit ..(via Elizabeth) in the announcement (or re-announcement) of Her Blessed Nature ..

For it was "by the voice of" Mary that Elizabeth became filled with the Holy Spirit that John the Baptist would be Holy or Consecrated (that is set aside for use in Holy endeavors) "even from the womb" as we are told he would be in Luke 1:15.


4). In the next couple verses, traditionally known as, The Magnificat of The Blessed Virgin ....We read the description of what this Sanctified Grace looks or feels like ....


If we read the entire Chapter it is the FIRST RECORDED TIME (This old man has seen) where we are given a glimpse of a Sanctified Grace being spoken of in such detail. Possibly because it is THEE account of (that place in time) when "justified simplified humble sanctified grace itself" entered this physical world. (for the first time)


Me thinks it is safe to say: By mimicking (within our own lives) this example (brought forth by The Word of God in this Scripture and) given to mankind in His Mother, a progression or pattern emerges, which needs to be followed, to turn our own actual graces into sanctified graces through the prompting of His signal graces.


It seems curiously simplified that the ONLY Virtue spoken of in this entire progression  IS HUMILITY





One last favorite and true story:

1). In my travels there was found a Spirit Filled Pentecostal Church utilizing an "Outdoor Advertising Company" on a very large roadside sign .... Stating ...


All in all Me thinks it doesn't get much better then that for most of us. THEREFORE it should be accepted at its word, and always bear in mind:

With God all things are possible.




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( Whether you agree or disagree would seem to be of little consequence, whether you have peace in your heart or malice toward your fellow man may be of the utmost urgency)

Some of the answer to this centuries old question may depend on the answer to another question or two:


1). Are we that are "Parents" still parents in Heaven??? 

This is asked because of the fact, that Mary was (is?) the Mother of Jesus. And "In their Earthly time" as well as for most of history and even today in many countries it was (is) the Mother of a King that was (is) the Queen, Hence the term "Queen Mother". This is in some customs even if there is a Wife or multiple wife's which of course Jesus had none. 


Being we all know that Jesus stated "My Kingdom is not of this world" and we all know Mary was no more of an Earthly Queen then Jesus was an "Earthly King" (at least at the time He walked here, although we Christians do proclaim NOW that He is King of Heaven and Earth). We do know now, that Jesus for sure is , at this very moment, somewhere in His Kingdom ...

2). Does THAT make Mary The Blessed Virgin, THE QUEEN of THAT KINGDOM?


To which we shall now tackle that second question first .... As Follows:

Now that She is no longer physically "of this World" is she still the Mother of God the Son, Jesus, The Savior of all mankind, Emmanuel, THE KING OF HEAVEN AND EARTH)) ? Thereby a "Queen" and rightfully can be referred to as "Queen of heaven" ???


There probably isn't a yes or no answer to this, that would be convincing without seeking deeper discernment than my heart tells me. 

Although the Roman Catholic Church does have the answer: They say, YES She IS.. And while that in itself is a good enough reason, to believe in this devotion, for those of us that attempt to follow the teachings of That Authority, it has become a stumbling block for many, of my "non-Catholic" yet very Christian friends, in the quest to obey Our Lords command that we should be of one heart and treat each other as members of the same earthly and eternal family.


We will attempt to think about this Family structure which Jesus (and His followers) so often speak of or elude to within the lessons of The Bible.

If Jesus has given us HIS Father in Heaven as OUR FATHER and His Father has given us Jesus as Our Brother and THEY BOTH have given us Their Holy Spirit as our Mentor. Jesus has given us each other as Brother and Sisters. It is then a logic that, Jesus has given us His Own Mother as Our Mother, for if we are to be truly "family" it has to be.

For if He hasn't we better all leave Her alone because He wants to keep Her all to Himself ...(no wait that isn't like Him at all)   


We are told (somewhere within the Good Book) that ..In heaven there is no Husband or Wife  ... (and if my  memory serves me) no free man or slave .... and as far as "parents" it deserves to continue looking.

With this in mind the search will look at Scripture and Traditions born of that Scripture (using homespun logic as fuel) looking for insights allowing me and all of us to confirm our faith practices .


Here is what has been found so far:

We all have been taught by Tradition and each seem to have an inner driving to believe, that in Heaven, we will be reunited with past relatives and hopefully that has been the Holy Spirit collectively telling us ...

We seem to be of the notion that:  Those relatives will be enjoying their "life of eternal bliss" (as it has been called)  ..and that we are all to receive a "crown", from Our All Just and Loving Triune God, and that this crown will be depicting the "jewels". of the merits of Graces gained while working with Gods Virtues through this life of time.

Whether this "Crown" is a physical "earthly type crown" or some form of a "Glorified Spiritual Crown" shouldn't really matter as surely they will be consistent.

It seems logical, even soothing, to follow the biblical (as well as traditional) teachings .. that from the beginning THE TRIUNE GOD did have a very Special place for the one person of all time that was chosen by Them and accepted the duty and pleasure of physically bringing God Himself into this world for the betterment of mankind.

It doesn't take much logic or imagination to envision the type of "crown" gracing the head of the tree that produced the perfect fruit.


A few of the bible verses (or complete stories) that have spurred my inklings leaning toward saying that, Mary is The Queen of Heaven are:  (Jeremiah 44:1-29 )  (Johns Revelation: 12: 1-17) and must be read if attempting to understand the rest of this "somewhat fringe interpretation" writing.


Could it be that, (and this may be stretching it) God has given Mary that place of Honor, which the people of Judah eluded to (and to whom the Holy Spirit spoke and warned via Jeremiah) when they took it upon themselves, to make (cake or rice cake) offerings to a "queen in Heaven" as though this "queen" was or was to be a Deity?

These Verses give me the hunch that Jeremiahs people had an "Inkling" of such an "Office" "existing" .. but (as we humans so often do) were jumping the gun ..with the the notion of "sacrifices or worship" instead of "Honoring" that Office which at the time had not been filled.

We couldn't say that God didn't tell them (and us) to "back off" with the "Other gods" being worshiped thing,............ We all seem to agree now  (via revelations within time and tradition) that the entire "Egypt episode" (spoken of  by the Holy Spirit via Jeremiah) was a reminder of the past sins of Gods Chosen People and a foreshadowing of sins and the consequences of sin caused by creating other gods. As well as that following  our Triune Gods Laws with the "action and reward" attitude of corporal reasoning will not fulfill the need for Spiritual food or Substance.

Instead it was (and is)  a "SPIRIT of Heart" that He was (is) after, and because of our hard hearts he needed to "deliver the example  himself" in the person of Jesus (and this was done via The Virgin of Virgins) and no longer "tell us", but instead, "show us"  how to live here on earth.

Then and only then with His Virgin Birth, His Sanctifying Death, His Glorious Resurrection and Ascension, and the Decent of the Holy Spirit (at Pentecost)  could the "Office" of QUEEN in HEAVEN be filled and only by Gods own choice of a Queen.  One with the Triune relationship of Mother.... Daughter.....Spouse .... and our second example given to us by God Himself of human spiritual humility and perfection.

And then there is Our Bother John:

(My minds eye has come to see John as The Disciple of Lateral Thinking)

Johns Revelation: 12:1-17

While it certainly would seem to be that many of the things mentioned within The Book of Revelation are mysterious happenings that took place prior to the time of John's life on earth ...In fact prior to or outside of "TIME ITSELF" is more like it, there are those things that point to a first hand knowledge (Revelation 2:1-29) and seem to make references to, or in the same way as Jeremiah, are prophecy... as well as the third to the last verse of the Bible says it (the Book of Revelation) IS most definately a prediction of things to come - "Prophecy" : saying that "in the future" these things will be made known to mankind....

Many of the Verses within this Book (which in "Ancient" translations of the Bible was known as the Apocalypse) have had very scary interpretations, throughout the past 1600 years. Especially within the last couple hundred years. Certain verses have been used (quoted) to predict everything from natural disasters, to collapse of governments, to the coming of  space ships on exact days and times ...Although logic doesn't have to be stretched to far to dictate that all things in this Book of Prophecy have NOT been fulfilled or Jesus would have already come for the second time predicted, Right?? And the fact that 2000 years HAVE passed would lean toward "a few" or "some" of these things HAVING been fulfilled, but IF SO ... which ones are they???

Much of this book is not so scary when viewed from the vantage point of the year 2000 (and the many documented apparitions involving Mary Mother of Jesus within recent centuries) as well as with the minds eye now looking back on the life and times of Jesus Our Savior from His Holy Conception to His Resurrection, to His building of His Church (at Pentecost) and feeding that Church of followers (Christians) not only by the Institution of Sacred Scripture (The Bible Itself some 400 years after His time on earth) but with His own Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity throughout the entire 2 millennium. A LOT of things have happened, which would seem that, if they weren't prophesied, should have been.  Like the Protestant Reformation and our modern day habit of, everyone and their cousin, starting "New churches" and each swearing to be the ONLY Church that follows the true teachings of God... 

When viewed with the gaze of a Brother or Sister of Jesus and thereby looking at John also as the brother to whom Jesus Himself entrusted Mary, as his Mother, for Her final years on earth. It is not hard to see those references to Her that have been made by Loving Sons and New Testament Prophecy fulfillment of a Queen in a Celestial Court "with a Crown of Twelve Stars On Her Head".

These would certainly would seem to point toward the fulfillment of another New Testament Prophecy made by The Blessed Virgin Herself in (Luke Chapter 1:48-49) that "48  for he has been mindful of the humble state of his servant. From now on all generations will call me blessed, 49  for the Mighty One has done great things for meó holy is his name. "ALL OF WHICH points to not only the 1918 Apparition of Jesus AND The Blessed Virgin at Fatima Portugal but also points to many Apparitions of The Blessed Virgin throughout the centuries. (which are WAY OVER SCRUTINIZED for years by reliable investigators including died in the wool Atheists, most of which have concluded that the entire sequence of events ,of the Fatima Apparition, were not of this world and WERE SOME KIND OF A SIGNAL GRACE from Heaven or "just can't be explained" ... Which come on folks ... What more to we want Our God to do??? HE can't get any more blatant without The Actual Second Coming.... and most of us aren't ready for THAT, so HE is giving us all these other "signal Graces" under very thin veils and we are apprehensive of believing in THEM, because "the enemy" has us like scared scattered sheep running around accusing each other of NOT LOVING GOD ...

Seriously Folks: Don't you think it is about "time" to jump on the bandwagon with Jesus and Mary and John and Jeremiah, put the pedal to the medal, zooming past our fears of each other, and head this party back to Our Fathers House? 

Early Conclusion:

Question #2). Mary.....as a Parent to Our Lord??? ... hmmm It still isn't known if "Parent" is still a valid or needed "title" in the vast oceans of communal Love within or behind the Gates of Heaven ... But we all still call Her, Mary Mother of Jesus or Mary Mother of God The Son anyway ...

Question #1). Mary.....as a Queen of Heaven??? .... Yes This seems very fitting, considering some things we do know about Mary Mother of Jesus as well as some things we do know about Our (and Her) Triune God and the rest of His Family.


While good advise for anyone that has had any ideas of baking up a batch of "Rice Cakes" to send that notion back to hell from whence it came... This old man, does have a number of good and loyal friends here on earth which has taught me that:


1). If you wish to bring a happy moment into the life of any man on earth, say or do something nice about or for His Mother.

2). Don't do it vainly or He and She will be insulted .... but if you can really mean it .. you have brightened His day....

3). Now if THAT FRIEND happens to be the King of Heaven and Earth ... Well You can take it from there......


 (The best explanation of this, found anywhere, is that of the wonderful people over at the "eternal word television network" ( EWTN ) and this link <http://www.ewtn.com/expert/answers/mother.htm> Although you will have to cut and paste that into your browser window as we don't have permission from them to link it directly: YET





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