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Is Receiving the Eucharist Cannibalism?

12 Step Program to Worshiping Jesus and Honoring Mary

Genesis 3:15 "the woman" and "her seed" and "her heel"



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THE FOLLOWING SCENARIO IS SIMPLY THAT .... a scenario .... no theologian is writing this, other then that of the  homespun type. having shared these thoughts with several catholic priests and several protestant ministers ( all of Whom are trusted more then myself)  and having them find "no harm in exploring the thoughts " the thoughts will be shared with you ...  but remember this is by NO MEANS a Doctrine in any Church known of, NOT A TEACHING,  and only food for thought:

It is commonly accepted that in the writings within The Holy Bible in the Gospel of John ( Chapter 6: Verses 25-71 ). The members of the community of the time found this concept of Jesus Giving His own Body as Food and His Own Blood as Drink to be a despicable idea, impossible to do, and to much of a shocking leap of faith, for most of the prideful generation of the time to accept.

Posed here will be, a scenario by which, it is Not despicable, and with God all things are possible, and (although NOT for the faint of heart) far less shocking.

1).  Starting at the beginning with Adam and Eve ... and Their Sin. ( Genius 3: Verses 1-24 )

        1a). Common tradition tells that they ate an apple and the sin was that of "disobedience" although the Bible mentions no apple, and regardless of "what" they ate it was disobedient.

       1b). We are told that they ate of  fruit of the tree in the Midst or Center or Middle of the Garden.. (depending of which translation of Scripture one follows)

       1c). With the consuming of "this Fruit" it was foretold by God (and challenged by the serpent or devil) that they would, die "the death". (generally excepted as the Spiritual death of sin)  This being a commandment that apparently got watered down by Eves' conscience in the statement to the serpent when interjecting "lest perhaps" . OR

     1d). We can rest assured that God KNEW the outcome of His Humans using their free will to go against the ONE COMMAND He put in place which was necessary to ratify that, humans were choosing to be subject to Him and in His Loving Communion with His greatest creation, the "lest perhaps" was a beckoning by God of "please don't ever do this thing, for your own good" and not a statement to Eve and Adam that He (God) was unsure of the outcome.

To which the serpents' con job twisted this command into a challenge of receiving a desirable knowledge of Good and Evil (causing a knowledge it most assuredly did) This actually being an undesirable knowledge and unnecessary in a paradise where God Reigns Supreme and cares for all things. Even to the point of caring that the free will of man be safeguarded by specific instruction that should cause man to always choose to believe in Gods Word, even when from a finite view it seems impossible.

2). That the first thing they did after this consuming of the fruit was cover their newly found "nakedness". with an "apron" of fig leaves. (Aprons as we know them generally cover only our lower extremities) Then after their (mottled) confession and Gods Rebuke, God Himself gave them "garment of skins" to cover themselves with. (also, much of the punishments have to do with birthing and seemingly sexual desires)

This all could seem a little much overkill in a "personal sense" for the consumption of an Apple or Apricot or any "fruit" from a outside influence Tree growth .

3). What if the "tree" spoken of was the "tree" of Eve herself, the first tree of LIFE. (who "was the mother of all the living") and the Fruit was that of human cells .. and the sin that of voluntary consumption of same. CANNIBALISM?

       3a). And that by doing this, they brought Sin (Spiritual Death) as well as Earthly human death into the world. Possibility something to the effect of the worlds first abortion?

OK Enough with the shocking thought ....let's get to the beautiful side of this scenario ....

1). Wouldn't it be just like our God to go right ahead and undo the first evil work of the devil. And do it is such a fashion that confounds the prideful of the New Covenant from generation to generation.

2). Often Jesus is referred to (by theologians over the centuries) as "The New Adam" (or as most English translations of Scripture refer to Jesus as "the last Adam") and the same respected theologians refer to Mary His mother as the New Eve ..(although Mary is never mentioned by name as either "the new" nor "the last" Eve Scripturally), Many have assimilated that, the reference to "garments of skin" may be a reference to the plan of salvation when considering Verse 15 and that mankind would be protected, (to a certain extent if their freewill would allow it) from the serpent who would be forever be worrying (laying in wait for his head to be crushed) and the "clothing" could easily be considered as that of covering all mankind's' sin by God Himself taking on that garment of flesh.

    2a). The comparison of Mary to Eve has been drawn, over the last 2000 years, by Her association WITH Her Son  and The Conception of Jesus BY The Holy Ghost within Her. (and is called "tradition"), As well as references TO "a woman" and "the woman" within the Bible. ( In Genesis and again in Revelations of John) These references point to the actions that WOULD BE taken and (throughout time) HAVE BEEN taken, depicting the downfall of the actions perpetrated BY the devil when he lead Eve into becoming a sinner.

    2b).  The interpretation of "The Woman" spoken of in Genesis and Johns Revelations is staunchly contested (by modern teachers) as NOT being a reference to Mary Mother of Jesus... but instead is said to be a metaphor for  "Prayer" -  "Wisdom" - "Piety" or some other Virtue (depending on "who" is doing the interpretation) OR said to be a reference to The Holy Spirit or a Holy Power or Principality, although non of these other interpretations are "mentioned by name" either, other than to be referred to as "the or "a" "woman". So it would seem that Our Lord was designing these verses in Scripture, that each will "seek"  to "make up their own" mind as to what authority we will believe is capable of delivering an accurate interpretation of what He has said.

3). Here we have (in the book of John) Jesus Point Blank telling these guys to shut up ...listen ... accept .. and believe in Him., and most are saying something to the effect of: "No we are Holier then that".

        3a). All along He is explaining how He, His Father and the Hypostatic Union They have with The Holy Ghost, are going to make even, what the closed minded listeners believe is, the most hideous act of cannibalism (which in this scenario is also the fall from grace of mankind ) into the most purified act of faith and worship.


The Eucharist truly wouldn't be a cannibalism by the earthly definition of the word, but only have the outward appearance of it.  


1). Jesus had human DNA while walking this earth. (human DNA would be a prerequisite of consuming a flesh or blood of another human on this earth and the presumption of the people of the time was that they were to consume His Human Body)


2). Now having returned to heaven and being in His Glorified Human-Godly State. (and maybe as early as the transfiguration ) and with a Non Earthly "DNA" (so to speak) available to work with.


3). What He is Giving us at each Eucharistic Opportunity is not a Earthly Human flesh, although still the same Jesus that once walked this earth, but truly His Living Glorified Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity. .       

It is NOT cannibalism ..(so even in this scenario we need to stop thinking of it as such). in that dna (as we know it) very likely no longer exists in a GLORIFIED human state WHICH WOULD BE THE STATE FROM WHICH OUR LORD IS NOW SENDING DOWN THE NEW MANNA FROM HEAVEN .........and that instead of "taking a life" TO NOURISH OURSELVES WITH (as in a cannibalism) it is He alone that is able to give or offer life .. in the utmost of both physical and spiritual means via this Holy Manifestation.../...Transubstantiation.


For with God all things are possible.




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12 step program to Worshiping Jesus and Honoring Mary



For anyone that may think that we who honor The Blessed Virgin do it too much:

Try out this 12 step thought process please.


1). My Savior is Jesus The Christ. 

2). His Father IS THE ALMIGHTY.

3). The Holy Ghost is my mentor and IS THEIR Love. He is to personify me and All Mankind.

4). They are THE TRIUNE DEITY.

5). They have no equal.

6). They Created a Perfect World for man to exist in.

7). With the help of a fallen angel, man messed it up, and we each have continued to insult Them since the mess began.

8). They derived a plan by which man could be reconciled With Them through Humility and Love.

9). This plan involved The Second Person of THE TRIUNE DEITY coming physically into Their now imperfect world.

10). A Humble Virgin was chosen from a People that the Triune God had Consecrated to be His Own for This Very Purpose.

11). That Virgin IS NAMED MARY and She IS THE MOTHER of JESUS.

12). JESUS is so Powerful that the great serpent satan and his fallen angels and all the demons of the universe are not only filled with horror, but they cry out in everlasting agony, when a sinful man or woman will turn away from the pride that evil tempts them with, EVEN by embracing The Humble Mother of Jesus, as Their Mother, accepting JESUS as their personal SAVIOR and the responsibility of being a personable member of HIS family.


Can there be a Greater Power than the Ability of;

Having Your enemies fear even Your Mother

because of the Love and Honor Your Family Shows Her, out of Love FOR YOU???



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Genesis 3:15 (Douay-Rheims 1899 English Translation) Reference to Jesus at the fall of mankind

Whether You agree or disagree would seem to be of little consequence, whether You have Peace in Your Heart or Malice toward Your Fellowman may be of the utmost urgency:

Verse :15 I will put enmities between thee and the woman, and thy seed and her seed: she shall crush thy head, and thou shalt lie in wait for her heel.


This verse has been a subject of century long discussions (often "debates"), especially the past few centuries, since The Reformation, me thinks because, the prominent spot of this verse in Scripture (as very near the beginning of mankind's Ministry) and seems to be somewhat of a starting point, explaining a major facet of The Plan of Salvation for mankind.


Seemingly discussions continue because, if any one "Faith Group" or "Church" can nail down the correct interpretation by justifying those thoughts with the other writings in both the Old and New Testaments, (and see that interpretation ratifying  their way of teaching) it then justifies everything else taught from throughout the New Testament and allows that Group to be an Earthly Authority in Heavenly Matters, seemingly or actually Ordained by God to do so.


Some of the real catch comes in, in that most other references (or seeming references) to this episode of The Fall of Mankind (as it has been commonly come to be known) are made in The Apocalypse, (The Book of the Revelation of John) which is New Testament Prophecy, and seems to cover both time and glimpses of eternity. (from when satan and his first batch of seeds denounced their Arch-Angel ship all the way to the Second coming of Johns' Best Friend JESUS)  This Revelation being a Holy Inspired Vision that is very nicely written (for our benefit) in wonderfully metaphoric (or lateral) explanations.


Almost all other Scripture within Our Bibles between Genesis and Revelation seem to be telling - retelling and affirming those things that will be done by Our Triune God to allow all humans a proper path to follow, that each person of each century may be allowed the opportunity of committing their entire being to the acceptance of Gods Pure Love (which was denied by Eve and then Adam here in Genesis) and a peaceful method by which to await for The First Coming of The Savior told of throughout Old Testament Records and told of as Reality within New Testament Records as well as The Second Coming of The Savior told of and beckoned for within The Prayer known as The Our Father (Gospel record) and the Prophetic Last Verses of The Book of Revelation.       


BUT FOR NOW BACK TO GENESIS: and the seemingly major conflict we all have with this "starting point" verse.

SOME follow a teaching that in, Gen. 3:15, "the woman" is simply a reference to Eve. Which would be a literal interpretation. This causes MOST to look for a literal crushing of a literal head.

The Bible nowhere records the crushing being done by Eve, without which there seems to be a future blank spot in Scripture.


While a reference to Eve would be quite obviously a part, of what is said or insinuated within this verse, during that punishment decree, the absence of the crushing being literally done, leads most to look for and attempt to accept some more metaphoric reasoning for such an important statement BY GOD, at such an important time in Scripture.


MOST agree that the reference to "the woman" can NOT be only a reference to Eve, who has just become the first Human sinner and not only won't be crushing any heads on her own, but had just caused Adam to become the first negative fruit of that sin as well as caused a need for future mankind to be saved.


As well as being Eve and Adam have (more than likely) just become a member of the "thy seed" group, (unless "thy seed" is seen as something else other than sinners) it makes less sense that Eve is this "the woman" that is being referred to as (the literal person) that would be crushing the serpents head.

This is something that would make it all the easier to envision "the woman" as a non-human or simply a (concept metaphor).


THIS would seem to a part of what has lead OTHERS to believe the reference to "the woman" is a metaphor of a Virtue, and that none of this has anything to do with actual human persons, with the exception of possibly "The Word" being written and is to come to life (be personified) within those that are reading and taking to heart The Word, which is Jesus. (as told in The Gospel of John 1:1 , but then again John is the same writer of The Apocalypse, so it would be handy if those references in His Gospel would tie into His Book Of Prophecy, BOTH OF WHICH ARE INSPIRED BY THE HOLY SPIRIT OF THE TRIUNE GOD)


MOST consider the reference to "her seed" as a reference to Jesus The Savior, simply because of the reference of "thy seed", is seen by most as those (humans) who the serpent or devil will (in the future times as well as that day) get to follow him and will be in need of The Savior. (either via direct temptation or via spin-off "seed" temptations, as in the case of Eve FIRST and then Adam) as well as "thy seed" should probably be seen as the other fallen angels as told of in Rev 12:7-9.


WHAT IT ALL SEEMS TO BOIL DOWN TO IS something to the effect of:

1). IF we can identify "the woman" then: Who or What is "her seed'?

2).Who or What do those metaphoric references call upon "thy seed" and "her heel" to be???

3). As well as why so many times "and".

OR are we better off attempting to identify the "her seed" thereby being able to back up and go forward to come to a realization of Who or What that makes "her" (knowing that this would be a "the woman") and thereby recognizing "her heel". (as well as there may be other variations that make sense to other people reading this verse)


So the normal battle of interpretation continues in the attempt to justify within our pointy little heads as to: 

Who? or What? IS THE WOMAN?


NON the Less WE DO have a starting point:

In that The Decree in Genesis 3:15, which both earlier and later in this Chapter was actually a dialog, is being commanded by God "and" is being directed to or at "thee" serpent, "and" was recorded for US, that are reading it. (In the Garden of Eden GOD, would be the Triune God ... i.e. The Father / The Son / The Holy Ghost as mankind came to know God via Gods own revelation to mankind thought-out "time" and ratified within the Gospels in such records as The Baptism by John in the Jordon where Three were present... i.e. Father Speaking - Spirit Descending in form of a Dove - Son seen and Speaks and being Spoken of )

Also here in Genesis 3:22 a reference is made to multiple Persons (as we have come to say) within the Godhead. In that dialog of God stating   "Adam is become as one of us", although no number is given as to how many "us" means, until within The Gospels.

It would be unwholesome to fabricate any interpretation (although some seeds may try)  that would consider "us reading" as one of the "us" in verse "22"  of Genesis 3:.



AND FROM THAT STARTING POINT, This old man will take a whack at offering a couple reasoning's for interpretations, along with some additional thoughts that may or may not make sense to anyone but me.


After ciphering through all of this you certainly do deserve a "whack" at posting your own interpretation on our Discussion  and Comment forum.


FOR A MOMENT WE WILL THINK ABOUT WHAT the "Thee" could have interpreted this statement as, but then we need to get back to attempting to think from Gods teachings, simply because, this old man, would rather attempt to cipher things out from Gods Word and His point of view, and that is because thinking from the serpents point of view has never produced any good before and won't now or in the future.


It could be questioned as to: Why would the serpent want to cause Eve to disobey in the first place??????

He could have been thinking quite deviously: and something to the effect that:,,

Even though he (the serpent that is the devil Rev 12:9) had denounced the privilege of his nature. (that of having been created far more cunning or subtle depending on which translation you follow Gen 3:1) and with a Full Angelic Understanding of God. (Rev 12:7-8)

(Cunning and fuller knowledge both being traits that mere humans didn't have)

Maybe he thought that by getting humans to accept his devious nature, he could (hitchhike) in on The Love that God has for the humans, all of this being something that simply cannot happen, because of the Nature Of LOVE.

Something his jealousy causes him to desire, but his lack of Humility (pride) will never allow this to be understood.


Regardless of his motives for getting to this point, which only God knows for sure, let's continue with Gen 3:15.

From the serpents point of view, the reference of "the woman" MAY or easily could have been understood (at the time) as only Eve herself, which certainly would have thrown his pride off track and been the cause of worry. (even fear)

Unbeknownst by satan but fully known by GOD that this would to a great extent protect Eve and Adam and even her seed from an out and out and immediate war.

The serpents fear would be justified, because of the knowledge the serpent has, of The Power Of God, (and Gods Power shown, through, St. Michael and His Legions Rev 12:7 ) and knowing that the decree God has just made (Gen 3:15) IS THE TRUTH.

In these modern times, twentieth century slang that is, Gen 3:15 would translate into something more like, "You mess with my kids again and you gonna get your head crushed."

(This would allow the future her seed humans the advantage of the protection of the fear that evil has for Love, while these humans make up their minds as to whether they wish to actually be her seed or not, via the usage of their God Given Free Will.)


Initially the serpent could have easily thought or harbored false hope that, his punishment was to be a finite type punishment as Eve and Adam had been assigned, and as part of his was (Gen 3:14) with the eating of dirt. After all, he had been hurled to earth also, (Rev 12:9) and (with luck) maybe this was a bad as it was going to get.



After the time of Eve leaving this earth and with a "head" still intact, even the old serpent would have had to start wondering; Hmmmmm just Whom or What was that reference of "the woman" and "her seed" all about??????


After the realization of "the death", (Gen. 3:4, which the serpent had conned Eve into accepting) fearful thoughts concerning the threefold separation of punishments could have come into the light, when considering the fourfold usage of the word "and".


Very possibly, none of this would come into focus, within a prideful being, until after The Birth of The Savior and a realization by the serpent that "his time is short" (Rev:12:12)



Let's get back to a human perspective


Being "thee" is a First Person reference to "the serpent".

This generally makes "thy seed" to be understood as those of future generations, that will fall into sin and tempt other to do the same, because of the trick that Eve gave into. "Thy seed" could easily be (or also be) a reference to the other fallen angels as well. (but anyway)

Then "her seed" is seen as "Jesus Himself" and or future generations, that hold to the testimony of Jesus and attempt to overcome sin, as Adam "SHOULD HAVE".

This often makes "the woman" referred to, seen as The Blessed Virgin. (on one of the "Lateral" levels of thought  In other words, a one step lateral metaphor)


SOME are NOT WILLING to accept the interpretation of;  "the woman" as "Mary The Blessed Virgin" who accepted the "Seed" of The Holy Spirit (Who unquestionably IS, Jesus The Savior ), That which possesses the Power of Love to do the "crush". Thereby "her" bringing that "Seed" to all mankind. (and this statement is slightly oversimplified)

Because THIS acceptance would allow "The Virgin Mary" a special place in the Salvation of Mankind.


They that are unwilling to except this interpretation generally teach that;

This "special place" in the hearts of men, causes men to worship the virgin and takes away from a proper and just relationship with The Triune God.

Improper or "Non-existent" relationship certainly would be the case, IF anyone was "worshiping" Mary or anyone or anything other than Jesus, her Seed via conception, OR (Worshiping) The Holy Ghost, that propagates to earth from That Seed, OR (Worshiping) The Father which in Unity With That Son AND Spirit propagated the entire plan of salvation.


It could be misconstrued that:

Those who wish to interpret "the woman" as a metaphor of  "Faith" or "Wisdom" or some other Virtue rather than an actual Human Person,  are those  that would "rather" see "the woman" as "something" instead of someone.

AND "could" be interpreting in this fashion because:

This would allow that "something" to be an attainable Virtue, that "they believe" they already possess, thereby Jesus (through such Pride) would seem as "their seed", and "they" would have a "place prepared for them" by God ...  rather than some Humble Virgin.


This would be unfortunate, because while, me thinks, we all do believe there is a place prepared for each of us in Heaven, BY OUR GOD, learning of and accepting THAT PLACE would seem to be a very large part of the reason for this earthly existence.

Overstating our knowledge of what THAT PLACE IS, would seem to be a direct assault on the Humility necessary to accept such a place, and would point to a major facet of the shortcoming that holds "the serpent" in the predicament he finds himself.

That shortcoming being pride. This should certainly be dealt with (by any humans falling for that trick) while there is "time", lest we should run the risk of permanently becoming one of the "thy seed" group..


Now we will consider an "Actual Human Persons" interpretation of this Verse and some of its' facets:

The concept of metaphoric "references to Virtue" is NOT absent in the interpretation of "Actual humans referred too" in Gen.3:15. It is simply felt as "less metaphoric" or at least more "all encompassing" because it was actual humans that had sinned, AND an Actual Human (Jesus) that would Save, future actual humans.

AS WELL AS this interpretation DOES NOT restrict our reception of Gods Omni abilities, where transmitting multiple meanings to His Children via His Inspired Writing (all Scripture) are concerned.

For as history and Tradition have taught us, as He reveals Himself to mankind throughout time certain "new meanings" become evident, without ever taking away from the earlier revelation, (the "Old Wine - New Wine concept")  but instead adding to it and reinforcing His Total Majesty over all that was, is, and will be.


In fact Virtue is a major facet of the central belief of this interpretation, NOT the complete belief.

It is a belief in "Virtue Personified Specifically" in the words "her seed" - "the woman" - "she" and very possibly "her heel".


Taking note of a threefold "female" dialect, with one reference to a first person personification "the woman"- one reference to a second person personification "her seed" (no specific gender, although certain more modern English translations HAVE "given gender" to this personification by a translation saying "He will crush your head"  )- and two references (singularly) enforcing attribute and action of the first person personification and insinuating a third person (or Virtue personified) involvement (no specific person no specific gender) in the words "her heel". ALL of which are separated by "and" making them distinct from the previous.


Conspicuously different from the way that "evil or wrongdoing" is written in the words "thee" - "thy seed" - as well as "thou". (no specific gender)

Which could seem to be two references to personification, both in the second person, in that both "thee"/"thou" and "thy seed", will be treated the same by the attribute and action of the feminine personification and the third involvement of action. (crushed by heel)

With only "thee" and "thou" waiting for it to happen and seemingly "thy seed" will be oblivious to the "wait".

While it would seem that the "she" should be aware of the impending doom (or justified punishment) that "she" would be involved in delivering.

Again the "and" is compiling each of these foretold punishments that are to be delivered.


This three way separation is because the dialogue is being spoken "to" the serpent, NOT "about" the serpent to a second or third party. (except in the case of us third party readers, ((heels?)) for whom this was all written and let's NOT PRETEND THAT GOD was not aware of us reading.)


It is being directed "in (BY) the First Person" making the references of "thee" - "thou" - "her" - "she" actual "second persons".

Thereby making those of us that read THE WORD, the third party involved, NOT the second "person" as in a "concept of Virtue only"  interpretation, which elevates (us the readers) fully to a position one step higher. (that one step higher being the only gender specific reference and with gender being a strictly human trait, this just doesn't seem to be the right thing to do)


IF the word: "woman" is interpreted as "Love", it makes no sense that there would be "enmities" "put", nor the word "the" in "the woman", and the entire verse  makes no sense, unless we wish to erase or overlook other words.....

Simply because "enmities" are "typically mutual hatred or ill will" and LOVE can NOT have a hatred within or between IT and anything or it is not LOVE.

We are often told in the Bible that God can and does or has felt a Justified "Anger", but "hatred" is NOT of God..


Only a "Person" that can "share" Gods Love can feel a "justified enmity". AND only a "person" (body, mind, spirit-soul) that will turn away from Gods LOVE will feel an "unjustified" enmity (hatred in their spirit) and within their "being".

Something that ,we of earth, do all too often.

It would even seem that God has NO HATRED for Satan .. (read the Book of Job) Even when satan (in his angelic form Rev 12:8) denied to continue to receive Gods Love... THAT ACTION  didn't "cause" a "change in God".


The hatred seems to only come in when satan caused Eve to sin, at which time enmities (mutual hatreds) were then allowed. (hatreds in there growing forms of firstly pride of the fallen angels then distrust or disobedience, at this "time of the fall", followed by Adams and Eves son falling prey to jealousy all of which were created by satan and his only contribution to Mankind)


Hatred was created by satan and God Set the Boundaries within which it would be allowed to attempt to grow, thereby "it" could be accepted or rejected as a "human" trait.

Which would seem to my reason that God is saying (to the serpent) something to the effect of::  (here it is admitted that this is strictly human reason)

There will be a punishment for all of this and I AM going to deliver that punishment to you through a creation of MINE that is lesser than you. You who I also created with a far greater capacity to accept My Love, once and for all it will be shown that I AM LOVE and only by accepting My Love can all My Creations know that I AM.

Even something which angered Our All Powerful God would be utilized as a tool, to gauge the free will of man, and in that context, even "hatred" itself has no reason to be hated by God.

(In short: He didn't create it, "and" He IS NOT threatened by it, "and " In The Unity of His Love He will remain distinct from it)


This next few paragraphs are a human attempt that  "touches" on explaining yet another unexplainable mystery within our Triune God: The Hypostatic Union but more so points to how that hypostatic union interacted with "the woman" when considering the plan of salvation.

While we all know hate was NOT a trait in Jesus The Son of GOD..

Jesus The Son of Man did, at one time allow, a New Testament record of a "justified Anger" when dealing with some of the group of "thy seeds" that were strutting their stuff as "money changers" in or near His Fathers House. ALTHOUGH HE NEVER has stated that HE "hated" them or anyone else . NO NO NO .... HE came to earth to save THEM ALSO.

ENMITY (mutual hatred) certainly could be a "justified trait" for a "Perfect Mother". AND under certain circumstances, if ordained by safeguards of GOD (a special place) such enmity wouldn't even be sinful. (as hatred is for most of us, and this also is being slightly oversimplified )


IF the words: "thy seed" is interpreted   as "concepts", ("the tricks of" or "evil" or "sin") rather than "actual beings", (such as demons)  or (people or souls) that fall prey to the tricks, it would go to reason that "her seed" would interpret as "the woman's" "Goodness" or "Grace" or "Her" personal Power of Love. (This MAY be some of the confusion in causing certain zealous folks to accuse other folks of worshiping Mary)


ONLY GOD POSSESSES ALL GOODNESS Therefore: Any "Concepts only interpretation" does not seem possible, because of the "First Person" action of "I will PUT"... meaning that the Power of the "Putting" will be done BY THE ONE commanding the dialogue. (therefore, and again,. the First Party speaking to the serpent in the first person;. and making the "thee" and "the woman" second "persons";. and the "thy seed" and "her seed"  third persons, which is then also the same in reference to "us who are reading" and technically a "second party to the dialogue" and the THIRD PERSONS INVOLVED very possibly the "heel". ALL of which is calling for Second Person and third person, (h)Human Involvement)


The progression mentioned involves more than the "First Person - Second person" lifestyle which was the norm "In the Garden". It also requires a Second Person Personification (which we all know took place about 2000 years ago) AND a third party involvement, including a full attempt at the Humility, to not put our (third party involvement) too high in the progressive plan of our salvation.


If not understood this could raise the question of:

Just exactly what position of "what Person" does all of this see Jesus in???

That answer is:

ALL PERSONS AND ALL POSITIONS except that of His Choice in "the woman" (although Jesus and "She" will be Family, so in that aspect They are of One Heart) and HE is NOT seen (of course) within the evil "thee" - "thy" (or thy seed) and "thou".

In that:

1). The Father and Jesus and The Holy Spirit of Love, are ONE and The First Person commanding the dialoged at that moment in the Garden.


2). The "Her Seed" being the "Actual Earthly Person of Jesus". via Her (the woman's) reception of That Seed from the Holy Ghost, at the "time" of the Incarnation which part of this verse is believed to be the foretelling of.   


3). As well as the "Her Seed", in Each of Us, as we become "her heel"? and involved (as the third party) via our free will.

    3a). THIS "her seed" (as heels) MUST be The Love OF Jesus alive within each human, or there is NO "crushing" within this plan of salvation.



Me thinks we all agree that;

That which crushes the head of the serpent IS THE LOVE OF GOD. NOT the love of "the woman", unless and until THAT LOVE is "Given too" The Woman as one of The Gifts of God To Be Shared, with "the rest of Her Offspring." (and in this case Spiritual Offspring (Johns Revelation 12:17) , as each soul assigned becomes personified throughout "time" and is given the choice of becoming a "her seed" or a "thy seed").

And little more will "crush" the serpents prideful head better than a soul, that he (satan) thought he had solidly as one of his seeds, taking on a humble change of heart and becoming one of "her seeds".

Which is what could cause each of us to become "her heel" via the Love of (and for) "her Seed" and causing the serpent to "lie in wait", suffering worry and fears of the "time" it would take place. (The insinuation of "time" being that of "thou shalt lie in wait for" and would seem NOT to be only a reference to "that time in history" for the Birth of The Savior,  but, as well, a far more personal reference for each of us "heels" as to the "time" we will accept the Full Gospel Of Salvation. in our hearts. And the cycle of birth and re-birth continues. Until all, that is Love, returns to the Alpha - Omega and then "time" ends and Eternity Continues, WITHOUT the annoying "thee" and "thou" anywhere near "the woman" or "her seeds".)

All of which makes this verse a promise BY GOD, involving GOD, Within mankind on so many levels, beckoning our personal cooperation by accepting the GIFTS HE has given us In Himself  as well as  HIS CHOICE in "the woman"  "and" within the parameters HE has set for our Salvation. NOT parameters we may find it easier to set for ourselves.


Such GIFTS would be that of Virtues. (Virtues being something that in the earthly realm are only concepts unless and until personified, although in the Heavenly Realm, Virtues are a reality within The Godhead, NOT concepts)

The first gift is that of Humility which leads to Faith and other "concepts" in need of Personification.. until the final and everlasting step is ascended to "Love"

All of which can be seen only in the Life and Times of Jesus.

All of which are referred to in The Gospels and Some of which are referred to by New Testament Prophets; in solidly lateral or metaphoric writings such as "Wings of a Great Eagle". (which also "COULD" be read as saying that the Powers of The Love of The Holy Spirit will come to this earth descending as the Humility of a Dove, as announced in the Gospels, BUT will leave this earth with the ascent of the Justified Warring Flight of "A Great Eagle")


That Love, while belonging to God, can be personified in each of us "heels". (and hopefully is or will be)

BUT, at the time of "the fall", THAT Perfect Love which exists in Eternity, (and momentarily in The Garden) had to be brought to this finite world "In Person".

In other words started in time.



Because of this despicable decision made by Eve, it immediately became necessary for God to come to earth In Human Form - to Incarnate - to become Love Personified. (bearing in mind that with The Triune God "immediately" could be anywhere from "right now" to ooooh let's say a couple thousand years or we could say "it really doesn't matter because HE INVENTED TIME" and it doesn't pertain to HIM, unless HE says it does)

The Vessel through which He could Incarnate, needed to possess those attributes which would allow His Loving Perfection to do so. (One does NOT put New Wine in old bottles)

The foremost of those attributes is HUMILITY, which alone is the one heavenly Virtue that crushes Pride, and is the parchment upon which the instructions of how to gain all other virtues is written. (and this is where each of our personal chapters within the book of life are written, and each telling a different story)


In the Old Testament we are told that Moses is Humble and we know that this Humility was the power by which God  allowed Moses to deliver His People from the influence of the "thy seed" group of the time. (although we are also told that Moses was allowed to "see" the promised land but not "enter") This people being the linage from which we are beckoned to look for The Humble Vessel through which The Savior of the New Testament (Covenant) will incarnate.

In the New Testament we are told that Our Savior Jesus (The Man) Is the Possessor OF this Virtue to its fullest extent. BUT we are also told that His Mother Mary possesses this virtue. NO OTHER PERSONS are mentioned as such.

The Blessed Virgin Mary IS NOT being elevated to, or being portrayed here as, EQUAL TOO GOD..(nor is Moses) and HER HUMILITY is NOT being portrayed as EQUAL to the HUMILITY OF JESUS either.

Although it IS being said that no other human has ever reached a state of perfection as to be able to except within themselves as high a measure of the Triune Gods attainable Virtues as Mary has.

Simply because when, this old man, looks around the world today (as well as within Scripture and back in history) he can find NO OTHER human who's Humble life's example has drawn so many sinners to The Love of Jesus, NOR can there be seen ANY HUMAN  that, "that old serpent", has more enmity toward.

AND in my twisted mind there is this notion of : "If the serpent hates you...Your Team is the Team to be on".

Biblically, even other humans that obviously possess this most necessary Virtue of Humility (told mostly, via insinuation, by the actions recorded within Scripture) didn't possess it by their God Given Nature, as we are told Mary does when at Elizabeth's house The Holy Spirit states it outright. (in all translations) or again stated by Gabriel, via insinuation, when He says "full of Grace" (KJ and DR) or "highly favored" (NIV) but instead (like in the case of St. Paul - Saul) needed to be "knocked off a horse" to gain it. (so how about, we all saddle up???)


In the New Testament

We see Mary being directly referred to as "Woman". By Jesus when addressing His Mother (John 2:4) Marriage at Cana?

(Which could be seen as the proper address, that Adam "should" have given Eve, when they were beginning their public ministry. And when Eve brought the tempting fruit of the unholy passion or unholy desire, she had just given into ..A fitting response by Adam  would have been ;  "Woman; How does this desire of yours involve Me?")


Instead of bringing ANY temptation of desire to Jesus, Mary, subdues the enmities brought on by the desires of Eve, when in confident Humility, "she" shows the Loving resolve of The Unity within Family. (that after being referred to as "Woman" and being asked "What is that to Me and to Thee?" She simply turns to the "Third party heels" in this "First Person" dialog and says, "Whatever He shall Say to you,. Do ye")

Jesus allowed His Humble Mother to be the one insisting that, the "time" had come for the First Step to be taken ( John 2:11 The Marriage at Cana ) on the Path of His Holy Passion, which lead to Calvary.

HE fully knowing, his time had come, but it appears part of what He was asking was "Woman" "Are YOU ready for this"?


Only He could know that is was time for "a sword of sorrow" to pierce His Mothers Heart. We don't have to use much imagination to visualize that HE wasn't looking forward to that. (other than the fact that it was a needed part, of the needed sufferings, so that all of us heels could be saved, and Scripture tells us several times that Mary was "Pondering upon these things in Her Heart" so it would seem as though HE had been preparing His Mother for this moment for quite a number of years.)

To which once again Mary was saying "Let it be done to US, as You know it must be".

Or again is the Holy Spirit Speaking to each of us through Her Words in this dialog (at Cana) and telling You and me to; "Whatever He shall Say to you,. Do ye"?


He knew that the pride which allows temptations to become stumbling blocks for mankind, had met more than its' match, and if a "bruised heel" was what is was going to take.... a "bruised heel" it would get. (found in Genesis 3:15 King James only; which would seem to insinuate "minor"  or "temporary" damage allowed to be done by the serpent, in that a "bruise" will go away, but a crushed head ((as in most other translations)) as the serpent will receive, is fatal )


Could it be Mary referred to by The Triune God as "the woman" here in Genesis, as She is in the Gospel of John, by The Son?


1). She was to be the tabernacle of The New Covenant and rather than arrayed in gold (as was the First tabernacle or Arch of the Old Covenant) She was Filled (arrayed) with the Grace of Humility. That alone certainly could Give Her a Special Place.

2). God Gave The Blessed Virgin Humility to its fullest, both by "her" God given nature and by He that is Humility itself entering into that "woman"

3).HUMILITY is something that the great serpent satan certainly was missing the boat on when he left Gods court of Angels. (taking with him 1/3 of the other stars in the sky?) Announcing that he will NOT serve and went off looking for humans to spread about as "his seed", finding the first candidate in Eve.

    3a). We all know how the great serpent hates anyone that has a special place near God.

    3b). Humility certainly does crush pride. The Devil Took Upon Himself Pride and has spread a bunch to most of us.

     3c). That old serpent would have no choice other than to lay in wait, which he does so well.


It could very possibly be interpreted that:

The reference to "thy seed" is separated from "thee" in that "thy Seed" is those that will fall prey to the tricks and are in need of a Savior and the "thy seed" CAN accept A Savior.. by denouncing the serpent and thereby become "her seed" (and maybe her Heel) ...

Whereas "thee" is the devil, whom already made that permanent decision and took 1/3 of the stars (angels or humans as seed?) with him and is bound by the fear of Humble Perfection taking even "his seed" away from him. (that which he gave up ALL reception of God Love, for the opportunity of achieving) 

In the Same Fashion "the woman" should rightfully be seen as separated from the "her seed" IN THAT "She" is to be the opposite of the "thee" and as Sinless as the "thee" is sinful, to the point that "She" can be "unsoiled by the episode in Genesis 3:15" and the Vessel through which The Savior will enter "time" (this now soiled finite human realm)....

Thereby "she" is IN NEED of a Savior to the extent that "her seed" (the rest of her offspring) will have the opportunity of accepting that Savior. Also thereby feeling a Justified enmity for the attempts of destruction, that the "thee" and the "thy seed" will continually make upon "her seed".


Wow:          Sure would be a Poetic Justice to have a Least of All Humble Virgin, Pull the Plug (so to speak) on a self-proclaimed enemy, that is so full of pride that he thinks he has been a challenge for You. (presumptuously speaking here, from an earthly impression of Gods view and only excuse myself because "we all" seem to be dong that when "interpreting")


Hmmmm:    Is This the Special Place prepared for Her and told of in Johns' Revelation?


That Place which would allow Her to finally put an end to the insults and hatreds perpetrated against Her Purity by which ungodly attempts have been made to prune branches off The Tree of Life that Produced THE FRUIT of our Salvation...


That Place from which, no longer can be heard, the drunken laughter's of serpents seeds, while feeling the fruit of self induced power, have mocked The Love of The Perfect Mother for The Son of Man for hundreds, even thousands of years.


Could it be that All the atrocities, (against Thee same Holy Spirit that did enter This Woman when conceiving Jesus) are "in wait" for Her to make a yet another "Fiat"?


And if so, we could expect that She MAY humbly say something to the effect of... "Yes My God and My Son and My Love":  "Allow it to be done to them as they have said".

Not as though The Triune Deity would be "asking her permission", but much as "the great barter of Abraham" or "The Marriage at Cana", She would be included in on a Justified Family Decision, that She has been involved in, with all Her Heart, from the beginning of Her being created. (or as much the same way that each of us "heels" are told to continue beckoning The Father with the utterance of; " Thy Kingdom Come, Thy Will Be Done", which itself seems to be an attempt at allowing each of us to feel we are Justified Family Members.   


In this light, it may appear, that this verse in Genesis is an early reference to the process of Our Salvation and Praise Be to God for it, if any portion of this interpretation, has His Truth in it, for as time and tradition has taught us;

With God All Things are Possible




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