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How does God Speak to us???

Via bolts of lightening ?

Via Scripture?

Via other humans interrupting His Word?

Via other humans that are living a holier life?

Via His creations?

Via Inner Locution?

Via happenings within or around our lives?

Via Dreams?

What about when He "isn't" speaking to us?


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A). Does God speak to us:   Via bolts of lightening ? (signs and wonders)

Ya sure there seems to be those thunderous moments in the life of each of us, that fill us with such awe and wonder of The Spirit World that we can't help but be in love with A Being that can command such happenings. (but how long afterward before we return to our former selves??)

Somehow we modern folks have come to think or expect God to "prove" His Love to us through more and more of these Signs and Wonders, or "He doesn't love us". Thereby we let ourselves "off the hook", because it is no longer our own fault that we are so full of faults.

If we were really as "honest" as we like to present ourselves to be, we would have to admit that we don't deserve yet another sign or wonder ("Signal Grace") of any magnitude. In fact we would have to admit that we are unworthy of having such Holiness speak to us at all. Except for the fact that HE has deemed us worthy of HIS attention by decree of HIS LOVE.


B). Does God speak to us:   Via Scripture ?

Most assuredly Scripture (The Bible as we know it) is THE INSPIRED WORD OF GOD .. and was designed to speak to all men of all time .. although it would seen to be that modern man wants to "have the patent" on it and pretend that it only pertains to us. ...

This same "modern thought" wishes to discredit many of the Early Fathers, of what has been for centuries Christ's Church, by insisting that ONLY THE BIBLE and modern mans' personal  interpretation of it, is legitimate, by claiming direct Heavenly authority of same.

That interpretation overlooks the (Spiritually historical) fact that the Earliest Fathers of Faith DIDN'T HAVE A BIBLE and were the ones that not only compiled those Godly Inspired Writings into what we know today as THE BIBLE ... but did so for usage within the same Liturgy that modern man has often done away with by quoting small portions of those same Inspired Writings and overlooking the bigger voice beckoning complete unity within the flock. AND are seemly "hell bent on the destruction" of the Traditions that The Early Fathers were reinforcing and unifying when binding "The Bible" in the first place. These actions are not only ironic they are illogical.


B1). Does God speak to us:   Via other humans interrupting His Word ?

This is the premise upon which Every known denomination or Non-denomination of Christianity is based.. and most assuredly boils down to "authority".

There are a some basic questions, which MUST be answered within the heart of each individual:


1).  Has God given earthly authority to NO ONE, to interpret His Word of Scripture and ONLY HIS WORD must stand without interpretation? (this would cause the Bible to be a book that can not be read, for the moment we read something we "interpret" it).


2). Has God given earthly authority and the responsibility ONLY to ones self,  to interpret His Words of Scripture as it best suits ones own eternal situation or office in life? (This works,. but only if there was never to be a Church and contradicts the 22 books of the Bible that were written in the efforts of unifying "Christ's Church". Starting with: The Book of Acts 1:1 and continuing through The Book of Jude 1:25 All of the latter being, those books known as the Epistles (meaning "Letters")


3). Has God given earthly authority to multiple individuals or groups, to interpret His Words of Scripture, to whom one should be loyal, charging each given authority to accept the responsibility for guiding individuals closer to Him? (This could work,. although may have a serious flaw, because on earth it is extremely difficult to have multiple authorities where "unity" is the goal).


4). Has God given earthly authority to one  person or group, to interpret His Words of Scripture, to whom all should be loyal, thereby making that which has been given authority responsible for guiding all closer to Him? (this does work,. from the Heavenly side of things, or at least is a "concept" that the human mind can easily grasp, although if human pride is figured in, it could make a mess on the earthly side)


These four questions could well have many variations added to them, although they have been asked in this fashion to allow variations within each.

If we look at Scriptural History of the Old Testament, and Jesus' earthly life within the New Testament and the hierarchy established in the New Testament from Pentecost forward, we find it difficult to answer a solid YES to questions 1-2or 3, regardless of what variations we wish to interject.

Although individually our free will does allow us to answer "yes" "no" or "maybe so" to any of these questions OR make up another question we would "rather answer".

None the Less we each must answer.   


C).  Does God speak to us:   Via other humans that are obviously living a holier life then ourselves and He is thereby allowing us to hear Him through that example ?


This would seem to be, and or always has been a way, God has spoken to individuals. This also seems to be what each of us is constantly asking of Our God.. (That He make US, like onto Himself, that others may see or hear Him through us.)

The "big trick" of it all, would seem to have something to do with the Humility needed to allow it to happen, is often overshadowed by the Pride of wanting it to be that way.


Prior to Jesus walking this earth .. it was obviously such men as Moses - Elijah - Job -  such women as Ruth - Sarah and numerous others that God saw as fit to bring His message to mankind through.

These earthly lives are still looked at today, inspiring many to correct and reprove mistakes as well as continue on and improve lives of Virtue and Faith in their same One True God.


At the time of Jesus walking this earth, it was God Himself that spoke the words, using human vocal cords, and spoke The Life with human actions, telling all, that hearing The Voice of the Father, is only possible by LOVE.


Since the day Jesus returned to His former inhabitance, He has continued to call countless individuals (in every century) to be reflections of Himself (not His replacements) and thereby allowing mere humans to join in His Glory becoming "Temples of the Holy Spirit".

We can still see them and recognize the Spirit of Holiness in them, which is speaking the Truth and needs to be observed.

There are others which are "quoting" the Truth but, have no truth in them. This cannot take away from the truth you hear, but does nothing to help the one doing the quoting. Only causing those that allow themselves to be deluded into active copycat re-quoting to turn Our Lords Positive messege into the negative heartless clanging cymbal foretold by Our Lord.

Discerning this must be done carefully by listening to the Words but NOT "their" speaking... For all the "Words" used will be that of The Triune God. They that are "quoting" Him will not understand Him, only shouting all the louder in the effort to convince themselves and others that they do.

But instead look "through" the verbal and hear what is being said in action. Listen for the whisper of the Body Language of the Holy Spirit, in Quiet HUMILITY... COMPASSION ... UNDERSTANDING .. and the willingness to joyfully suffer in times of adversity, with the unshakable Love that counts this earthly life as nothing to kill for, but counts eternal life as everything to die for. THIS can only come from LOVE.       


Does God speak to us: Via His creations ?

Most assuredly God speaks to us through His Creation ..

Firstly and fore mostly through His creations of our fellowman.

Next(ly) in the wondrous design and beauty which excites our senses through any and all facets of matter within the universe.

All things that do not have a Soul, and may or may not have "life" in the animal - mineral - vegetable realm, but none the less upon examining, (on the surface or in-depth) God can be seen and heard through all of it, via the finite message of His handiwork.


Does God speak to us: Via Inner Locution?

A "locution" is a particular voice.

An "inner locution" is a particular voice within.


Here we will have an example of an outer locution, (because it is easier to explain, and we will allow our own "minds eye" to transpose it into the hearing of the inner voice)

Your best friend has stepped into the kitchen where you no longer have visual contact. The friend has gone to the refrigerator .. and yells back to you in the living room where you are watching a movie .... "Would You like a glass of Orange Juice?"... upon hearing the friends "voice" you don't have to discern within your mind .."Hmmmm was that my cousin Vincent?" or  "Hmmmmm was that a dog barking?" .. NO... You know - recognize - and understand, that it was your friend simply asking a rhetorical question. (it is being assumed that you always want some Orange Juice) but anyway. Your mind had no need for the advantage of vision to know that it was the same person you were enjoying a movie with moments earlier, for when "heard", you know the friends voice and would never mistake it for another.

Over time we have all heard stories of persons committing all sort of atrocities in society because "Voices told them to do so". There are sound medical reasons for most of these malfunctions within human brains .. (tumors - chemical imbalances - self induced substance abuse are a few) but putting the rare extremes aside, we all seem to "feel" we have, or know someone that is sound of mind yet has, "heard a voice" at some point in their life.


This is the essence of Inner Locution and the only "Inner Locution" which is worth paying enough attention to and learn to "recognize", is that of the voice of God. For most of us, it will be that "voice" of our "Guardian Angel" and if so "that Angel" has been assigned by God and we are to learn to respond to that "voice" by Gods design ..


Some humans like to refer to "it" as "our conscience speaking", BUT "conscience" is a completely different tool (given by God) which is part of our active awakened mind.

Unlike an "inner locution" which is a "notion", voiced to us, that one could have not generally conceived given the usual circumstances of ones office in life.

A holy locution will never contradict the up front teachings within the Gospels, in other words, unlike our conscience, a true holy locution will never lead the receiver, of  a message, away from LOVE or any of the facets of LOVE.


This is where some of us get into trouble.  we allow ourselves to weaken our conscience and to be tricked by the enemy, falling into a state of sin, trusting in and acting upon that weak conscience it can be believed that we are receiving all sort of "inner locutions" in an attempt to find ourselves a way out, of that miserable state. 

Without realizing (and pride will do this) that it is NOT OURSELVES that can find the way out of sin, but instead, we must be "lead" by the Voice of God "inner - outer or otherwise".


If not corrected, via a proper confessing and heartfelt acceptance of forgiveness, these thoughts can lead a person to believe they have fallen into a "demonic possession".

Not that, that can't happen, it is extremely rare, and usually is more the actions of pride within a shameful individual looking to put all the blame on some abstract "demon" bypassing the personal responsibility of the guilt and remorse due. Remorse which should lead directly to confession and expiation

This pride (generally that of tortured scruples) can become a "demonic obsession" ... In other words becoming mentally "obsessed with" rather than physically "possessed by" evil and is the foremost reason that exorcism is very very rarely needed.


Bottom line on "inner locution" is:

We all possess the capacity to "hear Gods voice" within. Although for most of us it would seem that the "voice of conscience" which is Gods Gift and echoes His words throughout all time, is generally enough to keep each following the path He has laid out to fulfill our office in life and bring us safely home.

None the less we each need to continually pay attention to and listen for that "inner voice" of God. Which (again) will be that of Our Guardian Angel Speaking Gods Daily Instructions, and it is THIS VOICE we need desperately to learn to be familiar with.   


Does God speak to us: Via happenings within or around our lives .. suffering... hardships .. accomplishments ... joys ...

It is easy to see God speaking to us through Joys and Accomplishments, in that we already have an emotional attachment to these things as something that  is "Good". Where we see obvious good we equate it obviously to that which is all goodness, The Triune God.

It is normal and wholesome to do this. The Praise and Thanksgiving we offer is in order, if we do not offer such gratitude, we have NOT seen nor heard God through these things, but are selfish.

It is NOT as easy to see God speaking to us through sufferings and hardships, although doing so can be the essence of true love. Instead of rambling on with my feeble suggestions of how it should be so, It is asked that you to follow this LOVE (Charity) in hardships link.


Does God speak to us: via Dreams

The Bible tells of many occasions of God speaking to humans via this subconscious media. As well as states that "Dreams" are (or can be) "a Gift of the Holy Ghost".

The Bible states that "some humans" are Given the Gift of dreams and some are given the Gift of interpreting dreams.


This Old man has recently had a real life experience which may or may not help explain "some facet" of this phenomenon so it will now be shared with you. AS FOLLOWS:


A very good friend, (that is not a "Roman Catholic" although has had "run ins" with Catholicism) has for, quite some time, been feeling experiences of "Deja Vu" (as he calls it) and he, knowing that "Catholics believe in a lot of weird stuff", wanted my opinion about these "happenings" that were seemingly causing a minor disruption in his everyday psyche.

After a little joking around about it, which is the norm with He and me. He explained that:

He is having dreams that are extremely vivid, with persons (sometimes strangers) and situations that are, NOT AT ALL abstract, being seen. They are NOT "reoccurring dreams". Then (often times within a week or two) the situation, from the dream, presents itself in conscious, real time, everyday life. Details are often sketchy, but it is the same persons that were in the dream. 

He has come to "Act upon" the situation, presented by the real person, without questioning it simply because "it seems like the right thing to do".

( Now it may help if any readers of this; If they knew the man, as myself has come to know Him.)

Because "acting" upon things, could range from busting someone's chops - to repairing a total strangers dirty bathroom toilet - or building a complete house, and (it would seem, to a second party "judgment") NOT expecting anything in return. Except from the one that got the chops busted; that person would be expected to "not get up" until He say so.

Over the past several years, my family has been witness too and fully aware of, numerous times, when that individual has taken on the burdens of others in situations where MOST people would look the other way, causing me to take note of The Holy Spirit in action through him, but never wanting to "mention" anything so "private" mostly because of our different "faith backgrounds".


Too which we discussed some of the specific natures of "The Dreams".


1). Are any or all of the dreams of a fearful nature?

    1a). No.... Usually simply a real person, almost like a movie,  showing up (in the office or some other real place) in a real life situation. Sometimes "Not Asking for Help" but just being there. (Although in this mans "office of life" it is not unusual for other to Ask - Attempt to con - or in any one of a thousand ways "obtain help")

2). Do you feel burdened by extra responsibility of being called upon by these people in real life or in the dream?

    2a). No. Not really, sometimes it is inconvenient but it has become almost exciting just looking forward to who and what is going to take place next month.

3). It all sounds like FUN. So What is the Problem here???

    3a). "IT scares me (was the response) because I don't know why this is happening" and was just wondering if someone else (that He trusts) thought He was becoming a sucker? Or on the other hand was wondering if this could "possibly" be messages from God in an indirect way, of a path to continue on? ( Very logical and in-depth examination for a Non-Catholic smiley.jpg .  With the exception of a few minor twists, It all reminds me of the method which The Virgin Mary used when Gabriel asked Her to allow Herself to become the Vessel through which God could bring Himself to other humans)


Temporary Conclusion

These experiences are NOT a "Deja Vu" (in the sense that this old man understands Deja Vu) which would be a real life happening that causes one to "feel" that they have experienced "it" before, in "real life", but can't remember when. (the dreams are vividly remembered and seem to be a foreshadowing of an event that usually DOES take place)


These experiences fall directly under the heading of "Dreams" and a category of vivid - straight forward - "NON Metaphoric" dream which is generally received (from God) by those whom are spiritually poised for such straight forward methods of "speaking to". (what me thinks is more of the St. Peter type of human, because of their own gruff nature they NEED, to be spoken to in that fashion)


Good has come from each of these experiences, both too the recipient of the "favor granted" (in the form of some "earthly need" taken care of and the probability of that recipient "seeing God" through a person that they may NOT have been looking for Him in) as well as my Friend has already learned (prior to our discussion) to enter into situations, that many of us would consider undesirable, and has learned to act upon "these dreams" with an unwavering trust that, because he has experienced it before or partially, it simply "seems like the right thing to do" regardless of whether or not He may feel "socially stupid" while doing them.


The only negative side effect of these dreams would seem to be the "fear" of "being unworthy" of receiving them, which in this case, has been the cause of a very admirable Humility. (and what is most admirable is that He could not see the Humility Given to Him in this "fear of the responsibility" of even "possibly" being a person that GOD would talk to, in such an obvious, yet mysterious, manner)


IT SHOULD be remembered that "such Dreams are a Gift" and that (while on earth) the recipients of Gifts generally are unworthy.


AND ALSO that there is a Joyful Responsibility that comes along with being given such Gifts, ("Signal Graces") which should lead to continued honing of Actual Graces that will thereby lead to That Sanctifying Grace that causes the "fear" to dissipate leaving only The Humility and Gods Pure Love born of it, that the cycle may continue.


This old man is a little foggy on a proper "next step", to suggest for my friend. (although just talking to someone else about it was an action that felt peaceful for both He and me) Me thinks a next step could have something to do with a  need of taking "caution", rather than feeling "fear or scared", as to not allow the evil one to enter into this "picture" in one or more of his normal ways.

a). Tempting one to give into believing that one "needs these dreams" or God doesn't Love you anymore. (for the dreams may stop as one moves on to other responsibilities God may have in His Plan)

    a1). or the flip side which is ("Wow, sure is great to be chosen by God to be so Holy" and giving into the notion that no additional Spiritual growth will ever be needed and Salvation is assured by this one experience alone)

b). Tempting one to give into believing that one "is NOT carrying out the directive" to it's fullest. (and we become too scrupulous and allow unjust guilt to become a guiding factor, giving into superstitions )

    b1). The safeguard against this is to "do what you can" and then a "little more". "Show" Gods Love to any other persons involved (You don't have to tell them about it. Any words God wants to say to "them" will come out naturally) Pray for The Holy Spirit to allow you "Discernment" in all matters. (and then shut up and do your work)

c). Tempting one to give into believing that one "needs someone else".

    c1). While we all need others in our daily lives, and should enjoy doing Gods work via our daily interactions and our Church and Community, Ultimately and eventually the true "joyful" relationship is between God and the person receiving  such "dreams" or "inklings" or "Graces" and the works are best accomplished by that One on one communication He has initiated.


What about when He "isn't" speaking to us??

In those times when Our Lord seemingly isn't speaking to us ... One must earnestly consider  that which constitutes "speaking" or "communication".

In the case of "speaking", it is a conversation which requires one to say or do something and one to listen to what the other is expressing.


Also consider how privileged we are that God should be willing and desirous to converse with us at all.


Nextly bear in mind these several possibilities:

1). Maybe God didn't like the way the conversation (via words or actions) was headed the last time there was a conversation with Him and wants to graciously allow me some time to process the last things heard from Him before severe actions need be taken on His part.

2). Maybe God knows that some facet of Virtue has been finally gained and expects me to put this new gift into action, therefore enough has been said, for the moment, and He is anxiously waiting to see if my free will has truly learned and can be trusted, on my own, with such treasure.

3). Maybe He IS speaking and it is me that has lost my hearing, because of me being too busy hoping to become His favorite child and overlooked hearing Him crying out through that junky in the gutter with the needle in his arm, or the rich man that needed me to, take 20 minutes of my precious time to, have coffee with Him because, he is quite sure that, no one really loves, him except for his money.



Q). How are all these things intertwined ?

A). Don't know for sure, but do know that they are.

It may suffice to say that the methods by which Our God speaks to His creations are far more varied than can be counted.

Although here are 3 overview methods in which HE has spoken.


1). That while He Spoke to those on this earth during the times of the Old Testament, the articulation was clear enough that, we can still hear The Fathers voice of Love and Authority today..


2). That while washing the feet of His Disciples at Table and from the Altar of the Cross, praying for those that sinned against Him, Jesus spoke with Compassionate Love, loud enough, to drown the battle cry of the hatreds of all time.


3). That while throughout the ages, Inspiring sinful man, to become Temples, from which Gods Holy Spirit of Love has continued to be present among us, He also entices us to listen for His voice.



From here on out. This old man is SHOUTING...in the effort to convince myself that this thought process should be listened to. if only by me.

The wish is for myself and Anyone reading this to: For this next moment in time: "Get real" and AT LEAST admit that:



OR at the very least they "have a hunch" HE MIGHT BE...and that HE should or could be listened to ON A MOMENT TO MOMENT BASIS


Not just in Church,.. Not just while we are praying ...




When you are "feeling Holy" or happy or content or any of the other "TIME" you think HE is.




HE gave You Your SOUL and HE wants it BACK, with YOU and IT, BECAUSE YOU AND "IT" ARE NOW ONE..



NOT "as it was" AT THE MOMENT OF YOUR CREATION (Via the privilege HE Gave our Parents, PLUS His DIVINE intervention)

NOT LESS than it was at the moment of your conception ......






And That we will add to those ACTUAL GRACES we have been given, those things that only WE CAN, and ON A MOMENT TO MOMENT BASIS ARE made possible by our cooperating with HIS ability of making it so, VIA HIS DAILY INSTRUCTIONS.





This old man don't really know... although Biblical advise is that of:

"If Today You Hear His Voice, Harden Not Your Heart". (Hebrews 3:15 and Hebrews 4:7)

For with HIM all things are possible.




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