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Words to Live By?

A Spooky Thought (The Communion of the Saints)

Passions and the Anticipation of Satisfactions

A Closer Look at The Our Father


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Words to Live by?


Over the years (100s of them, so it all really sneaks up) "commonly accepted meanings" of many words have changed along with society. Often times we humans seem to lose a little of ourselves with each of these accepted modifications.

As well as in recent decades (mainly because of mass-communication) this "cycle" of blurred verbage has accelerated to a point in which we commoners find it impossible to comprehend and inadvertently become less able to be "politically correct" in most in-depth conversations.


A few examples would be:

1). "Gay" ( no longer a happy feeling)

2). "Choice" ( no longer a decision, but instead a political movement)

3). "Conservative" (no longer one that conserves or is frugal with resources but generally viewed as "an undesirable" political stance.

4). The list could go on and on, but me thinks the general point is made with these few and NONE of these three examples are that which is to be discussed (or pick on) in this writing.

MOST accepted changes in common usage or understandings of what used to be "normal" words in conversation have received their new meanings for purely "Political" reasons in what would seem (or could easily be misconstrued as) attempts to mainstream fringe ideals or behaviors by hitchhiking on (and thereby distorting or, to some of us, ruining) words that historically have had an extremely mundane meaning.



One word to ponder on is a very simple one ... the word is "Standard" (Standards)               




Throughout most of history,  the word "standard" was something people didn't really want to hear.. because of its foremost meaning:


If someone was reporting a sighting of a "Standard" it meant WAR was on its way.. for the "Standard" was a banner raised in front of the columns of soldiers, the colors of which and or etchings on which told of the "Klann" or Empire behind that banner and was coming your way.

Often times the message on the standard and the reputation of the group of visitors behind it was enough to send entire towns into kayos.



Because it was the "Standard" (or ethics) by which these foreigners lived, that was NOT what the locals lived by, and they did NOT want to embrace it nor have it forced upon them.


Over time a common question or statement became: "What standard do You live by"?


In our present day, we now refer to it as : "A standard of living". Which (again) is more of a political statement and something that individuals no longer feel they have much control over. Instead must look to others (mostly government officials) to either raise or lower.


Although if we really look at ourselves "the standard" IS still a very important part of our being and we need to constantly question the motives by which we choose those standards we will follow.




1) Dishonesty

2) A hateful attitude

3) Do unto others before they can do it to you.





1). Dishonesty:

The product of dishonesty can well be some earthly gain (if a theft or lying for reasons of power)  or physical pleasure (if dishonest in a relationship or commitment) or the likes ...


"Questioning" of such things is usually done by outsiders, to a dishonest act, and will take on numerous forms, ranging from the nosey "Who? Where? When"? .... to the self-righteous "How Could They"? or the indifferent "What Goes around Comes Around" !


Rarely is dishonesty questioned (in today's societies) with the more important: WHY offend God Like that ? and or: WHAT can I do to help not only the injured party but the offender ?


So usually MOST persons involved in routine dishonesty not only "have sleepless nights", they cause others (both immediate and distant) to become involved (if only by gossip) in their lack of holism standards.   


Those that are personally involved in dishonesty always encounter the First Gift of the Holy Spirit .."FEAR OF THE LORD". and the fear they are experiencing IS a Holy Gift .


Usually this fear is mistaken as a threat to the longevity (length of life) of the "gain".. and the first steps taken are to "hide" any traces of the act - lie - theft or deception. The dishonest "clean up" is the cause of all form of additional maladies and yes sleepless nights.  


AND A THREAT TO IT, THIS GIFT TRULY IS. For if the "fear" (Which is Fear of the just punishment due for the un-just dishonesty) is not pacified by honest acknowledgement and an attempt at restitution, IT (the fear) will not go away and no amount of subsequent dishonest acts (which can only escalate) will bring relief.


All of which may well be why no one on earth enjoys the company of Dishonest People ... In their Heart of Hearts even other Dishonest People can't stand Dishonest People.



2). A Hateful Attitude:

While the product of Hate often times is Hate ... the driving motive of hate seems to be insecurity.


The root cause of insecurity would seem to be that: Many of us humans have never been able to take the time to learn to love. ( the only true example of which can be found in the life and times of Jesus )


In our lack of love we naturally become insecure (Because we have been created in the image and likeness of God. And the Nature of God is Love. Therefore the further our free will turns away from our true nature the more insecure we become) and rather than go through the task of learning or honing (This task has been assigned to each by the same Creator  ) we find it easier to put up the defenses of hatred.


For those whose insecurities are less then our own,  (thereby their hatreds are less)  ... we can easily be intimidating...


Then like Idiots we delude ourselves into believing that they (the intimidated) have a respect (or love) for us ... when all along "they" are looking for the first opportune time to exit our presence, and rightfully so, because the standard by which we are living and forcing them to live, .... Well, we wouldn't want to be near it either, if their hatreds grew larger then our own and we found ourselves intimidated by their new standard.

On the other side of the coin (we that allow anyone to "intimidate" us) are only joining in on or allowing our own insecurities to surface. WE thereby, all too easily, allow the vicious cycle of (insecurity - hatred - intimidation) to continue. Often this "allowing" is simply remnants of past hurts, of which we have NOT fully accepted Gods forgiveness for (and thereby offered to others) and have NOT co-operated with Gods total healing process.

The country school - logic proof of this is: IF we would have FULLY co-operated with Gods total plan of healing, we would be secure in His Love and enjoying the Peace which is the product of That Love and is also that which hatreds and intimidation have no power to harm.


When we (with hateful attitude) encounter someone that truly has Love: One of several options (or poised opinionated attitudes) is usually taken within the mind of the intimidator.

1). "They are weak and I think my intimidation is working and producing the expected response of respect (Love). So for the time being they are ok and I can exploit them later if needed".

2)  "They are stupid - faking - and an easy person to obtain whatever I need from them". "Although I may have to play their love game during the intern".

3)  The encounter will cause confusion, or a temporary interest in becoming like that person ( unknowingly mimicking Jesus), But all to often the task is too great and the hateful one will need to return to their former standards in an effort to "maintain sanity", in that the unusual feeling of respect (for a fellow human) is now kindled within the hatful heart and the confused mind has little or no idea how to translate it.       




3) Do onto others before they can do it to you:

This standard is commonly raised ...as a joke... but as with most jokes there is a taint of truth to the utterance ... and to a few to many sorrowful souls this twist of "The Golden Rule" (which I believe is itself a "twist" of a very important Commandment in Scripture see #3 below) has actually become a Standard by which lives are routinely altered.


Giving into a "Devil may care" "Yo Dawg Sup"? "Whos yo Daddy"? "Chit Happens" attitude, makes it all too easy to continue to follow such   STANDARDS..


If we could see things as God sees them ... Me thinks we would be appalled by the hideous nature of those "Standard Bearers" leading the columns of so many souls away from the Standard of the Cross and with hardened hearts or mistaken vision are following those standards into an eternal separation from a Loving Father.





1) Honesty

2) A caring attitude

3) Do onto others as you would have them do onto you. (even this one is a little watered down from actually "caring" and can lean more toward "just being fare").






The end product of an honest person will be that of "peace" ("sleeping at night" if you will) in that there is nothing to look over your shoulder about, other then those times we have to be "brutally" honest with our fellow man (concerning matters in which "they" are in need of obvious reproach) and our "brutality" (however well meant) may cause them to feel belittled. But all in all if flaws are reproached in true Christian Kindness there will be no need for loss of sleep in that we will be laying awake, not worrying but, praying for that situation as we should.



This one is something that is "portrayed" far more then it is lived and very few in today's societies possess the tools needed to truly care about there fellowman. Our "I" "Me" "My" way of thinking has become the "standard".


Although if we can attempt to master the romantic art of selfless love (only possible by mimicking the Master Himself: JESUS) we CAN thereby gain access to and obtain possession of those needed tools. Proper care and usage of those tools (compassion - forgiveness - longsuffering or patients ) will lead to teaching others about the joys of the work involved. This is the goal of all the Saints, all of the Angels and should be that of each of us.



This old man, has never found this one in the Good Book although has heard this "Golden rule" quoted as though it is Scripture since my youth. 

Which over the years has lead me to think it too is an attempt at watering down the 2 Commandments of Jesus. 

Those being :(as always depending on which translation of Scripture You chose to read and follow)

1). To Love God with our entire Soul (Heart, Mind, Being), and with all of Your Strength. and:

2). Love your Neighbor as Yourself. ..


BECAUSE in these commandments Our Lord is telling us of (or summarizing) all of His other teachings from the moment of Creation to His example of Poverty at Birth to His Praying for His Enemies from the Alter of the Cross ...

Thereby insisting we "Do onto others "BETTER" than we would have them do onto us".


ONLY by this attitude can peace be achieved.

And ONLY IF WHILE we "attempt" to treat others better than we expect to be treated, we all allow the justice of any punishments due for the lack of proper treatment to be compensated for by THE ONE Who is truly hurt MORE then we are, that Being is the ONE TRUE GOD ...Who set the Standard.


The ratification of this thought process is that of the "STANDARD"  which God Himself has chosen to raise in front of HIS Army:

It is that of THE CROSS ... not the fear of the sword ... not the riches of gold ... not the Might of the volcano .... or the soft cuddly fuzzy all loving teddy bear ....

It is STANDARD of the Cross ... and the obviously unraveled paradox of Glory and Honor through Humility .... Leadership and Power through LOVE ... and an Eternal Existence of Bliss will be where it leads, to join HIM and ALL humans who await to welcome us to THE BIGGEST - FUNNIEST - HAPPIEST - LONGEST LASTING PARTY YOU COULD IMAGINE ... and You can know that some form of this STANDARD( http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/Image:Christian_cross.svg )will be raised at that party.





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a spooky thought  (the communion of the saints)



Here is a Spooky thought for ya...


What if death is real? ...

So many of us seem to motivate through this world (especially when we are young) as though death is somehow not a real thing. Or it is so distant that it does not pertain to us.. At least most of us don't give it much of our time in thought........but what if ..

Once we leave this world, there is another place, our Spirit (and for us Christians our God Given Glorified Body) eventually goes to...

And What if, once that happens, it all really does last for a long long time ....like forever..


Wouldn't it be worth putting some effort into making that existence a pleasing one, or at least as pleasing as "humanly" possible?


And What if:

Those that have "gone before us" ... well let's say ..they are already there.... and they can see us and hear us... And NOT JUST "see us" like they are watching a soap opera or "reality show"  on tv... (although that may be bad enough)

What if they can see our souls ???

Not just the good part of our souls , You know, ... all those sneaky little venial (or worse) things we have ever done and those things that, "before" they left here they didn't know about us ....

Hmmmmm doest thou thinketh .. their opinion of us has changed?


Somehow doesn't it seem scary to think .... that the last time you were doing ...or thinking...or saying something nasty ... that your grandma was actually "watching" your thoughts and hearing your language or viewing the actions involved?.. or your Dad . or Mom.. Brother... Sister ...or That friend from School that "died early" ??.....


Does it make you  think that: 

If "someone I knew" was watching or listening... oooh my...

OR.. "Well if I had known they were watching" ... "I never would have done it or said it". (whatever "it" is or was) Out of shame or respect or honor or fear or wow maybe even out of  LOVE ....for THEM.....


What if: Out of Love (which they would now be in the presence of full time: for the Nature God  is Love) they are watching us even right now? ....


We mostly seem to be of the opinion that those that have gone before us, are at some disadvantage by NOT being here on earth. And that WE should speak highly or nicely of them, to others that are still on this earth. (and we seem to believe that speaking as such is some kind of Virtue on our part)


While SOME of that last paragraph is a proper way of thinking, the reality of the situation may well be that THEY have now been given the real story and by their new ( or fulfilled ) nature...are able to - view not only our actions ... but the motives (in detail) of OUR lives ... past and present. And anything we say (other than prayer) would be little more than egotistical babbling.   

Who is at the disadvantage now? Who would be privileged now,? to have something NICE said about them, and to WHOM?


Don't let it worry you. (well maybe not) If they are (or were) watching and listening,  they aren't (or weren't) "Judging" you, but rest assured they aren't laughing about it either.

For they are only seeing what God has seen all along ... and any harsh "Judgment" we are bringing upon ourselves ....


And what if: THEY .are able to intercede for us, as much of Scripture  (prior to the removal of the books known as the Apocrypha)  and Tradition has taught for so many centuries.


BUT What if THEY can only intercede for us IF we are attempting to play by the rules of God, and IF we are viewing flaws within ourselves,  with the same (or even a spark of the same) disdain that they see them with.( although something tells me that THEY see the flaws with compassion and leave the "disdain" to God or for after His wondrous compassion is refused for the last time and His Justice is called upon )





Try to wrap your mind and heart around the truth that:

The need for us to have to envision "someone personal" in this scenario is a blatant admission to our lack of love, or even fear, of GOD, and an admission that WE are not on a "personal" basis with HIM.


For if HE were our personal Savior, our personal Friend, our personal Love... it would always be the thought of HIM (not some earthly friend or relative) watching, which would cause the needed  reaction within us to never NEVER commit any sin, even in thought ....


So IF this scenario DID or does touch a nerve (as it did the first time my mind sent it to my heart) it may be that serious work is needed in the realm of putting God first and all other persons and things in the perspective of the larger and longer lasting picture.


We need to realize that it was HE that allowed us these other humans in our earthly (as well as eternal) lives, so we can seek Him through them not IN them...and that they are NOT his replacement, but a reflection of Himself. Just as we are to be..   For with God all things are possible....





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Passions and Anticipation of Satisfactions


There are things in the life of each person that we anticipate and tackle with a conviction enough to not allow ANY other happening to take persistence between the time of the inception of the thought and the taking place of the event.


This would all seem to be done for a satisfaction or a presumed satisfaction . . Nothing wrong with that. We want to be satisfied, fulfilled, content and God wants us to be satisfied, or as He puts it ... At Peace .....


Some examples of such goals are: (and these things change depending of our age in years) first boy or girlfriend at school, prom, , favorite band in concert, family reunion, wedding, new job or education for career, motorcycle rally, new housing, vehicles, physical appearance, financial status, and not as if this list hasn't gone on long enough...it could continue until it would fill volumes greater than the Encyclopedia Britannica.


Some of these are long term goals, with short term steps needing to be taken along the way. In other words whatever that "thing" is, we commit ourselves to the task or tasks needed to achieve the goal, we are committed to the responsibility, to the all consuming labor (joyful or not) and will state that "if my life depended open it, I won't give up" until the goal of attaining or attending or achieving has been met.


For some of us, these "goals", we set, are lofty and out of reach. This is then a cause of fears and exhaustions of all forms, bitterness toward self or others, and we can all to easily find it suitable to turn to surrogate  goals in rudimentary vice, which are always waiting for contestants in the effort to attain one satisfaction or another. (you may wish to take a peak at Positive thoughts for the Negative Thinker)  

For others of us we set our goals far to low, which allows us to always be a success in our own eyes and the eyes of others, often making the most meager event into a prideful accomplishment and yet another reason to brag of our wit, our wisdom in use of resources, our actual grace. (and of course once we have had our fill of glory and are already on our way to the next accomplishment, and only then we insist it was all by Gods Grace  and we graciously Give ALL the Glory to Him)


If we truly focus on a bigger picture in this earthly life, (as a preparation for eternal life) could we- would we - should we ever do anything that will stifle one iota of the satisfaction we anticipate, and have been told of time and time again will one day be ours?  Of Course not.

But so many "things" seem so important to "life". when we are willing to put away the bigger picture .. and focus on ourselves as our own gods ... 

But if we allow ourselves to stay that way .. What satisfaction will there be when all of the finite is rendered valueless and only the infinite has merit?


With this in mind let us touch on the subject of "passions" (or passion in general) for the simple reason that these goals spoken of ARE OUR PASSIONS.  If we are not passionate about them they are hollow, or we truly wouldn't "anticipate" any satisfaction.


This has lead me to questioning my true passions and what values will they have after this world is no longer for me?

As well as what passions can be seen in other humans, which seem to be gaining THEM eternal merit and how can it be learned to enjoy such goals, rather than events taken part in thus far which aren't seemingly producing much that will have value in heaven???


WOW ....only one Passion comes to mind that would be worth putting any effort into - "The Passion Of Christ" .....but wait.... that was His Passion and it can't be presumed to reenact THAT .... even if...it wouldn't have the same ending ... cuz there ain't no way for me to be coming up out of the Grave after three days ..at least not the way things are right now..

AND why do they call it His "Passion" anyway?  Even to the point that it is #11 in the dictionary definitions of the word . Really?  Isn't a passion something you love?


We don't have to stretch our imagination to far to know:

He didn't "enjoy" being totally humiliated by the false acquisitions, or take some masochistic pleasure in being tortured. And no one likes having 12 of your closest friends bail out on you (at a time when even THEY should know you need them most) and as far as having nails hammered through your body and hours of pain before finally dying .... well there can't be much in THAT to be Passionate about .....BUT JESUS DID.... and Why? ....


So that some could go the the prom? ... So that some could have a wedding (and family complete with reunions)? ....  So that some could enjoy a new motorcycle?  So that some could have plenty of spending money?..

Yes it has been said that, this is all a part of WHY HE was so passionate about that goal of His .... but something tells me that HE doesn't want me to anticipate these things as the greatest satisfaction available, and that these goals of mine are only worth achieving as stepping stones to be used as means to get closer to those things that will NOT parish with the rest of the world ....


Me thinks it would suffice to say, (or resound the truth that) Our Lords only Passion in all of this, is Love for Sinful Man .. and If "sinful man" (by exercise of the free will) decides to elevate any lower goals or accomplishments to the level of replacements for the Everlasting Goal,  ( and regardless of the countless attempts Heaven makes to correct and reprove this mistake from within and without) thereby insists on being content with these lower goals, he (sinful man - you and me) will justly have to be left with them.


Even though we can't live out the Passion of Jesus, We have been told that He does invite each of us to "join in His Passion" spiritually at each opportunity of a Mass at a Catholic Church, (and me thinks it true at most Worship Services) as well as at each opportunity we have to be kind to someone that doesn't seem to deserve it. (although in this last one we are taking a chance on getting a little beat up, but if we do get beat up some by following His example, he will make it up to us. Ya know He is like that )  


So with this in mind, let's try to keep focused on the larger picture of "where will we be 200 years from now"? And attempt to make better use of those freedoms which allow us to easily reach these lower goals. Enjoying reaching them, and enjoy the company of others as we anticipate our opportunity to give THANKS to Our Lord, for all He has done and all that He has allowed us to be the stewards or caretakers of.

Let's anticipate that face to Face meeting, with a conviction that allows no other happening to take persistence and really treat it as though our life depends on it. For with God all things are possible.




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A closer look at the Our Father Prayer. (somewhat of a Protestant View)

( whether You agree or disagree would seem to be of little consequence, whether You have Peace in Your Heart or malice toward Your Fellow Man may be of the Utmost urgency)



It has been expressed to me by several protestant friends that:

Catholics don't even pray the Our Father as the Bible has taught, therefore THEY are NOT following Biblical teachings and MUST be evil people.

Me thinks it is commonly accepted that evil - mistaken - misguided - or confused persons can be found within ALL "denominations" of Christianity. (in fact it is why Jesus gave us "Christianity" in the first place) Therefore, this old man will take a stab at explaining the quirk that has confused some, where the praying of this most cherished of Prayers is concerned.   


Being the Roman Catholic Church has been around for longer than many other denominations, we often find it necessary to look back in an effort to really understand why things are the way they are in the present time...This is only common sense and is true in many facets of life and possibly a reason many of us find the "searching" too much of a task and decide to just go right ahead and reinvent the wheel .. although, even after much effort and turmoil, our new invention usually looks much like a wheel ... 


In around the year 400 AD (approximately 1000 years before the Reformation) ... the Bible as we know it .... was "put together" from writings of many humans ... and these writings were agreed upon by those humans that were respected by the other humans of the time (and by the grace of God are still today) to be "Authorities" ordained by heaven with the keen insight (or gift (s) of discernment) to declare (or bind) which writings were suitable for their followers to follow, in that these writings were "inspired" by God. 


By this time in history the Gospel (Good News of the life of Jesus ) was being introduced and accepted from country to country (throughout the known world) and really needed to be tightened up, because as you could imagine (just as today) ... when many nations, and even well meaning "authorities", start interjecting their own traditions, their own interpretations, there own "human element" into something that is NOT theirs alone, things can get a little loose.


The original purpose for this collection of inspired writings was for that of A UNIVERSAL TEACHING ..To be used in (what later became know as) the CANON so that each "Church" (which at the time were ALL believers in Jesus the Christ, only NOT fully united within a Format or Liturgy, thereby seemingly scattered ) will be using the SAME inspired teachings.

The goal, of the hierarchy, was that the Churches would all be of the same heart and would truly become universal. (and is a foremost meaning of "Catholic")


So it was time for this acceptance or rejection of which writings (and teachings) were fitting for usage in (or during) a "Mass".


ONE POINT that could NOT be excluded from these, sought after, writings were words written within that were known to have come from those teachers that had personal contact with Jesus Himself.

Trusted quotations of His Words seemed to be the Jewels these "fathers of our faith" were looking for.

They certainly found those words far more precious then all of the other treasures of the known world, in these words from the Sacred Heart of Our Savior, as He gave instruction to His disciples and all of mankind by allowing  them to overhear such an intense moment of truth....      



When Jesus first said out loud:

"our father whom art in heaven, hallowed be thy name, thy kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven. give us this day our daily bread, and forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us, and lead us not into temptations but deliver us from evil, for thine is the kingdom and the power and the glory now and forever"  


But why then do Catholics insist on removing such a precious group of divinely arranged words from a prayer given to them by God Himself ... It would certainly seem to be a deliberate act of mutiny to not admit that the Kingdom and Power and Glory Belongs to The Father.....but is it??

BUT IT IS NOT when You see the Larger picture...although certainly a understandable statement as in MOST flaws that are being pointed out by someone that may be less then kind when looking at something they don't like, and especially when there is a taint of truth (or perceived Divine righteousness feeling) to the accusation. 




1).  As stated earlier the original gathering of Inspired Writings was (and is) for usage within the Canon and as with any "Christian liturgy" the overall attempt is to Beckon, Honor and Worship The Triune God. Uniting with or serving God and the people by bring the hearts of the each human participant closer to their Creator ..


2). For that very reason of Unity, the Words of the "Our Father" (in its entirety) ARE utilized within the Roman Catholic Liturgy of the Mass WORLDWIDE and Every Day...

    2a).  Although as with much "recitation" of Scripture within ALL "Liturgies and Worship Service Formats" (of all known Christian Denominations) ADDITIONAL Charismatic statements (pleas - prayers) are placed within and are done so to remind the (one hour a week) worshiper of probable common needs that they may have and to excite that heart into becoming more than a one hour a week lover of God....This may even be where the "Protestant" translation of scripture came from in the first place. (see link in 4a)


3). Within the Liturgy of the Roman Catholic Mass, during the portion known as "the canon", one of these "charismatic" utterances is present and is prayed during The Lords Prayer as follows: "Our Father whom art in Heaven.......AND LEAD US NOT INTO TEMPTATIONS BUT DELIVER US FROM EVIL "and Grant us Peace in our days. In Your Mercy and Love keep us free from sin and shelter us from all anxiety, as we wait in joyful hope for the coming of Our Savior, Your Son, Jesus The Christ FOR THE KINGDOM AND THE POWER AND THE GLORY ARE YOURS NOW AND FOREVER .... AMEN"


4).  AS well as, the words of the Our Father "in its entirety" are only found in "some" English translations of Our Lords Prayer and "only" in the book of Matthew 6th Chapter, but never in the book Luke 11th Chapter...and there is no mention of these words within the old Douay Rheims 1899 English Version, nor the New International Version in either Matthew 6 or Luke 11.

   4a).   So if you are really interested in GETTING TO THE BOTTOM OF THIS... follow this link and you may be surprised as many are, ( 8 verses of the Our Father from 4 Bible translations )

Would any of us like to be so bold as to go to heaven and face to face call St. Luke "mutinous". Or for that matter tell the translators of the NIV or the Douay Rheims Version that they have error.


So here comes the chastise:


It would seem that "WE" (humans in general) have gotten so lazy (and so many of us are the one hour a week type worshipers) THAT when we are away from the "Liturgy" we simply want to "get those prayers said" and get back to sinning (or earthly desires)  just a quickly as we can .. and it's not just the Roman Catholics., (many of whom have never read a King James "Protestant" Version of the Bible out of respect for their parents teachings or the need to obey God by Honoring their Father and Mother. A Father and Mother who told them from a young age to never read that "Protestant Bible" because "those protestants don't know scripture and certainly don't understand the concept of  "Charismatic Prayer" )...


My suggestion is (If You happen to be Roman Catholic) take a lesson from Your Protestant Brothers and Sisters .. and when "praying" the Our Father in private (and even within the privacy of the Family) go right ahead and "quote" Jesus in this Prayer of all Prayers in its entirety.,  (Which if it wasn't really a quote from Our Lords Teaching that day, one would have to  consider it a very well designed "Charismatic Prayer" that has been around long enough to be "Traditional" ) .... (but "quote" Him from your Heart for then Yours is like unto His) and at other times ..(such as within the "Praying of the Rosary" - Novenas - Benedictions - and so many other Traditional times when this Scripture is prayed )  .. don't feel guilty. but be thankful that Your Traditions have stood the test of time ....


And if You are of a (Protestant Faith Following) and have had those thoughts that "Catholics" are "from the devil", because of "this" or maybe other "traditions" they hold dear to heart.. You may wish to do a little online (or other) research and not be so quick to judge fellow Lovers of Your Same God (for then your Heart is like unto His) ... and You will find that these "Traditions" of "Yours and Theirs" have much in common.....for with God All Things Are Possible ..





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