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Negativity or the sense that something is negative or should be pondered upon in a negative light should be normal in many real life situations. and is the balance that is lacking in many a positive thinker. ( THREE CHEERS FOR ARCHIE BUNKER) 

Positive thinking without the resistor of negativity, can all to easily lead directly into a false hope.


To put Negativity into a Positive light….



In situations where much is expected and less then much was the end product. The leaven or wisdom of a good old negative contemplation, would have come in handy (in foresight rather then in hindsight) in helping to foresee the possibility of some failures. Negative meditation would have brought the situation into a far more accurate focus, thereby softening any emotional let downs that were caused by those situations falling short of their entire goal.… and still allowing honest joys for the situation having exceeded the lower goals …This is true in personal relationships, business investments, careers, cars and quite a few other general areas of earthly life.




Me thinks that negativity is somehow part of, what is traditionally accepted as, the First Gift of the Holy Spirit "Fear of  the Lord".

It is the lack of a holism negative examination of ourselves which causes us to bebop through life thinking that all the things we are doing are just okee-dokee. Then one day, we realize, some of those things are maybe OK with society and or OK with our earthly friends, but are really NOT OK with our Creator and HE can not allow that stuff in heaven. So Giving us the Grace to take a negative look at ourselves is just what the Eternal Doctor Orders.  


In the area of self examination we are often better off with a negative look at both the sinful things we are (or were) involved in as well as a negative look at any positives attributes we have gained.


Without a negative backdrop we will, have a tendency to find it too easy to,  pat ourselves on the back and confess to Ourselves, (and thereby to God Whom is Anxiously and Lovingly reading our soul) only how well we have done.


FOR EXAMPLE ..(and here feel free to mentally enter your own rudimentary vice) We may, by the grace of God, stop abusing alcohol. Which in moderation is an allowed pleasure but for some of us became an area where we lost self control and allowed ourselves to "be controlled" by this outside influence.  Thereby finding it necessary to totally abstain or die physically and spiritually.


If we simply STOP THERE, we are likely to go about bragging "I was an alcoholic for (fill in the blank) years and am now Saved" and not in this lifetime will we continue with the cleansing that God has graciously commenced. When all along maybe what HE was after was for His Dear Child to STOP BRAGGING, OR the GOSSIPING and the lies, stealing, promiscuous thoughts, or mean spirited nature, that were at the core of the true reason for the Alcohol Abuse in the first place.  


Self Examination is an area of the human psyche where, without wholesome negativity, pride has an easier time hiding behind a self perceived virtue of humility. This quickly becomes a spot where shortcomings are allowed to reside and will often be smoke screened  by the seemingly kind, compassionate, and seemingly loving demons of denial.  In the effort to cause humans to take false hopes of presumption into the heart.


Spiritual False Hope generally has the ability, to make itself near invisible by aiding the body and mind it guides, with the drive needed to always be busy to the point of physical and mental exhaustion, going about quite meaningless tasks. (Or at least tasks that may have some "Social Good" but are in no way connected to Sanctification of the Soul attached to the human carrying them out ).  Eventually the greatest true spiritual fervor that can be mustard up is barely a decent sized shadow for the false humility behind which it is hidden.


But with a true negative “attitude” toward ourselves (and it must be an honest one not allowing prideful "scruples" to fog our vision, for this is where many a superstition lives ) we will condemn those things that are sinful and justly negative, causing (allowing) ourselves to deal with it in a proper amount of contrition, and it won't have far to look to bring the mercy, grace and expiation of Our Loving Savoir to our rescue. 


Questioning those attributes, of our own spiritual nature, that are truly positive in a true negative light can never hurt it. Only exposing reassurance of their true positive nature. The Joys of such  recognitions are tremendous (by Gods own design) in that these joys are either further humbling (causing heavenly peace) or they (or some portion of them) are false joys. Furthermore such scrutiny will cause the true virtues to take larger, more loving, and repeated steps toward “The Positive Light of ALL Lights” and the Author of all that is Good.


More on this subject as time allows........


NOW if thinking on all of this wages to much confusion or doubt within your mind or in anyway shakes the Hope within YOU ... Just stop right there ..... and SERIOUSLY cast your concerns and worries upon THE DIVINE MERCY .... of JESUS and THE FATHER ... and a suggestion is, Pray the DIVINE MERCY CHAPLET instead of or in addition to THE ROSARY. (depending on the Fervor the Triune God is given You)


GO RIGHT NOW and do a GOOGLE Search for  Sister Faustina and the Devotion of the DIVINE MERCY.. or go to ewtn.com they have a very well designed layout, as well as could use your financial support if you would see fit. ( You can find a link to the EWTN home page on our home page)    ..... In Short .. the Meditation of Divine Mercy is "JESUS I TRUST IN YOU" ... Recite it Once or Recite it a Ten Thousand Times... but SAY IT From the Heart He has Given You to read this far ..    and maybe come back to this other type of reading in a month or so.




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Praying To or For or With dead people?


In the effort to discern whether this age old Catholic Tradition of Praying to or for or with Dead People has any validity, we will first spend a few paragraphs discerning:

What actually constitutes a "Live Person"?

As well as: What has God told (or inkle to us via the Scripture of The Holy Spirit) on the subject?

And also: What is the difference between being alive and dead?


A Fact). This old man, or you, could cross that threshold from this life into eternity before the sun sets tonight or rises tomorrow. For those of us that do is there hope that we live forever in eternal bliss praising Him that gave us life  and when does it start?  We believe we know when it ends. NEVER

Another Fact). There are many scientific studies and debates that continue, concerning a cosmic happening, the ongoing product of which attempts explaining how our bodies evolved or are evolving. (there are MANY sides to this discussion) One side proposes that God does not exist therefore, knew nothing of it and another contends that God, be the architect of it all. (Me thinks the entire "debate" is prideful silliness with very few fruitful side effects.) These studies for the most part, concentrate on THE HUMAN MAMMAL. Such studies have serious trouble, of their own, let alone in giving reason to the existence of our Spirit and its ability to control or be controlled by the body. The Bible (even if viewed as an historical document) really has the patent on that issue. (Don't you wish some earthling could PROVE scientifically that Body and Spirit coincide, as it would have to be able to put a Legal end to abortion for starters???)


But we are NOT dealing with the body theory here as much as the Body "plus" Spirit Issue, in that we can prove we have a body by looking in a mirror, but prayer takes place in Spirit and this writing is about "prayer"... so anyway back to the Dead People.



How is it that we are alive?



Question #1).  Were we alive prior to the time in our Mothers womb?

Answer: #1):    NO


Question 1a)   Were we dead?

Answer 1a):    NO. It may be that we simply did not exist, although, If we did exist it was in spirit and that spirit belonged to God but we had no Life of our own.


Question #2).  When did this life of body and spirit begin?

Answer #2):    At the time of conception. The bible states that God knew Jeremiah even before and in the womb, so it should probably be reckoned that, He knew the rest of us also and Christians all seem to agree that "Life" is our Gift from God.

                       2a). My Mother knows there was life at that time. She has reminded me of the times "She got kicked by me".


Question #3).  Are we alive now?

Answer #3):     My fingers having typed this and you reading it, is proof. (or look in a mirror)



Are we still Alive After WE DIE an earthly death?


Question #1). Will there be life within me if my body gets squished by a Mack Truck while driving tonight and a Doctor says "Sorry he didn't make it" to anyone that might care?

   Answer #1):     The body would most assuredly be DEAD. My Spirit would be alive and no longer accountable to "time".


Question #2). Presuming there has been a participation with the Triune Gods Will, during this "time" on earth, to at least a minimum degree of satisfaction in His Judgment: Will my person be in heaven (as the Irish in me has to put it) Before the devil knows this old man got Macked?

   Answer #2):    Yes (well at least my person won't be Here). So in Christian thinking that option is out, in that a major portion of the Christian concept of earthly death is the separating of body and spirit.


Question #3). At that point could my person (my spirit) suddenly become a different person , then it was when connected to my body on earth, in the areas of love for my family, friends or my fellow man in general?

   Answer #3):  That would be weird, and really make this whole "earthly existence" thing meaningless and trivial to the point that for God Himself to have come to earth, (In the Person of Jesus) and do all that He did, would have been a waste of "time".



Some Examples of Living Spirits with and without bodies. as follows:



Within the Good Book, many times we read of the earthly appearance of Angels. (so apparently they can commute back and forth, in that they are not restricted with an earthly corpus (human body) and are not accountable to the commodity known as time)

As well as prior to Our Lords Passion-Death-Resurrection we read of a very true story being recorded when Jesus took three of his Apostles on a walk up a mountain and an apparition with Moses and Elijah  happened. (both known to BE DEAD) And the heavenly guests with Jesus looked real enough that Peter and the guys wanted to set up tents for them.


Then there was when Our Lord Died on The Cross for men of all times, at which time He told (the one we have all come to refer to as) "the good thief" who died that day, "this day you will be with ME in My Fathers Kingdom". (or "paradise" or "His Own Kingdom" pretty much depending on which translation of scripture you prefer to follow and with or without the quotation marks) but anyway: And "graves opened" and me thinks what happened was the dead (and some of these people had really deader then dead bodies) came to life.


    a).   They were taken to heaven after being seen by the locals? (probable)

   b).   We have some really really old people walking around here 2000 years later. (Not likely or me thinks Genis Book of World Records would have caught up with them at some point.)

   c).   God allowed them to die before Jesus' earthly time, raised them from the dead for some unbeknownst reason and they have since died a second death? (No "c" doesn't make sense. So either there is a "d" around somewhere or "a" is starting to look better.)


And if those two times and other recorded events in Scripture are not enough to ratify the existence of "living people" outside this finite world of time and corporal reasoning. Our Tradition has recorded numerous "apparitions" throughout the centuries that have been painstakingly scrutinized by reliable investigators (With many case studies taking 30-50 years and longer). Although many have been found to fall short of the scrutiny, hundreds upon hundreds have been deemed to be authentic. As well as many of us, have no problem in "believing" the "scientific documentary" horror shows on TV (In many cases taking up to A MONTH to produce) where the evil ghosts of humans come back to haunt others. So if they exist at least that should make it little more plausible for Saints to be in heaven. (Additional thoughts on this last thought) 


My entire point of the rambling is: THE SPIRIT OF EACH HUMAN EVER CONCEIVED: LIVES.

a).    Because the Bible tells us so, it should be so to our faith. Even if we don't "see that" in those Inspired Writings, we have been taught by tradition.

b).    Tradition points out that there are people in heaven and that some (possibly the Elect as they have come to be known) have been given the privilege by God, of from time to time being messengers to mere earthlings, delivering inspiration through which increased or renewed fervor of souls has often been the result. For most, these (experiences) stay away from the realm of superstition and within the graces of justifiable faith making Magnification of the Glory of the Kingdom as the end product. But furthermore, even if we are not willing to believe in Tradition.

c).    We all seem to have the inner inkling, and this would seem to be the collective workings of The Holy Spirit. In that we each know someone. (and of course Jesus is the First Fruit)  Whom, by Gods obvious graces, has lead a life that is inspiring to us. Causing us to feel "they should be in heaven by now". Maybe it is our own Mother (or Mary Mother of Jesus) or our own Father or a close Friend or Mother Theresa of Calcutta or St. Peter the Apostle or Billy Graham (when he leaves us) ... SOMEONE...

        c1).    Some troubles in following this type of inkling are:

            a).   Without proper heavenly discernment, it can be "judging" instead of "honoring".

           b).   If that Someone is yourself, spiritually this would seem to be a direct assault on the humility necessary to be a serious candidate.  




In Conclusion:


1).    Once Given the Gift of Life, all individuals live forever in one form or another, ( body & spirit  /  spirit separated from body  /  body reunited with spirit )  but the longest lasting "form" of life will be that of the (Body Reunited with Spirit / resurrection / eternity).


2).    No one  is really totally "dead" other then in the minds of persons that may not have a true faith in the / pre-time /  earthly / and eternal Jesus, and are only willing to put trust in the "time" factor. That lack of faith is, one of the tricks of the enemy and, has no bearing on the reality of the situation.    


3).    If any Individual is a person of prayer on earth, they will be all the more a person of prayer after leaving this earth and while in heaven. At that point in our existence prayer will finally be what we are best at. Without the distractions of this world (and knowing those things that earlier were taken on faith ) the individual spirit, could only improve in the communication factor with the Object of ALL Prayer. (that being The Triune God)


So when it comes to Praying To The Dead


1).    What is commonly called "Praying TO the dead" ...

        a).    Makes sense in the form of asking them to intercede ..which if one thinks about it is really praying WITH that person in that the intercession being asked for, is to intercede with God whom they have the privilege of being with to one extent or another. Much like at any earthly get together or worship service when we pray communally.   With a couple exceptions:

            a1).    Discernment of Spirits is needed when one no longer has the advantage of visual contact.

            a2).    We are not able to be as pure in prayer of Spirit, as they are, because of our earthly baggage.


2).    What is commonly called "Praying FOR the Dead'..

        a).    Makes sense in giving Glory and Praise to the Triune God for the work God has done with that person and in Thanksgiving for the privilege of having been allowed to see God through that persons life.

        b).    It makes sense to Intercede for that person who is no longer physically here and be willing to make right, any wrongs to others (that are still walking this earth) who may have been inadvertently harmed by them. (Gods Justice can allow this, but that is up to Him, and correct Heavenly Discernment is needed )


3).    What is commonly called "Praying WITH the Dead"

        a).    Makes sense to allow ones self to be ready to "take up where they left off" in any known virtuous areas of their earthly life. That if by adding ones own Actual Graces to the ministries they were involved in, we can continue building Gods Kingdom on earth until it is our turn to leave here. (we can be pretty sure "the dead person" will be praying for or with us during such endeavors for the needed graces, because obviously they were used to it)       


4).    But if we are willing to say "I will not pray for the dead because they are dead and my prayers can no longer help them".

        a).    That is putting a lot of presumptuous power into our own intercessory ability to help the "living".

        b).   One is denying  the Life of the Spirit of God which is still a part of the Gift of Life given to that "dead person". That Spirit which is still alive., Only somewhere on the way to be fully united with The Object of their Complete Desire and their own God Given Glorified body, same as you and me, although they are one big step ahead in the process.


To which if "I will not pray to or for or with the dead" would be our conviction...

1).   Why have a "funeral"? (and one certainly could not attend one) For if we are dead for a minute we are dead for an eternity and having a public gathering and even one prayer (private or communal) would be a falsehood to the conviction.

2).  Have Christian Burials of all time been an insult to God? 




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Question # 1:  What does God want?

Of all the questions in this world, this is really the grand daddy of them all.


Answer #1: Our Personal Love. It is the only thing HE does not already have in abundance.

Some of the early keys to opening the mysteries of allowing ourselves to give Him our personal love would seem to be:

a).    Humility ...(that is truly knowing the ones self He created each of us as).

b).   Obedience to His Laws. (and this is the first step in acquiring humility) Obviously the Ten (10) Commandments of Hebrew lineage and the Two (2) Great Commandments of Our Savior but also should include all rules: those of government, nature, and those that He has instilled, and has reminded each human of,  in conscience.

c).    Honoring Authority, and people in positions of same.

        c1). If any authority we are obeying in any situation is a bad person (or group) we must attempt to gently correct whatever situation we have encountered.

        c2). If unable to correct the situation. We must allow the radical correction to be done by God Himself, and if we have NOT overstepped the bounds of peaceful solutions within our personal graces, realize that He will not hold us personally responsible for the lack of correction. HE has allowed them to be in the position (or Office of life) that they are in, and expects THEM to keep the laws of the New Covenant, same as you and me.   

        c3). If while on earth we feel that the only authority we will honor is the "direct" authority of God Himself (via Divine inner locution) or our "personal" interpretation of His Inspired Writings (the Bible), a common lack of discernment may well be placing ourselves at or near the head table of a feast where we were supposed to the coat check person.




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Who are we really?


each of us are Seemingly three separate persons. as follows:

1). The Person we perceive our self to be and that which we portray, to ourselves and others.

        1a). This is the person that tells the most lies and for the prideful desire of social acceptance, is willing to continue in such deceptions for the longest period of time.

2). The Person Others see us as.

        2a). This is the person that is more realistic (although rarely truly who we are) in that other humans can easily see through the facade of the persona we portray, yet in a lack of "Christian kindness" find it easier to allow us to pretend, rather then expose those flaws to us. 

3). The person God sees us as.

        3a).  This is the person that we truly are. We are no more and no less, in that Our God can not deceive nor be deceived.


1). The sooner we allow our will to work with the Triune Gods Will for us individually, the sooner all three of the above mentioned persons will become one.

2). That oneness (or the closer we come to being one rather than three) IS our greatest Humility and the most acceptable to its' Creator and will be a welcome fruit to be gathered by the Gardner.

3). THE GARDNER will NOT allow a ripening fruit to fall and become bruised, NOR ripen past its time on the vine.



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Who is in Heaven?

There are many Saints in heaven, whom while on earth were physically Strong persons, and many that were seemingly plagued by illness and by earthly standards obviously weak.

There are many Saints in heaven, whom while on earth were Rich possessing land, gold, fine foods and all the earthly powers such things allow, and many that never had enough to stop the growling in their Children's Stomachs.

There are many Saints in heaven, who were able to Communicate the wonders of their Loving Savior to their fellowman, and through which aided that fellowman in the quest to Eternal Bliss, and many that rarely had the opportunity of sharing their inner peace given them by their Creator.

The one thing ALL in heaven have in common is Humility. It is the paper or parchment upon which our invitation to the Eternal Feast is written and without it THE INVITER has no place to assign the Seal.





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The speed of prayer

Speed of prayer is mostly governed by our ability to think. (or the quickness with which our minds eye can focus) as well as our willingness to concentrate on the locution (particular voice) of God. 

It has been said, that the human mind can think at approximately 400 words per second when in an excited state, and doing some online research there was found a reliable site that states: "the speed of thought" is from 450-750 milliseconds to come to full understanding of a picture flashed in front of a test subject...

Wow that sounds faster then 400wps but is what it is ...


No wonder we have little trouble multi-tasking during prayer ...the thought of which, serves as a beautiful backdrop for communal or public prayer. having dozens (even hundreds and via mass-media maybe thousands or millions) of people all reciting the same scripture verses at the same time. (THREE CHEERS FOR MOTHER ANGELICA)


Each drawing from their own personal experiences of life and insights. Each minds eye locking in on different words-phrases, receiving different inklings from the Holy Spirit and simultaneously projecting the mental images of Glory, Honor, Faith, Praise, Thanksgiving, Intersession, Hope, LOVE, toward the object of all logical prayer, The Triune God.  


Wow, what a collogue of beauty it must be when wrapped within the fragile vessel of humility. This old man, finds it near understandable how Our God can love His creation of humans, and be willing to so patiently await the return of some of us to His flock.

Yet it must be saddening beyond comprehension, what we do, when we will not humble ourselves and instead allow our thoughts to be of earthly desires, and waste those precious milliseconds, refusing or overlooking the opportunity to be part of such a cosmic happening.



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Here is one example of one "HAIL MARY"

(during the 1st Joyful Mystery and a minds eyes expression, comingled with inner locution)


"Hail Mary"

What an honor Gabriel received, being allowed to verbalize this greeting. Did Moses ever get a "Hail" did Elijah ever get a "Hail" ??? King David?...No none other...This honor was saved for the Perfect Tree to bear You THE PERFECT FRUIT...How presumptuous it is of me to recite such a holy salutation.   ... Dear Jesus please take no insult having my filthy mouth mime these words to Your Mother.


"Full of Grace"

You saw her soul, She didn't. You sent Gabriel, and as any messenger, Surely, he was very precise with the message, and didn't adlib. The thoughts You allowed to be recorded within Your Bible say She wondered what kind of greeting could this be?? Your mothers humility must have been making her think she was an unworthy maiden or in such true humility she must have thought she was an "OK" daughter - family member, but looking for every opportunity to improve in grace for the betterment of her Jewish community.... Oooh how such a totally humble response to this greeting must have felt to You ...Finally ....FINALLY... One of Your creations ((by Your Workings)) is able to be the vessel through which You can bring Yourself, physically and finitely, to all humans. Not partially "graced"... Not "graced" while in public... Not "graced" since you matured from childhood to womanhood ....FULL OF GRACE


"The Lord is with Thee"

oooh Mary did you not know the Lord was with You? If You did not ... Thank You for not knowing ... My knowing seems little more than guessing, except at special times and they are so very few and seemingly far between. If you needed to be told  ... It gives me much hope .., Please offer my thanks to Our Heavenly Father for this Gift of Hope. Please offer my thanks to Your Son for the Faith of not needing to know. Please thank Your Spouse, The Lord That Is With You for the peace and contentment needed to await through periods of uncertainties in this life.


"Blessed Are You Among Women"

My own Mom has always been a wonderful Woman ... Slightly "German" in many of her ways .. yet always loving, forgiving, caring beyond reason and to me a Saint as was her Mother before Her ....Life has made me sure that most men feel the same about their Mothers ... but You have been chosen from all women of all times .. to be deemed as blessed among women by God Himself.. With the examples God has given me of feminine perfection in Mom - Grandma D - My Wife - and many others  ...   shame is felt at times, asking your help ... Should more strength then this be mine .. and have no need to come crawling to you ... yet am very thankful to Your Son Jesus ... Jesus ... Jesus .... the Name that means LOVE ... and Thank You and He for your relationship.


"Blessed is the Fruit of Your Womb"

What Perfection took place within your body ? The Healer of All that needs Healing .... The Fruit of YOUR WOMB ..LOVE PERSONIFIED . The Salvation of ALL Mankind ... Immanuel .... God With Us ,.... With US ...Declared by the Holy Spirit ... God speaking to You ... God within Your Body ...Full of Grace ...oooh Mary thank You for being You .... Ooooh Jesus please help me to become a faint shadow ... some resemblance of a faint shadow of your mothers humble perfection and cause the fruit of my earthly existence to bring forth the fruits of your Holy Spirit ... It is realized that much is being asked, considering that at this moment a contrite heart is being felt, but we both know that soon my prideful self will return ... please don't give up on me as is deserved ...



THE NAME above all names ... Told to Joseph by Your Arch-Angel (what an honor you received Joseph) Your own Son in His Triune majesty, told you what to name Him ... and trusted you to do what was needed.

Jesus the Name at the sound of which every knee MUST bend ... such POWER in Your Love ... POWER from gentleness ...Our sinful nature MUST fear You ... yet how we yearn to mimic Your ways in hopes of attaining a humility which will allow Your Love to preside in us. The POWER is Yours, little would done but abuse it were any portion given to me ...  You so often allow me to see your Love in others  ... Thank You Jesus for the examples you chose in Your earthly Mother and Father .. Your Wisdom as always is impeccable. making JMJ the acronymic of (Jesus, Mary, Joseph)  our example of The Earthly Holy Family. Not only a mirror image of the Trinity  ... so much more when one Member of THE Godhead .. is REALLY PHYSICALLY, PERSONALLY, EMOTIONALLY,  IN EVERY WAY A PART OF AN EARTHLY FAMILY... and You beckon us to Your Home  ... to Your Table ... not as the slaves which we don't even deserve to be slaves of Yours ... but as brothers and sisters in Your Earthly and Eternal Family ... Holy You ARE ..

There are Only two words for me, which are my desire, to ponder on for all eternity and pray it can be done in Your presence. One means the Other and the Other means the One ...



"Holy Mary Mother of God"

Such perfection is God Your Son ..and what an example of Holiness has He chosen in You. His and Your and my Heavenly Father has told me "What earthly Father if asked by His child for Bread would give the child a snake?" and "How much more good will He Give us if we ask"?  this old man does beckon You as Mother of Jesus, the One Who has all my life asked me to allow Him to be my Best Friend. And as You well know my portion  in our relationship is severely lacking .


"Pray for us sinners now and at the hour of death"

If you Pray for me, it is known, He will not deny your request, Please ask God for me for the graces needed right now, especially those that are not seen, by this bag of bones, and a planned for and Holy Death .. Like many of us on earth, my reservations, about when and how it will be my turn to leave here, become anxiety. Daily the attempt is made to not worry and to trust more. Common sense allows me to know that a Holy Death isn't something that can just happen at the end of a sinful life.

Asking Our God these things directly, as is Your Desire, will always continue as well, but Mary it just makes me feel a lot better knowing You are Praying for me also ... no one ever before or after you has been so close to All Three. Without being one of them...




Among Men I believe Scripture to be True

Among Men I believe Jesus Lives

Among Men I believe God IS LOVE



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