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A Gamblers Sin (Example of a life of one days sin)

Sin in general

Does God Forgive Sin?

One Recipe for Curing sin

Sin Past-Present-Future (Confession)

Sin and forgiveness (logic of)

A Prayer by reason of Question (The Apostles Creed)



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(this is another one of those incomplete ramblings and such a large subject it can not get done in this lifetime)

The concept of living "sin free" would seem to be another inner driving of the human existence and "a" (if not the) gauge by which we exercise our conscience, judging ourselves, as well as place our stamp of approval or disapproval on our fellowman.


Question #1). What is Sin?

Answer #1):    Breaking of Gods Laws


Question #2). What are Gods Laws

Answer #2):   The 10 Commandments

                        2a): While the observance of the 10 Commandments seems to be the standard (as it should be) for they are by no means obsolete. These Commandments were (and are) the Law of the Old Covenant.

                        2c):  Many of us Christians seem to forget that, for us, the Old Covenant has been fulfilled and that the New Covenant is intact. Forgetting this seems to cause our hearts to attempt to live somewhere in-between the two, which can actually be living outside of either.


Question #3. Aren't covenants and laws the same thing?

Answer #3):   NO  Laws stand separate from Covenants.

                        3a). Covenants are promises / "deals" / agreements, offered by One with the power to make good on the Deal, Promise, or Agreement.....

                       3b). Laws are parameters which the "other party" must stay within to be the beneficial recipient of the Deal, Promise or Agreement

                       3c).   In more common terms ... the breaking of a Law can in no way diminish the value of the covenant "offered", but will cause the Law Breaker to forfeit any privileges of partaking in the benefits of the covenant.



THE NEW COVENANT (This old man likes to think of as an "amendment" to the Old just to keep some things straighter in my head)

While the Old and New are based on each other, the New is so radically different, from the Old, because of the  personal (incarnate) involvement of The One offering the "deal" that it by all means needs to be call NEW.


While delivering the New Covenant, Jesus was often confronted with the same questions that perplex us today. Partially because of the "clause allowing the Offer of Forgiveness of Sin" seemingly for Free.


This Offer just didn't make sense to those who's eyes, mouth, and heart are living (contently) within the Law and their bank accounts are able to cover the needed requirements for forgiveness of sins committed. The Heart of the Old Covenant NEVER WAS to "buy" your way into forgiveness when one breached the law, but THIS was NOT being understood. The idea of changing the Heart to safeguard ones self from the need to make sin offering, well that just shouldn't be needed. Although that IS the "New OFFER" ....take it or leave it....


When asked the direct question about which of these laws was the greatest (possibly meaning "most important") and (the laws being asked about were more then likely the 613 mitzvoth (Jewish laws) which was what the "interested" parties were responsible to and the "613" cover the 10 given to Moses in detail ) Our Lords answer was ( Matthew 22: 35-40 ) and His answer IS the Laws of the New Covenant.


We all seem to have different observances of that which actually constitutes a sin. (This is where the 613 mitzvoth really shine in laying out most details) 


Without proper Judgment, which only God has and readily offers to all, the freedom of the New Covenant, allows us to become self sanctified - mistakenly judgmental - and often lazy in our quest to live a sin free existence.




Example of part of the life of one days Sin. 


Three men (or women) are sitting in a Casino: (that was possibly the second or third mistake: but anyway) ...


Person (a) lost $2,000.00...and...

Person (b) lost $60,000.00...and...

Person (c) won $60.00...


Person "a" went home to the family and informed them that they now need to move out of the house and into a smaller home in a crime ridden part of town.

Subsequently the influence of the new environment brought about peer pressure that 2 daughters gave into and became prostitutes and the only son of the family became a member of a local gang and is now living in prison.


Person "b" went home, felt really stupid, and transferred $700,000.00 from another bank account into the account that the $60k had been taken from ... (deceiving the marital partner in an effort to cover the shame of the stupidity) but all in all life went on much like 2 years ago when the same thing occurred.


Person "c"  went home and shared the story of winning with the family and superficially feeling bad for persons "a & b" shared of how tragic it was to view such irresponsible behavior. Retold the story at work and again at the family picnic the next week, building on the details each time, until the memory of it was replaced by the threat of a world wide virus caused by an irresponsible scientist.


How have they sinned?


Person "a" has sinned against God in being out of control in the areas of precious needed worldly resources (in this case money and the stewardship thereof) as well as sinned against the family in the loss of the money and the inability to influence family members to make proper decisions in their maturing lives.


Person "b" may have had a well deserved entertaining day at the casino. Then sinned against God and the spouse when pride driven jostling of the books took place, in the successful effort, to deceive the spouse. Laying the groundwork (if it already hadn't been laid) for degeneration of both relationships and exposed an indicator of not being trustworthy with abundant gifts.


Person "c" suffers from prideful insecure self reliance (or the love of money). This makes it impossible to attain a reasonable amount of anything for earthly contentment. And more then likely told the spouse of winning $20.00 in order to be sure of keeping the other $40.00 for a rainy day ... as well as could have inflated it to $120.00 at work and back to $20.00 at the picnic ( just in case the work version got back to the immediate family the $100.00 discrepancy could be called a verbal typo) and NONE of this really matters, until those careless- lying- deceiving government officials and members of the scientific community quit ruining the near sin free existence that person "c" has managed to eek out regardless of the attempts of destruction made upon it.    


IN JUDGMENT Can we spot the greatest "Sin"?


Even if WE scenario this, until the cows come home, we can NOT "spot the greatest sin", in that we will always be missing additional needed factors. Those needed factors are seen by God and a part of what He uses to do the needed "repairs" and help us in becoming humble enough to ask for His forgiveness, allowing the setting up of defenses, in the effort that we may gain Virtues to bypass future sins and become Graced.


ALTHOUGH we CAN see that all three have sinned as far as to what extent, ultimately this can only be left up to the One that was truly sinned against. The ONE that knows how to weight the extent to which the Covenant has been breached by such sins. And HAS THE POWER to make all things right by His Word if He so chooses.



Certain aspects of the repairs to the effects of our sins,  through Scripture and Tradition and Common Sense, have been made known to mankind. As follows:




Person "a" has been humbled and the continued downward spiraling of the daily workings of life, should cause the eyes, mouth and heart to easily turn to God. Possibly by praying alone or with the family, in a room of the undesirable home the family is now in. Or possibly by needing to go to a Church for assistance with basic needs, where the Lord will be trying to verbally speak through another human. If the voice of God is heard and responded to it will be the best $2,000.00 the family has even spent.


Person "b" may have a harder time ever recognizing such venial flaws. Even if the $60,000.00 isn't ever missed the deceptions will always be exposed, by their own nature, maybe though the IRS, or other humans.  The exposing of which is usually the workings of God in the background allowing the opportunity for realization of the flaw and reconciliation. Or by these deceptions escalating into larger ones which will eventually do serious harm thereby exposing themselves. AND THEN with the humility needed for reconciliation, the eyes, mouth and heart can more easily turn to God.


Person "c" already has one foot in the grave of spiritual death. In that superficially caring for the fellowman is an indicator of superficially caring as to whether the eyes look toward God. Person "c" would seem to be the one that is being cried out to by God. Being given the constant awareness of all the evils around. Although pride is not allowing the mouth to answer the "call to arms" God is sounding. And because of the desire to "not stray from the center line" has allowed the speck in the eye of others to be more visible to the heart then the beam in its own. This is generally the type of human that is truly blessed when major tragedy enters their life, in that it is the needed opportunity to turn to spiritual things and put away the modest comforts that are being the substitute for heavenly peace and contentment with ones self and ones fellowman.






Bottom line on sin in general (certainly nothing new)



1). Small sins are not harmless. Whether personal (thought to be hidden) or social (obviously exposed) All acts of sinning are offensive to God, a breach of the New Covenant and in need of His repairs.

        1a).    The seed of sin WILL GROW and does need to be uprooted. Uprooting can be painless or painful, none the less must be done. Once it dies (like any manure) it makes a most fertile spot for the flowers of Virtue to flourish.  

        1b).    The Seeds of Virtue WILL GROW, from that spot, and are the natural produce of a cared for spiritual garden.


2). All forgiveness, healing, atonement, and the graces needed for everything else, are made possible by the Eternal Jesus and the Mercy and Love of The Father, although brought to us in many forms, The Holy Spirit of the Triune God is the initiator of it all .


3). All past and present sins have been or are being combated by God in the effort to Forgive the one who has brought them to life, He yearns for our co-operation.


4)  All future sin is being combated by God in the effort to cause us to willingly STOP before they take place.


5). The only sinner that can not be forgiven and the only situation that can not be made into a blessing is that which DOES NOT turn its eyes, mouth, and heart toward God for the grace needed to do so.


6) While some sins are obvious and need be avoided like any plague. It is not easy for humans to judge the sin of  others correctly and therefore should attempt to stay away from doing so.


7) Once confessed and forgiven, past sins need not be feared, and should only be remembered if needed to cause Humility or in Thanksgiving for Forgiveness or to give Glory in testimony. Even then some sins should not be mentioned as they are too hideous and, the mentioning of, can become the seed which regenerates in the next persons garden. ALL sin should eventually disappear from sight of the minds eye, as HE accounts them NO MORE...today has enough problems of its own without remembering yesterdays. Only future sins need be considered (or feared) and dealt with.





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Does God forgive a Sin?


THERE ARE MANY PROBABLE VARIATIONS IN THE below MENTIONED PROCESS OF SIN especially in HOW AND WHEN WE AS HUMANS RESPOND TO IT. This excerpt is taken from my own experience and may or may not have bearing on Your personal life's experience. May God Forgive me if this misleads anyone.


Q. Can God Forgive a "sin"???

A. NO HE Does NOT ... He Does NOT Forgive a Sin.



As follows:


1). A sin (as a noun) is nothing other than a concept ... it is NOTHING ... It is a thoughtless, mindless, heartless, bodiless, no spirited-NOTHING.  Without a Human to imagine it in their mind's eye ...

A sin by itself is nothing to be forgiven.


2). If sin (or more so the concept) stays in that realm (as a temptation) and is yet viewed as something hideous / despicable /  undesirable / and a threat to ones peaceful existence / it remains, to the Human, indifferent . and remains a NOTHING. (bearing in mind that the opposite of Love is not Hate it is Indifference)


3). If allowed to remain in the realm of thought as something possibly desirable / harmless / pretty / or considered as a means to gaining value and the likes, it is now a viable lively part of the life of the Human. and the Human has breached the conditions of the New Covenant. Becoming a Sinner.  


4). Some sins (by their design) are at their full potential while in thought.

        4a). Most others at this stage, are but seeds which like any seed, are small compared to the fruit or tree they will produce and turn into something completely different, after roots and sprouts. (please allow our mind's eye to see "acorn" - oak tree)


5). For their next step in sin evolution, they need the Mouth or communication through body language, (or fingers in typing or the likes). By verbalizing they gain strength and seeming credibility. (and again for some sins this is their greatest potential)


6). Once the Mouth has spoken. The doors of the Heart open to, receive or reject, that which we have chosen to entertain as a part of our lives.

         a). The heart will make the decision as to either tell the mind to instruct the body to "close the doors" or decide to which room the guest (sin) should be assigned and how much effort the mind and body should put into preparing accommodations for that which has been taken in. 


7). By now God (The Holy Spirit) has already attempted at least 7 actual times to warn Mind, Mouth, and Heart of impending doom.


9). If the Body overrides the decision of the Heart (to close its doors) and listens to the lying mouth and confused mind, the Heart will gradually harden to the point that, pumping the life giving blood of good reasoning is too much strain., spiritual death is its fate...


10). If the heart accepted the sin because of the disguises - sweet smells - and makeup it has been packaged in, to give it the appearance of something good, sins unkempt lifestyle and the foul odor of its true nature will soon permeate from that dying heart. For sin is now coming closer to its full potential and has the body as a puppet. At this point sin will put away its disguises, as its prideful nature wants to be seen / acccepted / and worshiped in its fullness.


11). By now God (generally via The Holy Spirit but possibly via All Three Persons and All the Saints and Angels They could Send) has already attempted at least 7X7 times to warn Mind, Mouth, and Heart and Body of impending doom.


12). For the sin GOD cares not about ....It is Nothing ..He is NOT THREATENED by it. ..He did NOT create it ... BUT he did create the Heart, Mind, Mouth, Body, and Individualized Spirit that inhabits the Now Sinner, that has now chosen to turn away from Him and give Life to a nothing, that should have none.. and for that Sinner He has Love beyond measure, for every first and last molecule.


It is the Sinner that God Forgives and longs to Forgive not the sin.




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One recipe for curing sin:


Ingredients needed:

1- mind's eye (regardless of its vision)

1- contrite heart (regardless of condition)

1- mouth With/vocal cords (unless physically impossible then they are optional-use inner voice)


Actions to be taken:

1).Place above items in the presence of Heavenly Chef. (He or His Assistants can be found in any of His "retail outlets" in a nearby neighborhood or by inner locution in any place private and secure)

2).Add the remembrance of the most hideous acts and thoughts seen by the minds eye.

3).Allow to simmer within the heart, until tenderness is brought about by Heavenly Chef.

4).Allow mouth to blurt out, feelings of Shame, Remorse, and New Confidence in Chefs abilities.

5).Close mouth, dry eye, treasure all of the above in renewed Fervor of Heart.

6).Be sure to ask Chef for "to go" items, that reoccurrence of these hideous acts and thoughts will be less likely.

7).Share experience with fellowman. (word of mouth is still the best advertising)


Sin - Past - Present - and Future

If a sin was in the past and not confessed, it is as real as though it is in the present, so confess it, and it will turn from the black cloud to a light fog and then dissipate, that our minds eye may see The Light once more.

If a sin is in the present, it was in the past. so confess it, that it won't be in the future.

If a sin is in the future, confess it, we now have the needed time to make sure it doesn't cloud the vision of our minds eye.

If there is NO SIN in our future, we are more then likely lying to ourselves or someone else, so confess it.



Sin and Forgiveness


One of the major "tricks of the enemy" is to fool a person into thinking they have become or have committed a sin which is soooo evil that God cannot - could not - shall not - or will not forgive.

This trick causes we individuals to feel such a distain for our own person that we will attempt to "self correct" or "self punish" in any one or more ways.

Such misguided attempts are to fulfill the natural need, to cleanse our soul from the damage done. AND make no mistake it is our nature to desire to have a clean soul.


Face it, some  sins are hideous and have a power over the sinner to hold the face of that saddened soul away from God. AND until that face, makes the conscious decision  to ask for His forgiveness, (and begging is usually more in order) to be allowed to stand in His Presence once again, we do not deserve to look in His Direction.

Even making that decision can only be done BY Gods Grace and via the usage of our God Given Free Will.


SOME of the thoughts used in this conscious or subconscious con-job of the enemy are:

( many additional variations apply)

a). "I got myself into it and I can get myself out of it."

b). "Someone else got me into this, and I am innocent (or ever so slightly guilty) so the punishment should be theirs, so why am I suffering with this guilt? It must be because I am somewhat "Christ like". Therefore the feeling of guilt will go away if I just (have another beer and) wait a little while longer, because time heals all wounds."

c). "Others have done the same thing, even worse, and they are just fine, I will be just fine also, if I just wait a little while longer, because time heals all wounds."

d). "That power this thing has over me will end when time ends for me, so I am better off and God will love me again if I "do away with" this body that is so sinful. (this last one being the ultimate con-job because when our time ends, we can no longer make ANY conscious decisions. AND at some low points we may even question this.

Rest assured that IF WE COULD make conscious decisions and or act them out, those souls in eternal damnation WOULD make the conscious decision to come back for another chance at correction of  the faults that got them there)



Let's take a logical look at this: and me thinks that it will be easier to see why only God can look at sin without being effected and why the Power of sin is only over us.

This being why we need His Forgiveness and His Help to get out of that dangerous state, and His Help to staying away from any and all sin. (an attempt is being made, to not mention the fact of Faith that He forgives all our sins strictly, because of His Love. This attempt is being made simply because when we are in a state of sin, Pure Love often seems to make NO LOGICAL SENSE)


1). Does any sin have a power to hold Gods face away from the Sinner?

(No. He has seen it all and loves us anyway: oops there it went, right away, mentioning Love )

    1a). Now we could say that suicide falls into this category of unforgivable, but we would be overlooking the fact that this extreme sin does not possess a power OVER God. But against man.

    1b). Suicide comes in many packages: from the slow methods of "substance abusing ones self to physical death" to the "instantaneous shotgun or rope methods".

    1c). Regardless of the method, it is the Sinner them self that is toying with a Spiritual Death that could alter the proper sequence of the Physical change from this life on earth to the Glorified Body we are to receive in Heaven.

    1d). While on earth it is our COMPLETE HUMAN PERSON (body - mind - soul) that God longs to forgive COMPLETELY.

    1e). Rest assured that, God CAN forgive an "attempt" at doing away with ones self, but with a successful suicide there is no physically complete human, (body - mind - soul)  intact, to forgive. So once again it is not Gods' Face being held away, but the other way around)


2). If Gods Forgiveness did not contain more power than the most powerful sin, the one that would commit such offenses would have the ability to gain a power over God by committing the sin.


3). So unless one wishes to deny that God IS the most powerful of ALL and WILL stay that way forever, it goes to reason, that there is no sin more powerful than Gods Forgiveness.


Now here goes mentioning His Love BIG TIME, as an attempt was made to not do, but it cannot be apologized for:

This entire concept of our need to repent and Gods understanding and compassion for our reluctance to do so, (spoken throughout the Old Testament and said best in the life and times of Jesus) was resounded by a modern day musical sage (Me thinks his name is Don Francisco) in an Early Christian Rock song. ("Christian Rock" being another "concept" that verges on oxy-moron)  but anyway..


The overall song is well worth listening to. The one phrase that says it best goes something like this: "There is no sin you could imagine that is stronger than His Love, so turn around, and come on home *******" ( this has probably been slightly paraphrased and the last words of  the refrain have been forgotten. For that please accept my apology . It has been around 30 years since hearing this beautiful prayer song.


So, If you happen to (at times or all the time) suffer in the mental anguish that is "assuring" you that you are worthless, and your life is such an insult to Your Creator that "Inner Peace" has become nothing but a concept which you are very positive will never be yours to own.

BUT YET you may believe that "If things would have been different, I feel I could be content".


Try to grasp this concept:


1). The "If things would have been different", thought, IS a statement of Faith.

    1a). It is a Faith in the fact that there is Right and Wrong. And the knowledge exists within the memory, that wrong has been done. (either by ourselves or someone else jumpstarted it and we continued it)

    1b). Also remember: God LOVES, more than anything, a heartfelt admission of our personal wrongdoing, when it is connected to sincere commitment to stay away from those sins, and any near occasions of those sins, in the future. (a full and complete confessing of ones involvement, in whatever wrong one has been a party to or involved in, is the only sure avenue leading away from such despair)


2). The "I feel I could be content", thought, IS a statement of Hope.

    2a). It is a Hope in the peace God has promised to those that will fight a good fight using the weapons HE has ordained as proper. Trusting in His Mercy being a very large caliber canon in the arsenal. 

    2b). The fore mentioned Faith, KNOWS that peace is the JUST reward given by The Father, for the Humility of the recognition of wrongdoing.

    2c). But this contentment (or peace) can not be "seen" until the blurred vision of pride is wiped away by the power of Gods Forgiveness that awaits in the confessional.


3). These two "things" ... Faith and Hope.... ARE the predecessors to LOVE ...(or in this case Loving again because absolute despair is the absolute absence of Love )

    3a). Even when we do not feel Loveable and are pretty sure we never will be. And even though we are positive that we don't know "how to love God" .... That does NOT STOP GOD from loving us.

He loves me so much, that even such a self pitting thought as "If things would have been different" IS, and can rightfully be seen as, a Grace from God, Calling me back.


One more thought:

Such despair by no means will diminish our access to Heavenly Aid available to correct the situation via Angelic Partners designed for Spiritual Battle. (in other words ask for the help of your Guardian Angel, who is for sure all rested up by now)

When the enemy (satans fallen angels or demons who have a far superior intellect and cunning to that of our own ) has successfully tricked us into sinning and then trick us into giving in to such despair as thinking we are not forgivable. How could anyone imagine, A Loving Father, NOT having Compassion and Mercy on the "underdog" in this situation, (And even being extra forgiving if there is such a thing as extra?) just to level the playing field for future attacks against His (merely human) Children.


When we consider that after having lived through grievously sinning against The One True God and He allowing us peace of heart and mind in return for humility, we must admit that, this is far more than simply Just, it is Loving.

If we consider that we can trade our disgusting mutinies and vile distrusts in His Goodness for a eternal lifetime membership in His Family. And that this can be done by allowing Him to take away our fears, and accepting His Forgiveness thereby putting our no good old ways AWAY... and putting His really good caring Ways into our everyday actions, WOW how can we turn down such a deal ("covenant")?

Me thinks if we are at a bargaining table anywhere on earth, from a car dealership to wall street to a sentencing hearing in a courthouse, our advisors or lawyers would tell us to "take the deal while it is still on the table".

Pretty safe to assume that: This is the same advice our Guardian Angels have been giving us all along.   



For with God all things are possible   







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A PRAYER by reason of  QUESTION?


THE APOSTLES CREED....  as follows:


1)    Do I believe in God the Father and that He is Almighty, and that He is the Creator of all of Heaven and all within Earth?


2)    Do I believe in Jesus Christ, His ONLY SON and do I believe that He is Our Lord?


3)    Do I believe that He was conceived by the Holy Spirit?


4)    That He was born of the Virgin Mary,


5)    That He suffered under Pontius Pilot,


6)    That He was crucified, He actually died FOR me and all people and was buried.?


7)    Do I truly believe that on the third day He rose from the dead, Ascended into heaven and is now (even this very moment) seated at the       

       Right Hand of THE FATHER...and that He will come again in Glory to Judge the living and the dead? 


8)    Do I believe in The Holy Spirit?


9)    Do I believe in The Holy Catholic Church?


10)  Do I really believe in the Communion of the Saints? (and do I have hope to be one at some point in my eternal existence and help others)


11)  Do I really believe in the forgiveness of sins (or do I hang on to them as though "I" am the one that must forgive them) ?


12)  Do I believe in the Resurrection of this body I now inhabit? AND that there will be Life Everlasting as we have been Promised by our God?



If I truly, truly believe in these 12 articles (or statements) of "faith" which all catholic's ( Roman and otherwise) profess with our "mouths", 

How could I have even one problem in this life, which wouldn't be taken care of by the "ways and means" of our Triune Gods plan of destiny?


It doesn't seem possible to have ANY (worrisome) PROBLEMS: If these statements were the Faith Guidelines by which I governed all my decisions and actions toward myself and my fellowman, thereby showing my God the, tolerance, compassion, and ever enduring love that He rightfully expects me to show, when attempting to follow the examples of the methods of dealing with all of life's problems.  (as laid out in the Scriptural records of these 12 statements and taught through Tradition of same


Doesn't the pondering on these things make everything earthly seem rather insignificant, even undesirable?

Doesn't the pondering on these things make everything that God has done and is doing seem far more desirable to be a part of?


IF we ponder upon these truths, and attempt to accept the scriptural lessons of them into our lives AND STILL have things happening that are disrupting a peaceful existence:

Rest assured that we ( I - You ) are overlooking with our Heart and only professing with our mouth, one or more of these statements of our Faith. 


Soooooo if that is the case ... Don't give up or give in to the despair, hatred, or malice.... . Every problem has its correct answer within one of these 12 truths.


So don't be lazy anymore. Find a Bible ( or take the short cut and Google search one  ie: some "shortcuts" aren't "lazy" maybe even prudent ) Read over each of the 12 and question the heart as to the amount of true "belief" and the lack of which one is causing the disruption?


The humility of the questioning may be the smoldering ember that God is looking for and will fan that ember within your heart, by the Breath of the Holy Spirit, back into the Fire of Love so often spoken of and that which He is so desirous to see once again.. and this will bring peace, contentment, and even joy..




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