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Most People LIKE having nice things said to and about their Mother …

Why should Our Lord and Creator...Jesus the Christ  in whose image and likeness we all were created ( Genesis 1:27 ) be any different?

Pretty safe to say that, He isn’t, and easy to believe that He approves very much of us reciting and meditating on scripture as well as traditional and charismatic prayers, not only in this series of prayers known as "The Rosary" but other ways also.

Regardless of what prejudices certain modern traditions may have placed upon the practice of worshiping God in Three Persons and honoring Mary... and doing so within the same meditation, as in the recitation of the rosary, these things must be kept in Biblical perspective that no one should ever find themselves "worshiping" Mary Mother of Jesus. OR falsely accusing others of doing so.

THINK ABOUT IT ( If worship of Mary should take place, during The Rosary or any other time ):

1) Would God The Father be pleased?

Who made the first of all commandments "I am the Lord thy God and thou shall have no other Gods before Me") ( Exodus 20:2-3 ) And also commands all humans to "Honor thy father and mother" ( Exodus 20: 12 )

Of course not

2) Would God The Son be pleased?

Who humbled himself to take on human form ( The Nativity ), was obedient and submissive to, ( Luke 2: 50-52 ) ( John 2:3-5 ) his earthly mother and father as any perfect son would be. ( The finding of the child in the temple ) ( The wedding at Cana )  The same Jesus that gave to us, what has come to be known as, "THE Two Great Commandments" ( Mathew 22:36-40 )

Of course not...

3) Would God The Holy Spirit be pleased?

The same Spirit of God that prompted John the Baptist to "leap with joy" within his mother womb upon "hearing Mary’s voice" ( Luke 1:41-42 ) and John’s mother then "filled with the Holy Spirit"  referring to Mary as "Mother of My Lord" ( Luke 1:43 ) (A title which in the day was used only for Royalty) All of this activity of the same Holy Spirit giving Mary the honor of being able to make the Prophetic utterance : "All Generations shall call Me Blessed" ( Luke 1:48 )

Of course not...

If we REALLY HONESTLY think about it

4) Would Mary be pleased?

Would Mary even be willing or able to accept worship by someone offering worship to her?

Would she in any way, shape, or form attempt to take away, that which is reserved  for our GOD alone? (This old man, knows She has always lived this better then anyone. )

Of course Not...



Would She and Her Son be pleased by someone "honoring" Her?        Sure … why not … She is in Heaven with Jesus. 

Should we somehow fathom the idea of Her being anywhere else? ( Revelation 12 )


After while on earth, having accepted the threefold Honor or being:

1) "Highly Favored Daughter of the Father" As stated by Archangel Gabriel. (The Annunciation ) (depending on the Translation of the Bible You Prefer, Some say Simply "Highly Favored" and NIV is one of them) This old man, still prefers my old Douay-Rheims 1899 English Edition (or even the King James "Protestant) version: which in Luke 1: 28 translates as..

"And the angel being come in, said unto her: Hail, full of grace, the Lord is with thee: blessed art thou among women."

2) Earthly Mother of the Son.  (Foretold of within the Hebrew Scriptures, as well as The Nativity and the time span of 33 recorded years, plus the time, recorded in The Acts of The Apostles, after Jesus was crucified and left this earth, She is still referred to in Scripture as "Mary Mother of Jesus"  ) 

3) The only human ever "overshadowed by the Holy Spirit" to "Conceive a Son and He Shall be Named Jesus"  Thereby in Jewish Law (under which she was at the time) in a very physical yet mystical way, making her a spouse. ( The Annunciation )

For further references to the closeness of Mary and the Holy Spirit read ( The Visitation )  and or some of these ( links )

No NO No...Shame is upon anyone if they have attempted to worship The Blessed Virgin or worshipped anyone else for that matter… but the Blessings of a true family friend will be upon us if we have honored her as the Daughter - ( Luke 1:28 ) - Mother ( Luke 2:7 ) & ( Matthew 2:1 ) - Spouse ( Luke 1:35 ) that only she was-is-and always will be .. to our God ….

Bottom line in the form of a (4) questions:

1) Should anyone think THE FATHER won't DEFEND His Daughter?

2) Should anyone think JESUS won't DEFEND His Mother?

3) Should anyone think THE HOLY SPIRIT won't DEFEND Its Spouse?

4) Should any one of us think, we are somehow spiritually equal to or greater than the one individual of all time that God Himself chose to have such a triune relationship with? 

IF SO (me thinks) that person should give some prayerful thought, as to the status, of their own humility and seriously question, the motives behind, the inklings, that may be, causing such thoughts. (a fair start in that questioning, may be by following "the motives behind" LINK and consider the following interpretation: PLEASE) 

When Earthlings "open their mouths" to "help the woman", thereby becoming "her other offspring" that "hold to the testimony of Jesus". Those open mouths have the confident ability to swallow "the river", of hatreds, spewed out toward Our Loving Savior Jesus, by "the serpent and his seed" via insults directed at His Earthly Mother.

One of the things that comes from those open mouths is The Words of Scripture. Other things are Lessons learned through Christian Tradition, often in the form of presenting Bouquets of Spiritual Roses to The Mother of Jesus.

These "Rosaries" inspire Love for God, and offer the reparation and Thanksgiving of unified humility, to The Triune God,  for His Plan of Salvation.



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