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Fears common to most humans




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It would seem that our fears are directly related to our abilities (Actual Graces)… or more accurately our inabilities...(not fully honing our Actual Graces)

This old man has come to think that this relationship, or recognition of (fear), is yet another Gift  given by our Creator for our protection in weakness of body and mind, but more importantly as a beckoning for our Spiritual Growth.

Fears are seen as a warning system, and like any computerized warning system installed in home, vehicle or business, once it is activated, the alarm that is sounding should draw attention to the "item" that may or may not be a cause of impending harm. The "item" needs to be dealt with and then the alarm shut off or reset or repaired. (often help of a repair person or Police is needed) Allowing the alarm to lay in wait to be reactivated should a threat to a normal existence ever appear within its range again.

This (help) being something we are not only allowed, but encouraged to look to our fellowman for the necessary helps, which God has placed at their disposal (by the honing of their Actual Graces) as Gifts to freely share as they see fit.

Here is one of 10,000 possibilities as an example:

Two men, of identical physical stature (that are NOT acquainted with each other) are walking from the bus stop, in a seedy part of a large city, and approximately 100 ft ahead, a group of four highly tattooed young men (dressed in “gang” apparel) seem to pop out of nowhere and take the posture of not walking away nor walking toward the strangers but create a shoulder to shoulder line blocking the path of the sidewalk, and the two strangers have no logical exit.

One of the two men (having a tremendous fear) of the soon and upcoming encounter, decides to break the silence that had been the norm with this total stranger, and says “This doesn’t look good but in my youth I was a Golden Glove Boxer” and slows the pace of the next few steps in hopes that the other man will be a few feet ahead causing the other man to make the initial encounter. (Not realizing that the thugs have already read this as a sign of cowardice or weakness and will put the screws to him more so because of this minor evasive move)

The other man (staying facially focused on the group of four), says “ I am a 7th Degree master of Te Kwon Do and studied the art of Jeet Kwon Do under Grand Master Bruce Lee, many years ago”. And calmly continues “Maybe these are nice boys that need a little guidance in their lives, so let's make a deal, you stay behind me and I am going to see what can be done for US."

The peaceful man, taking the lead, in the now march, makes an abrupt stop leaving approx. 50 feet between the now two groups of the confrontation. (The fearful man follows his lead and stops about 5 feet behind him)

The man, with one graceful motion drives his, finger tips first, open palm, hand into a severe crack in the sidewalk below, and with an upward motion, removes a sizable slab of the concrete. Within the next mille-second, that seemed forever, a focused strike with his other hand, shatters the formidable obstacle, excreting a force that seems unworldly.

The shoulder to shoulder wall of misguided destruction leaves an opening, resembling the parting of the red sea, for their safe passage.
Never really breaking eye contact with the group of nice young men, He continues with the same calm, peaceful stride on the path to his destination, with a thankful and bewildered less fearful man in tow.

After a short walk and a brief dialog of appreciation by the fearful man, they went their separate ways.

What do we see of “fears” within this, slightly overdone “B” action movie scenario?

Well there could be a lot of things other than the fear of bad script writing … and even though it is hard to judge, the most “fearful Individual”, there are a few things that would be common, if this were a real life story rather than fiction. Which are:

a). The man that is the most full of fear, is likely one of the four young men.

The one willing to be the “ringleader” of the group and suffers from his own “attempts and failures” in becoming the type of human that would be loved by himself and others, but always overlooking or suppressing the fact that he is loved by God.

The failures have mounted upon each other to such a depth that love has been replaced by an unquenchable desire for respect, that is being mistaken for Love.

Even this "respect" is not a true "Respect" because "it" now needs to be forced out of others, via causing others to "fear",  rather than a true Respect (which is Gift of God and born in Humility) and that which is offered by our fellowman and accepted IN that God given Humility..

True emotion has been replaced by physical “feelings”. Even though, those needed feelings must be or are many times accomplished via induced chemicals, a habit which his heart is screaming at to him to STOP.

It all seems unchangeable, and a path which the floodgates of despair has turned into a wild river carrying himself and all that are willing to join him to an unknown destination.

b). We can easily see ourselves in the fearful man.

The cowardice which is all to prevailing in many life situations where we should be equal partners, with our fellowman, yet make the conscious choice of keeping ourselves “out of harms way” fully knowing
(even once fears become engrained within we "inadvertently" know) we are putting extra suffering on others ..(Often others we have taken a vow before God to be loyal to).

We can also see within this type of person those situations that we choose to put ourselves in, that we have no business being in. All to often we are walking through “seedy” parts of life, as though we possess some unworldly strengths, knowing in our heart of hearts that we don’t.

Yet we continue, time and time again, into the occasions of and near occasions of spiritual - bodily - mental and social failures, that have always been the end product in the past.

c). We all would like to see ourselves as the calm
(peaceful) man.

Although one must question and be realistic as to the possibility of whether or not it is within ones grasp to live as such, at this point in our existence. And if it is NOT: Why NOT?

In the case of this scenario
(as well as most spiritual growth) the requirements would be:

    c1). Natural ability.
(realization of ones God Given Actual Graces)

    c2). Stamina and focus, honed over many dedicated years of training. (The Grace of Longsuffering and Patience)

    c3). Obedience, many times the sociological norm, with unquestioned loyalty to a superior until ones self becomes superior, by not wishing to be superior to anything. (Humility)

One can then be equal to all that exists in the material realm, and superior to all “matter” by the workings of the consciousnesses of ones spirit.


But anyway, enough with the Kung Fu talk, let’s get on to certain types of “fears”.



Here are some of the fears that seem to be common to most humans.

1). Financial ruin.
2). Financial success
3). Health
4). Appearances
5). Phobias
(such as small spaces – spiders –high places and 1000s of others)
6). Evil  6a)  Death
7). God


1). Those that fear financial ruin are both those that “Have” as well those that “Have Not".
A). Finances are one of the most odd things to come to grips with in this world and strangely enough, the knowledge of a proper handling of same, could well be one of the best and greatest Gifts an earthly parent could give to an offspring.
(in short, simply teaching them the value of a dollar)

A1).The Haves,
(if they look) will be finding self, falling into all sort of grave sinful practices in the effort to “keep what is theirs”, instead of viewing each dollar as a Gift from God.

Rather than viewing this finite commodity (money) as a fine slave, often times, will allow it to become a driving Master.

A2). The Have Nots, maybe have been, a member of the “Haves” at one point, but allowed the love of money to lead them to any one or more of the normal earthly downfalls that always accompanies "keeping what is yours".

The start of the downfall is always when we do not acknowledge Gods Hand in the “allowing of the free will” to choose our own path and instead believe in ourselves as the creator of the path. This is always a foolish mistake.

Then once the money (or path to and the earthly prestige which accompanies)  is parted from the fool we become consumed by the self pity which is attempting to fill the void left, by a master, that has abandoned.

A3). Others never have been a member of the elect “Haves” on this earth and will NOT be.
This Group of “Have NOTS”
(where most of us will reside) All to often we will be consumed by a jealousy of those that, do have, and rather than accepting our poverty as a blessing which allows our Spirit to be that of the Poor which God offers so many Virtues to, we give into a wantonness for some other god that will supposedly relieve any and all suffering in this finite existence.


All three of these above mentioned "groups" suffer from fears that seem to be grounded in money, while the true fear should be that of discerning damages done to the soul because of a lack of stewardship.

Here is one of my own prayer experiences in this matter …
(and shamefully enough, to this day, the answer to the prayer has not successfully been acted upon, as per the instructions given)..

As Follows:

A lottery ticket was purchased
(“A” or “One” is another understatement of the universe) but anyway.

Each time upon relieving myself of another dollar, the prideful “prayer” was offered to Our God that; If He would allow me to have such riches, only what was needed to live a humble existence would be used by me, and much would be done, with the abundance, to help the truly disadvantaged in the world…..

One day while going through this silly superstitious ritual of mine a very clear “Inner Locution” took place … So prominent it could well be considered a “voice”. Saying..
(And this is slightly paraphrased) “Take the One Dollar, Give it In My Name, and because I am Willing To Bless it, it will do more than the millions you keep asking Me For”.

Of course this could have well been “echoes” of Gods Word from the teachings of “The Widows Mite” or “The Rich Young Man that went away deeply saddened when Jesus invited him to become a Disciple” or any one of numerous other teachings by which Our Gracious Lord has attempted to reach us all through … Does it really matter? .. What matters is The Truth…..

The truth is that by the standards of the entire world, me and mine have never been at want, as far too many of my fellowman are.
(Especially millions upon millions of children that, until reaching an age of reason will, have no means of fending for themselves and one dollar could actually buy at least one child enough time for another miracle) And me having such riches could well be my final downfall, never allowing me the succulent taste of the humility of poverty, that which is by its nature is an avenue to becoming Poor in Spirit. (In other words joining ones self in spirit with the Poorest of the Poor, regardless of ones actual “financial status”.)




2). Some fear financial success. (a deep seated fear that " money is the root of all evil" and an unwillingness to study scripture close enough to find out that "The Love of Money is the root of much evil".)

This is usually expressed in what would seem to be odd or irrational attempts at self punishment for past sins… WE feel a realization that: WE do not deserve to be living comfortably while others that have
(in our minds eye) sinned less are suffering, so in an attempt at being Forgiven past transgressions, a philanthropist emerges … by “giving it away”.

Often this giving it away is little more than foolishness or an attempt at gaining a respect from others. If the financial success of such a person  has been great enough, this meaningless habit can continue throughout a lifetime, with the one that suffers from such fear, never realizing the vanity of it all.

This type of giving, may do some social good (when properly used by the next recipient) but will do nothing for sanctification of the soul of the giver. Instead of being properly poised with a heart of “sharing” the Gifts we have received, we feel we are “giving” something of ourselves, when in reality all we are doing is inflating an already over exercised ego.


This fear needs to be overcome by a proper confession and complete acceptance of Gods Mercy and Forgiveness ... (possibly starting with the realization that we are all unworthy) and a daily dose of "stewardship" bringing things into focus will bring a Heavenly Peace.




3). Some fear for their Health
Fearing for our bodily health can be an all consuming downfall OR a wonderful recognition of our Spirit.

All too often these fears are taken to the extreme, becoming a denial of the Spirits' Loving attachment to the body and mind, turning into a disbelief in a God Given Spirit. This then shows itself in the form of  "body worship" which can be a close relative to sexual perversions and the self hate of vanity, both of which are often mistaken for love.

When accompanied by unwavering trust in the greed of social acceptance, all form of maladies are the end product in attempts to find their satisfaction or relief or healing in cosmetics - diet - perpetual medications - exercise, but ultimately what happens is that our bellies have become our god. 

Other fears of injury – disease – germs – uncleanness’ and the likes would seem to be a beckoning of the mind, to take care of the body so The Spirit has a material, physical place to reside while in this finite existence. Much of this is already taken care of for us by the bodily immune system that Our Creator has allowed us, which is rapidly activated when germs are on the attack.

Although if our fear for our health is only brought on AFTER a sickness or malady is encountered, we may be guilty of poor stewardship of body or mind. This is a common downfall of we humans and could be seen as a successful trick of the enemy; Getting us to rely so heavily on others (such as government and or the misleading and often greedy nutrition or medicinal advertisements via mass-media) to watch over our health of mind and body, that we almost don't consider it a "personal responsibility" to be taken care of by ones self.   

This old man has often liked to envision a equal partner in our immune system that aids in the "antibodies" of the spirit that seemingly "automatically" come to our defense in mental and spiritual health, and when this is done, my minds eye sees "prayer" - "Novenas" - "Scripture Reading" as the emergency room prescription, which allow the release of those unseen fighters of evil which are Virtues - Graces and Angels that are eagerly battling to bring us home from such illnesses.

The outcome of this remedy is always the return to the warmth and comfort of "The Sacraments". The immediate product of which is a contentment with the present reality and a joyful hope that sees beyond present turmoil's and certainly seems to have a longer lasting effect of slowing the heart rate and calming nervous tension then many other remedies tried in the past.

Firstly: These thoughts
(of Health) need to be balanced by the realization that “Through Adam and Eve death has come to all” and that while this body IS accountable to “time” our Spirit is NOT.


Secondly: (yet far more importantly)  All has been Sanctified through the Life and Times of Jesus and only HE possesses all the secrets which will allow each and every God Given Body on earth the ability to function properly while accountable to time as well as the ability to last forever.

These "secrets", HE longs to share with each (on a very personal and individual basis) that the offering of the Giving of His Body via His Sorrowful Passion will have NOT been done vainly in the case of ANY ONE of His Brothers or Sisters.

These fears,
(like all fear) can only be overcome (or replaced by Peace) through the acknowledgment of the creation of Body, which contains the Mind, and is governed by the spirit, but is ultimately to be Governed by The Spirit of God via freely giving of ones complete self to God for the betterment of mankind, thereby for the Glorification of The Kingdom here on earth and in eternal bliss.




4). Appearances
Appearances manifest themselves in far too many ways, yet all fears of appearance must be dealt with.
There are the outer ones such as cleanliness – clothing– capital.
There are the inner ones, which come out, such as calm – clean conscience – caring.
Then there are those that commingle with inner and outer and will last for all time such as calamity - citizenship – Christ

You may wish to take a look at ( Who are we really? ) It is a very short reading…

We each are given the opportunity of “building” our appearance.. And this GIFT of the free will to do so is one that should probably not be taken lightly, if one wishes to “last forever”.

It has always been one of my amusements to ponder on a history of words and how they are “added” to our vocabulary. When considering the first of the three options, given here, that of “outer appearances”, it has struck me that, it was a wise person with much incite that gave the name of “Vanity” to a piece of furniture, which could only be afforded by the few in societies, allowing or causing the owner to spend many hours pacifying the fear of being unable to also possess the utmost of outer appearance.


So many poetic and theatrical works have been done over the centuries exemplifying a distain for vain appearance, that modern hearts have seemed to become hardened to the fact that it is distasteful at all.


Wasn't it was Shakespearian wit?, that twisted the Book of Eccl. in the phrase "Vanity of Vanities all is Vanity" and while this does cry out a need for shunning physical appearances as well as superficially stated compliments and speeches, it CAN NOT be rolled over into our thinking where virtues are concerned.

Virtues are NOT VAIN, quite the opposite. ALL virtues are clothed in Humility. When clothed as such these non-tangible realities are never vain, in the seeking of, nor the caring for, and are the only "items" within our earthly lives that will hold our lives away from calamity allowing us a fruitful citizenship and are those inner secrets that Jesus The Christ wishes to share with each that He may take away our fears and allow us to one day stand with Him, as He presents His Non-vain Brother or Sister to His Father in Loving Unity.

In other words: If our outward appearance (seen by our fellowman) is NOT exactly the same as our inward appearance (seen by God) then there is a "fungus among gus" and the fore mentioned spiritual antibodies are needed far more than yet another pair of designer jeans or maybe the fear of an unsightly appearance is justified.        




5). Phobias
Phobias are said to be “unnatural fears”. Although common enough in the earthly realm, how they can be called “unnatural” is beyond me.. Instead “exaggerated” is more like it …. and possibly related to superstitions, many of which have been passed on from generation to generation, such as - stepping on cracks - black cats being a conduit for luck - breaking mirrors. WE all "suffer" from such exaggerated fears at one time or another and to one extent or another. BUT:

True phobias would seem to be a fully convinced lack of trust which has gone far enough to dispel any hope in any ability to over come. Or once again a realization of inability and in this case a “shocking realization” that stays shocking.

If a slightly more logical look is taken within ones self at “not the fear itself” but the product
(or cause and effect) of the fear, Some common grounds can be found which may help in realizing that we are NOT totally unable to overcome such fears.

Here let's use the fear of spiders:

a). Some of these eight legged creations are highly poisonous, but NOT all of them.
(Sometimes it is the deadly ones we fear and sometimes just the ugly ones and “ugly” is harder to overcome, the last time this old man looked in a mirror this became evident)

b). Because of the few we know of that are deadly and even mean spirited, do we need to give ALL breeds of spiders the respect due those few?
(bear in mind that MOST of the really bad ones live in other countries were we will never have to encounter them except in our minds eye)

c). How many times, in a conscious state, has an "attacked" by one actually taken place ?

d). How many time have nightmares of being attacked or pestered by these creepy creations caused me to be awakened? When these things have plagued me...How many times is turning to God for immediate help my second or third thought?
(First thought will be focused on the creepy item causing the phobia)

 If the answer (to question d.) is anything less then "every time" the next question is ... Why NOT? ... The pesky little buggers are His Creations and He does NOT want anything to upset His Spirit within each human...so He should be The One to ask for the help and right then and there when the problem is at the utmost.

e). Is there really a “wish” for the fear to Stop, or is there somewhat of an enjoyment in the sympathy offered by others that know of this suffering, or should we be considered somewhat “Christ like” for putting up with it all?

f). Could we possibly consider what it would be like to view ourselves from the size of the spider and see a creature 100,000 times larger than myself, possessing the ability to squish me without effort.

Imagine the fear that would course through that pathetic little body causing the natural instinct of hope that none of the eight creepy legs will give out during that hasty retreat, praying (if spiders could pray) to find a suitable hiding place "pronto" so that this enormous creature can NOT "get at me" and vowing to attempt to stay out of view for the rest of my stupid little spider life so as to not have to go through this again ?


It comes to mind that such fears as that of spiders or small places or heights or travel and most other "phobias" may well be placing these items as surrogate release valves. Could that be??

Allowing us to release pressure off of other more deep seeded fears which we simply don't realize or are not willing to admit have come into our being.

Some of them can be as simple as times when an authority figure (Parent -Family member - Teacher -even ourselves)  in our lives gave us the feeling (at a young age and maybe multiple times) that we severely let them down.

Before the age of reason most authority figures in our lives are seen (spiritually) as a surrogate God. This would seem to be a part of Gods design in the Family Structure and why it is such a Holy Responsibility to be a Parent or Guardian (even sibling).

We may well have been receiving the brut of Their (or our) own insecurities and there never was any way possible to pacify the desire to please them. But rather than admit that a person we admire could possibly be insecure (or have flaws) we choose to blame some outside "item" or "space" or "action" which we at first thought "could be overcome" easily ... but being "it" never had anything to do with the initial hurt or fear, "IT" has now escalated into a unsolvable fear.


Such fears need to be challenged.. ooh It is not being suggested that anyone suffering from fear of heights should go bungee jumping right away ..but starting out by questioning ones self as to exactly how much of the fear IS an exaggeration, which the God Given abilities one DOES posses CAN overcome.

Then chisel away at the inability of it all ... Give it a name ..Call it EVIL: "Evil little spider" - "Evil little dark room" - "Evil tall ladder" ... and combat that evil with Goodness ..

Each time one encounters the item that causes the inner unrest or disruption of Spirit...beckon Gods Grace for Strength ...not only for ones self, but for all Brothers and Sisters Worldwide that suffer from the same fears or even worse fears then our own. (and believe me there are others of us out there)

Then beckon God for the discernment to recognize any other situation that may be deeper seeded then the fear which has now become such a headache, and pray for the Grace needed to forgive that person or situation... bearing in mind that it really doesn't matter IF one ever recollects "exactly" what or who it is, because God DOES know and God does realize it is time for you to move on without the hassle of this fear dragging you down.

This beckoning (prayer) will set the standard of enabling us to help others. WE all know our prayers are heard by our God and even though you fear His answer will be NO for your own healing, Our Lord has promised us that if we care for others He will care for us ... His promise is TRUE and He beckons us to trust in His Mercy-Goodness-Understanding-Compassion-LOVE and that it is His Peace He wishes to put into the void where our fears once took up residence. 


It may suffice to say that while phobias are NOT UNNATURAL, they are an extreme extension of our natural fears. Although seemingly insurmountable to overcome while suffering from them, they non the less DO have a cause and that cause MAY be something other than that which our physiological being is projecting to our warning system.

This can have a tendency to overload that system and the cycle continues. Therefore rerouting that fear by taking a stand against it and calling for the help of someone that can be trusted, such as Our Creator, would seem to be the safest and least expensive alternative in obtaining relief.




6). Fear of evil

Me thinks that this fear deserves our utmost in serious though.

1). Should we fear evil? ...Well yes and no.


    1a). Well YES... if we are trying to overcome evil on our own ... Damned Right we should fear it, ...

The most evil of all is that of the fallen angels that have intellect - cunning - powers far superior to our own.

With one of the best executed con-jobs, being that of evil spirits, getting humans to believe that they, (fallen angels) don't exist OR are afraid of them and that they (the human) are smarter - more powerful - humble and holy enough to at all times thwart their (the demons) prideful efforts.

In Short ... Our human abilities, on their own, are substantially inferior to their abilities.

This is what gives us NO CHANCE of overcoming their ability to cause us to follow their ways directly away from Eternal Bliss, which they already know they will never enjoy.

This inability SHOULD set off our system alarms causing fear BIG TIME.


    1b). BUT THEN AGAIN NO NO NO....if we are overcoming evil... NOT "solely" on our own but instead beckoning God for HELP, as we need too.

Taking advantage of the arsenal of tools He has ordained, (such as 1.. Love 2.. Love 3... Love) and has made available to us. This arsenal can always be accessed Directly from Himself, or if we choose Directly from Him through His Angels .... or if we choose, Directly from Him through any of His People (Individually or Collectively - The Church) that have gained the needed Graces and out of The Everlasting Communal Love of The Triune God have the ability to share His Gifts.

We then need to be "cautious" at all times, but "fear" will always be temporary and calmed by Abba or another of His Family.


2) Should evil fear us? ... My doubts come to the forefront.


    2a). It is ONLY the Power of God which is feared by evil...

Gods' Power IS LOVE ... Anything that is not directed to that Love, or in one form or another is not within the continuing cycle of coming from and going back too that Love, ... is NOT FROM GOD ... and deserves to be treated with the proper amount of fear or fears wiser cousin "caution".

The "amount" of fear or caution to be applied to any situation is directly related to the amount of space one has allowed within ones person (Body - Mind - Being ) for the Holy Spirit of God to reside.

Any vacant areas or areas we insist on reserving for our self alone, could be assigned a "percentage of the whole" and that percentage is exactly how much fear is in order.


100% = All of me.

-50%  = Occupied by The Spirit of God and in Use as Temple.

 50%  = Reserved for me and in need of fear and caution warning system repairs.



6a). Fear of Death

Rather than rambling on with yet another explanation of rather insignificant differences between this bodily life on earth and our Glorified Bodily and Spiritual Life in Eternal Bliss .. You are hereby asked to read any one or more of these writings dealing with facets of this fear.  ( A Spooky Thought ) ( Praying to dead people ) ( Passions and Anticipation of Satisfactions )


OR BETTER YET,  know that when it comes to any fear of "death", it is all best said by Matthew and Luke




7). Should we “fear” God??? …. Hmmmmmm …modern teaching says NO we should NOT FEAR GOD….

Many Modern Teachers insist we simply jump right in and Love God  AS He Loves us, thereby we will have no fears .. no worries …. None of the fears that have been mentioned thus far will be a part of our earthly life.

This all sounds wonderful and would certainly seem to be the Power needed to cause "evil to fear us".

Although this would seem impossible, due to our diminished capacity, and will be exclaimed by "the modern teacher" that it is due to our lack of faith.

THIS is exactly what is being searched for here: HOW DO WE UNEDUCATED IDIOTS OBTAIN "THAT FAITH" THAT WILL HELP ME GET TO THAT LOVE??????? )


The Bible seems to teach this by taking a "first" or "additional step" approach. Wherein Fear of God is one of the early steps to unlocking the secret of "getting to faith" and Faith leading to A LEVEL of Godliness. This (fear of God thing) being a "step" which will be needed by most, if not ALL, humans and should not be overstepped, if we ever wish to join other earthly examples that have achieved becoming reflections of His Spirit Of Holiness while dwelling within this finite existence.


When the life of Thee Example of The Blessed Virgin Mary is pondered on, it seems that this is exactly the teaching that She has grasped, and proved it in short order, during the encounter in which The Angel Gabriel came to Speak to Her, for God, the first time.

When the life's of other examples are pondered on, such as St Augustine - Mother Theresa of Calcutta - Saint John Vianney - Padre Pio - The Apostles - Mother Angelica and oh so many others, this "step" has always seemed, to be needed, to be taken multiple times, until the feet were firmly planted on a path, which lead to baby steps in other Virtues, and eventually allowed the bulk of mankind to See Godliness in the example of their earthly existence.

While doing a simple "keyword search" with an online Bible source, there were 89 verses using the words "fear God".

Most of which are  "flat out" saying that it is a prerequisite to a normal and wholesome spiritual life, to have a true Fear of Our God and His Majesty.

Others (of these 89) are "search hits" because of  "God fearing" persons being spoken of in a positive light.

Others (of these 89) are "search hits" because of persons NOT "fearing God" and are spoken of in a negative fashion.

This is making NO MENTION of numerous other verses (throughout Old and New Testament) that state such things as (Luke 1: verse 50) where, The Holy Spirit Inspires Luke to quote The Virgin Mary, and it is quite obvious we SHOULD FEAR "HIM" (God), if we should have rise to call upon His Mercy.

Almost to say if we have any of these fore mentioned fears,
(or 100s of others which WILL cause us to become sinners, EXCEPT #7)…that we are misguided or have misused or are misaiming our very natural GIFT of fear, which is designed to PROTECT us from harm (by awakening our senses to that which is right and wrong) NOT bring us harm. (by living in denial of right and wrong) and that we must FEAR GOD and GOD alone.

For much of the same reason that the “fearful man” in the above Kung Fu Scenario, after showing his cowardly inner self, was more than willing to take a position of walking BEHIND his momentary savior…

QUITE SIMPLY PUT: HE GAINED HUMILITY by the experience of being forced to come to a realization of his inability, to overcome evil, on his own.

We must "learn" to trust in and Love the fact that Our Savior will not be so momentary, IS willing to have Mercy and Forgive our most grievous transgressions against the Covenant HE has deemed as the Law we MUST live by, and never again will there be a desire to "go our separate ways".

The progression that seems to emerge is:
Fear First .. and then we see, firstly with our “minds eye” and then with our Heart, that there is no longer a need to Fear THE ONE that IS LOVE.

The One that has so much Love for each of His Creations that HE is desirous to have taken on Human Life Himself … Give His Human Life for us … and Offer us a share in HIS ETERNAL EXISTENCE OF BLISS via The Holy Manifestation of HIMSELF, on a daily basis…

BUT ONLY when we become sincerely Humble can we "see", THAT which IS HUMILITY ITSELF, Jesus The Christ, Love Personified, Who will lead us to HIS and Our Father and Shares in THAT POWER which should be Feared.



In the end analysis, the most soothing Words in calming my fears have been found, as always from Our Heavenly Father, this time in ( Psalm 45:11 ), when He inspired David to Sing eight Words that pretty much say it all...

"Be Still and See that I AM GOD"







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