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Bible code:

This entire thing about a "code" baked into the writings of Scripture deserves some thought ... so here are some of mine ..


Like most ...,this Bible code thing was first heard about, via the mass media of television a few years back about the same time we were all hearing about a "De Vince code" and a lot of other gobble dee gook about Knights Templar and other "Fraternal Secrets", the knowledge of which could or should allow oneself to be wiser and richer than most, possibly controlling governments and destiny. Not wanting the hassles that would go along with all of that, very little thought was given to any of it.


Then one evening a well produced TV program was surfed across showing some extremely pious looking, what were seen as "traditional" Jewish Men. (because of their style of dressing) Of course their names and credentials were given, which were impressive as mathematicians.

Their sincerity was actually that of  Holy Men or they were extremely convincing actors,  but this was never checked into.

These persons were, at first, against the idea of "hidden messages"... but after searching and researching ... they came to the conclusion that is was beyond mathematical statistics and reason, that such "words" (or letters forming words, names and sentences) would show up in ANY writings let alone within Holy Scripture. via the usage of Equidistance Letter Spacing (ELS).


Then was found a couple of articles (online) disputing "this code" .. and note was taken, that "most" of the "disputers" are folks that do not have much time for The Bible in the first place and others that "didn't have much time for The Bible" ...do now, because of this code ... hmmmmm


(over time and in person) The subject was taken up with a couple Priests of the Catholic Church and a WELS Minister and a Baptist Minister or two. as to what they thought of such a "code" existing... The consensus was: A couple of  "Maybe it is and maybe it is nots"!!

Surprisingly the most forthcoming information was from the Catholic Priests, that expressed, The message in the Gospels "as it is", is enough for mankind. This advise, me thinks, is most prudent, and to that Churches credit. While not condemning any "checking it out" they give stern warnings as to taking any "messages" to heart.

But for sure the Catholics' "Home Office" (Rome) .. has NOT sanctioned the usage of Bible Code Software as a belief tool or teaching aid...and does NOT "encourage" followers of that faith to do so, for the obvious reason of confusion within the flock.

Rest assured that the authorities of the Roman Catholic Church will be doing a quite a few years of checking into it before condemning or condoning anything to do with "Bible Code".


As usual my homespun, curious nature causes me to tiptoe around such things, which may well be, best left alone ... so here are some of my other thoughts:


a). IF Our God, while inspiring the multiple writers of our Bible, over thousands of years, DID guide their thoughts, with such accuracy, that additional messages could be deciphered, He did it for the reason that they would be found, believed, acted upon, and they (the words) would draw souls closer to Him.

Never promoting malice or superstition and only reaffirming those messages and lessons He has already given us in Old and New Testaments, in the example of the Life and Times of Jesus, and the examples He has allowed us to cherish in those that have gone home to Him before us.      


b). IF Our God, did NOT "bake" these messages into scripture, it is all just another trick of the enemy attempting to cause as many as possible to remove their eyes, mind, and hearts away from the lessons taught in Scripture (this time) by looking at it too close ...


c). Our God "could have", done this code thing  ... and IF He did my same curious nature has the sneaky hunch that He also "hardwired" our brains to pick up these messages "subliminally" each time we read Scripture.. (so don't feel left out you are already getting them, JUST READ)


    c1). He "could have" even "hardwired" us to pick up these messages (via letter-word association) each time we have Scripture read to us. (the same process by which we learn to speak and read when we are young, by using the gift of hearing) Thereby no one would ever "have the upper hand" on their fellowman ... just because their fellowman didn't know how to read or have or know how to operate a computer. (just attend a Roman Catholic Mass once a week and you will have the entire New Testament and a lot of the Old Testament read to you once every three years)


    c2). Common sense says, that the enemy DID NOT under any circumstance get permission to preach any of his lessons, within verses of Scripture, let alone "bake in" any messages. Unless it was done after the original and during some of the re-translating processes. ( This thought alone makes me want to learn to understand the reading of Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek) but anyway.



Precautions to bear in mind:

OK so ... in case Our Holy Lord DID NOT create and sanction a "Code" of messages neatly layered behind the already wondrous "up front" lessons. Let us not insult Him by attempting to turn Holy Scripture into some board game by which we can see into the future, attempting prideful predictions of our destiny, as though such knowledge would have any bearing on the reality of the situation.


IF, in Scripture, we can find words or entire sentences (via ELS) that reaffirm those teachings already brought to us through The Bride Of Christ (The Church) it MAY be the inkling needed to further a souls faith, knowledge, or fervor of heart.

Although without the "rubber stamp" of any authority one chooses to follow (hierarchy of your personal choice in Churches), this whole thing is certainly a GREY AREA.

If such things were considered as "proofs" it may eliminate any desire to deepen ones "faith" in any given teaching, thereby very possibly being counter productive. Knowledge and fervor can only go so far without faith leading them to lasting Love.


In this day and age of "instant messaging" instead of heart to heart talking... "one second flash video clips", "political spin", "clichéd slogans", and all such deceptions, instead of meaningful actions by entertaining actors and honest pricing in the marketplace.... as well as an overwhelming "let my people talk to your people" attitude, when we don't even trust people...A justified fear, is that most of us will be looking for Bible Code Messages as "predictions". Which can only cause superstition, "within the mind".


Many of us will take little more care, "within the heart", in re-affirmations, then has been taken in the first affirming of Our Loving Savior and His Ways, as taught in both Scripture and Tradition.


Such a view, will only cause to steal away form the "up front lessons" within the Bible. We humans are having a hard enough time, attempting to understand all that is revealed in them... unless we first learn to comprehend, to the fullest extent of our personal abilities,  the unfathomable facets of LOVE.




ABOUT the "codes" have found to date:

1). Three and four letter words are extremely easy to find in any paragraph of any book.

2). There are NO one or two letter words in ELS, because there can be no Equal Distance calculated, between only two letters, it takes at least three.

3). Words found are NOT usually in a row ..

4). When reading, "Sentences" they sound like broken English, and when searching for them using ELS software, they are typed in one word at a time and as any one "wishes" to see them.

5). For "interpretation" into "proper English" we may need to "interject" the single letter words of ("a" - "I") or two letter words such as:  ("of" - "as" - "to" - "it" - "is" - "or" and the likes). Doing this, can really change the overall meaning of any sentence and could only be done if they already exist within the, Truly Inspired, "surface" words of the searched Scripture text.

All of this "code thing" MAY be breaching the Warning our Gracious God has given us  (via The Book of Revelation 22:18-19)

6). There is no punctuation - and for the life of me a time can not be thought of when, we could rightfully put a period (".") at the end of anything found.

7). The words recorded, just as found and any rearrangement of words or adding of punctuation is left up to you.


EXAMPLE ONLY : "many have love few heart": 

Which could become:

a) As many have love, Few have heart.

b) To few have heart. To many it is love.

c) To my heart, many I have love. (presuming we never looked for the word "few")

This list could go on,... but me thinks you get the point.


More importantly bear in mind that:

It is extremely easy to find words that are "confirming" thoughts already in your mind, and that this is the process which satan would take, the great pleasures of hatred in distorting.

A precautionary suggestion is: While reading these Bible Code "sentences" or any Pious Writings of all form, follow this easy rule:

AT THE FIRST SIGN OF CONFUSION .. STOP reading ..Take that next moment in time to earnestly pray:

The Our Father  or The Fatima Prayer or The Hail Mary or The Prayer to St. Michael-and go about some other activity ...Beckon the Power of the Holy Spirit right then and there.. and only go back to the former learning, WHEN your peace has been returned to you.

OR better yet don't go back to it at all, for it well may be, the Will of God, that you are NOT made for such things. Be Happy - Content - and at Peace, that You Are NOT.

Soooooo having said that, some of the sentences that have been found are now shared with you...


Words Found





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