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Heaven on Earth

Spiritual Communion

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"Heaven on Earth":

We have all heard this "saying" often used as a shortcut to explain some item or form of beauty.

Usually a place, possibly a mountain retreat and the feeling that the surroundings bring to the senses by being high above all that is. Breathing air that is not so thick and heavy, complied with the natural ability to "see forever", or at least for quite a long way.

Or again a tropical paradise with the warmth of uncountable grains of sand underfoot, that collogue of  vibrant colors painted in the always present birds and foliage. Nearby the vast fathoms of the waters of time, beckoning thoughts of mysterious creatures and treasures held within. The inkling that one of those droplets, now caressing human skin, was the same one that centuries ago brushed against a chest full of Spanish Dubloons, can be enough to set the mind momentarily adrift, allowing a welcome escape from the riggers of everyday life.

Heaven on Earth is also utilized to verbalize extremely fine flavors of foods, or the chemical reaction we feel in bodily measure when we first encounter love with another human.

This would go on but, me thinks, you may have suffered enough, by making it this far reading my vain attempts at being artistic in the exuberance of such verbosity.


But come on folks can we really experience "Heaven on Earth"???


If we can, with the way we are "spiritually" AT THIS MOMENT, would we enjoy it???


In order to answer these two (seemingly harsh questions) me thinks we will have to first imagine what it will be like to be in Heaven. OK?


1). God is and will be there. Father - Son - Holy Ghost and The Oneness will be fully known.


2). God is and will be happy beyond all happy to have us there. Loving beyond all Love and will be interacting by reigning with LOVE.


3). Others (are) will be there. Women and Men from all the ages of time. Some we have known from our earthly journey, but most that we haven't known, but will realize we do know them, because of our fully awakened common LOVE.


4). These Others (are) will be Happy beyond all happy and Loving beyond all known love, proclaiming a Sincerity beyond sincere while, Praising always, and Feasting and Interacting and Enjoying.


5). Angels of the Biblical Choirs (are) will be there and the Angels will be Praising and Singing and Interacting with the Others, and with love Smiling and Dancing.


6). Time will NOT seem to be standing still, nor going fast. Because there will be NO TIME. The moment of Love will be forever and forever will be the moment.


7). There (is) will be NO Sickness, NO vocabulary of death, NO takeout food, NO evil - sin -anger. ALL will be consumed with THEE burning fire of Love, but like the bush from which, our father of faith, Moses heard the Voice of God, The Fire will not consume the ALL.


IF the thought of such a gathering as mentioned above gives you a feeling that it is some place you would feel uncomfortable at or be out of place at, because you were hoping for more solitude than some gigantic birthday bash, don't worry.

Surely The Triune God can put at your disposal, all the mountain tops and beaches and, the beauty of His Universe for your viewing pleasure.


ANY concept of Heaven is not hard to imagine using our mind. Although as earthlings, it is a hard thing to accept, within our hearts, that some day we will not "envision" a scene such as told of here, it will be a ga-zillion times better and WE WILL actually partake of, living within that scene, OR NOT.

And that NO ONE is exempt from the need to answer the invitation we have each been given to this party in heaven.


So now is the time and how do we RSVP this one???


Me thinks the best way to answer (or RSVP as the rich folks say) is to actually "practice" by making an attempt at living a "Heaven on Earth" as though we are already there.. Allowing the inability to accomplish such a lofty attempt to be compensated for by The One that has made the invitation.

If you please: The following is an attempt to equate the above "7" listed items, to "7" that we should actually be able to "practice" on. Thereby hoping to give "Heaven on Earth" a less insulting definition than some, undersized, overpriced, chunk of Chocolate brought to us by an egotistical chef.


1). "God is there"... Well God is Here too... The Holy Spirit is on earth: "In real time". so what say we stop pretending He isn't and do as He has asked and strike up a conversation with Him "real time".

The Father is on earth, at least He can be heard in His Voice of the Old Testament and Seen through the Word of the Son, So lets take heed by reading the Bible and practice Their Oneness which we hope to someday become a full part of. 

Jesus is on earth: "In Real", within Tabernacles throughout the known world, so what say we stop pretending He isn't. and do as He has told and receive Him as The Holy Gift He has made of Himself for us, and continues to do "So that each day from east to west a perfect offering will be made."

Because these "offerings" are not "offered" vainly ... they are "offered" so they will be accepted. (in other words it is "at least" a three way gift: Jesus offering Himself to us to become One with Him and We offering Him to The Father in that Oneness and The Holy Ghost offering us the means of attaining the Peace necessary to partake in such unity, while in this finite realm)


2).  We can live happier and love ourselves and each other more than we did yesterday. This is a choice we make, many times each day, on a moment to moment basis.

Others can not make these choices for us, and we must NOT be making choices vainly.

For if we are making proper spiritual progress, we WILL be beckoning Gods aid in the quest of putting caring choices into action, in thought - word - deed. And we should not risk using His Name in Vain, by vainly asking Him for graces we have little or no intention of putting into action.

The Triune God insists we allow Him to Reign over us NOW and Forever ... NOT "me reign now He reign later". THAT dog don't hunt and we all know what happens to dogs that don't hunt .... You get rid of them....

By allowing God to reign in our lives NOW we will be prepared for that transition to The "Happy Hunting Ground".


3). Again, Read The Bible .. and spiritually we will "get to know" a good number of persons that ARE already in Heaven and will have quite a number of "conversation starters" with quite a few of the new old friends that are waiting to welcome us when we leave here.

The reacquainting of those we physically HAD spent our earthly time with will be a hoot, so praying with them, NOW and then, can only cement that love you had with them here and heighten the Praise and Worship you will once again be involved in, with them, for all eternity.


4). Although we can not enjoy the "Feasts" of heaven while on earth, because of our diminished capacity brought on by our first earthly parents Adam and Eve.

We can and must, attempt a sincerity in belief, by cultivating a reverence, for the Feast that The New Adam (or as many translations of Scripture refer to Jesus as "the last Adam") has prepared for us at each Eucharistic Opportunity.

We will then find it an easy step to sincerely make each earthly meal we consume, alone or with family or friends, an opportunity to give thanks to The Father. Showing a heartfelt appreciation for the bodily senses that enjoy earthly foods, and the graces of the energy we receive, allowing us to interact, and the healing power of the vitamins within each morsel.


5). We can stop pretending that Angels don't exist. Every inch of the Bible tells of their workings.

We know that we are real (look in a mirror).. We Believe in The Reality of God. We have no trouble believing in the workings and influence of satan and his fallen angels.

Don't tell the fallen angels to "go to hell from whence they came" ... ASK a Good Angel to do it for you.. it is a Big Part of their Job .... Simply refuse to listen to or talk to fallen angels at all, over the years it could save a lot of precious time.

While we are at it, ask Angels to help Others, still walking this earth, that may be too busy to ask for themselves.. WE OWE THIS to our Angelic Friends, because they are a viable part of Gods design.... so if we desire to be honorable people.... let's pay up.....


6). Spend some "time" thinking about "time" ... God invented this commodity for our benefit, just as sure as Henry invented Fords...

Also like Fords (and all other makes), time will at some point no longer exist, and (from an earthly view point) eternity will have commenced, but in the overall reality, eternity will simply be continuing.

This concept is not so spooky when we consider (by checking on "the news") that today "time" has stopped for tens of thousands of we humans and we are all living under that mortal law each day of our life.

So instead of being spooked by it, we can consider "today" as just another "moment in eternity".

An eternity which we commit ourselves to spend with Our Creator.

This will only help in preparing us and will be the foremost method for us to RSVP via a lively active statement of : "YES I would LOVE to ATTEND YOUR FEAST", "please send the chauffeur ASAP". (As Soon As Possible)


7). When we have RSVPed we will no longer consider earthly illnesses as a curse.  We can not help but feel a, deeper than before, compassion for the sufferings of others, and instead of self pity for our own trials, they can become pungent reminders of this finite existence.

We also accept it as a Calling of God, upon ourselves to aid all persons with illness in their time of need. It is through THIS that the fervor or ardor of Gods burning Love has been allowed to make such great strides when presenting Itself through such Little Humans as Mother Theresa of Calcutta, and numerous others we meet Him through in our daily lives, and we owe to them, whatever support we can offer.



Heaven on Earth? Can it be?


Given the circumstances we humans have chosen for ourselves it is feared that it can not be, and the idea of it may be simply another poetic misnomer. ALTHOUGH:

Given the abilities that Our Savior has Chosen to allow each to accept and hone to near Angelic Perfection, It certainly can be seen how, if we all pitch in, our earthly lives could resemble A Far Better Home and make the transition of leaving this earth and moving to Heaven a far less radical change to be dealt with.


For With God All Things Are Possible.


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Spiritual Communion:

What is "being in communion"?

Being a "homespun" person it is usually found necessary to cipher through things which are not understood within my head, by relating them to other things, which it is felt are better understood, until "the picture" is seen.

In this case it will be done (as usual) by looking at "other words" that are similar to the one in question. Then tie back in not only what similarities they have, but look for what it is that makes the "new word or phrase" different or so distinctive that it deserved to be a new word or phrase.

Some other words and some homespun definitions, reflecting similarities of the  "base word" are as follows:

1). Community/(persons of the same heart) or (living by the same standards) Without having the same heart  we can find ourselves residing within a close proximity of many other humans, but we are certainly NOT a member of the community, until which time we accept the standards by which that organized-authority conducts life .

2). Commute/ A. (persons regularly traveling together) or B. (a sentence or punishment, reduced or expiated)

    2a). While "commuting" in our daily lives we may be alone going from point A to point B. Although we usually pass or come into contact with other humans during the process.

   2b). For a Judicial Sentence to be "commuted" it takes an authority to distinguish "right from wrong", as well as the acceptance of a society or community that the punishment due has been forgiven or altered.

3). Communal/(living in fully common proximity and ethics.) While much like "community", this word insinuates a far closer relationship, where most "private" things are striped aside.  If the "communal living" is under one roof, this closer resembles (when looked at in a negative sense) my understanding of a "cult" , or again, in a negative sense, resembling "communism" if looked at in the larger picture of a society. Then again (in a positive sense) this word describes the essence of a marriage, when two humans become one (in a spiritual and physical sense) and the offspring of that relationship join in the oneness of family. (at least throughout their formative years)

4).Communicate/ verbal interaction or that of body language. (link to this word defined prior)

5). Note to self *** Two words were seen within "the word", which seem to "make the word" and will now be pondered on for a few weeks ***   "Common" and "Union"... hence Comm union ...Probably should have looked it up in a dictionary ..it maybe says something about that... Oooh well ..live and learn...

For me to really attempt to get a grip on this concept of Spiritual Communion with God, it must next be considered:

Who is The Triune God and how can Three separate "Persons" actually be One???... and or how can One independent "person' actually be Three???  As well as: How can a person such as myself, communicate WITH any One (thereby all Three) and "commute" TO where ever They are and BECOME a part of Their "communal" "community"???


Hmmmm This all works best if pondered in earthly terms:...

It makes a certain kind of sense to me if looked at as a close knit Family ...or Family Business... with each member putting forth all of their effort to not only make a continued success out of that business, but add too "the business" those things that only that family member can and at all times keeping in mind the betterment and welfare of the other family members and the community they share life with. Sharing not only in the financial gain which they all bring in - onto - and for each other, but moreover enjoying the closeness and Love natural to such a situation. (barbeques - ballgames - good times and bad )

For "outsiders" or customers to communicate with or purchase from or interact with (in a business or personal sense)  such a Family Owned and Operated business ... it is often found that ... If you are dealing with any one member of the family ... you are dealing with them all,. in that, they each have equal authority and trust each others judgments and will stand behind any and all "deals or promises made" by the other members of the family.

This "type of arrangement" is what me thinks Our Triune God has, and The Three separate Persons are so close that They truly are One...

In this "type of an earthly Family business" it is not unusual for someone from outside the family to become employed by "the business", and work with The Family for so many years that they become accepted as, treated as, and truly become a member or extended member of that family and in far more than a "business sense". Often times this person (or persons) are someone that up until coming into contact with such a unified communal group, had a real hard time "making it" socially or financially (and maybe even spiritually) in this world. In fact this is the type of "success story" that naturally touches the heart of any human that views the situation and admires the "New Life" obtained by "the New Family - Business Member".


It is realized that any earthly explanation of such a wondrous and Holy Mystery as "The Hypostatic Union" and the methods by which They invite us to commute to "where They are Spiritually", is a gazillion times of an understatement, let alone what it is "truly like for Them physically" in Their (and The Saints The have brought to Heaven) State of Eternal Bliss  

Although this thought of "The Family Business", allows me to relate to it all in a term understandable to my commoners mind.

It maybe could be explained mathematically. that when considering the "quantum mathematics of", Thee Triune God, that the base line equation is as follows:  <1/3 = 100%>


This sets me up to tackle the concept of "Spiritual Communion" as well as "Physical Communion" with Our Triune God.


Communion With The Father.

The Old Testament starts as a record of Gods desire, for man to live in communion with THEM. Although early on (in the Garden of Eden) it doesn't take long for mankind to utilize the Loving Gift, of the same free will, which makes man so beautiful in Gods Eyes, as the tool by which the guarantee of happiness would be shattered.

The Old Testament is a record of Centuries of attempts by God (in three persons although seemingly "lead" by The Father) to mercifully tailor Laws, communicating direction too, His Chosen People in a fashion that would allow them to live life's that were "in communion" with HIM. Seemingly an unquenchable pride continued to lead individuals and nations away from actually becoming "family members" in communion with God and kept them as "society members" at best.


In the New Testament The Bible is plum full of examples (Given by The Perfect Son) of just exactly how "adopted" (if you will) Brothers and Sisters should go about becoming in the habit (nay "The Way of life") of actually being IN COMMUNION with His Father. Thereby being accepted as members of that Holy Family that was-is-and always will be bound together by The Spirit of Love which comes forth from The Perfect Union which They possess.

This privilege was paid for, and the Just punishments for mankind's mutinies are "commuted" by The Son (in Justice too The Fathers' decree to humanity from the beginning of time)

Furthermore, constant growth in continued knowledge of "communal self" is freely offered to each human, by The Father - Through The Son, via His Word. The apex of this, is at each Eucharistic opportunity, which is made possible by The Holy Ghost during each moment of our lives, via Him writing  His infinite message "in our heart" and called into our conscious minds whenever the life and times of Jesus is told of - spoken of - read about - or seen in the life of a fellowman.  This is made possible, only, by Our Father through His Mercy, His Compassion, (as long as time exists) and forever more by HIS LOVE with The Son and The Spirit.



Communion with The Son.

Once the transubstantiation of the Body-Blood-Soul-Divinity of Jesus has taken place, at the time of the consecration, at a Catholic Mass, just exactly Whom is present in the molecules of the Host and the Wine? (unseen by the eye but known by The Heart)

Is it Jesus??? YES, as His Word (The Bible) Says HE IS..

Is it Jesus Alone???... NO, He is-was-and always will be in (or have or possess, and this "is" the mystery) the "hypostatic union" with The Father and The Holy Ghost.

So at those times in our earthly lives that we are sure of heart (a Grace given by God) that we are poised (in a state of Grace, lest we should be found guilty of sinning) to receive The Eucharist, it IS Jesus we are receiving...although when we receive Jesus we are also receiving The Father and we are also receiving the Holy Ghost, and THIS is the fullest extent to which a human can receive God and Be received by God while in this finite realm, BECAUSE IT IS PHYSICAL (His Body IS FOOD INDEED) as well as Spiritual (His Words ARE SPIRIT AND LIFE).


Communion with The Holy Spirit.

At those times we are NOT poised to receive Jesus in The Physical Communion (The Eucharist) because of a shortcoming of our own, we are not only obligated by Love but foolhardy or blinded by pride if we overlook or refuse to accept the offer of The Triune God to Commune Spiritually via the beckoning of The Inklings of The Holy Ghost. This would seem to be in no way for Gods betterment, but solely - lovingly -mercifully - and compassionately for our own betterment. Calling us back to full - honest - open - complete - humility in uniting of our entire being to and with Jesus in a physical as well as a spiritual manner.


Spiritual Communion with Jesus would have to start out, just as it insinuates ... "IN SPIRIT" .. in other words communing (communicating) with the Holy Spirit of the Triune God .. The Third Person .. in prayer and in heart and thereby (mentally) accepting the ways and means of The Spirit of God and with this comes The Union of Heart with Jesus as well as The Union the heart with The Father, so often spoken of by Our Savior, all of which must be, begotten in Spirit and recognized in Love, thereby putting such things into action.    


Spiritual Communion would seem to be the natural (earthly means) of living within The Heavenly Realm (the Kingdom of God) or as close as possible to what was taking place in The Garden of Eden...and as close as possible (within this finite realm) to what IS taking place IN HEAVEN at this moment. (reckoned to be "The Communion of The Saints", those in triumph in heaven as well as those yet on earth and those in Purgatory)

The type of "Spiritual Communion" that is being spoken of here is the natural progression of the activities brought about within Body-Mind-Soul of a human that ACTUALLY RECOGNIZES (or at least attempts too and is humble enough to allow The Father to do the rest) JESUS in The Eucharist as The Living Jesus (the Same Man that once walked this earth) but more so, The Same God that, Was before, and WAS in the beginning, as well as the Same God that IS NOW in His Kingdom and making the presence of Himself known (on a daily basis) as THE NEW MANNA for the Salvation of all mankind.


In Conclusion:

Spiritual Communion would seem to be much more than a Loving Grace:

"Spiritual Communion" is a viable part of The Triune Gods unveiling of His plan of salvation for mankind, and that which can be achieved by all humans, of high or low degree, and IS THAT LOVE which keeps all persons equal, that no man may boast.


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