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3) Your CD (s) will be shipped within 3-4 days.

Note: Any lines below that don't apply to You: "such as tax exempt #" just leave blank.

send to ADDRESS:

                                           108 EAST HOFFMAN

                                           PAYNESVILLE, MN 56362    



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Mailing Address______________________________________ City________________________

State __________ Zip Code_______________

Phone Number _________________________ (NOT required, unless credit card or paypal request)

Email Address__________________________ (NOT required, we will only email if there is somehow a mix-up)

1)  Number of CDs _____ = $_____________ (get this information from "Quantity Discounts link" on home page)

        1a)   Check Here (_____) if Sponsored Copy ONLY  and skip the rest.

        1b)   Check Here (_____) IF You are to BE A SPONSOR and fill in numbers (4) and (5) also.

2) Payment Method (Money Order______) (Check_______) (Credit Card______) (PayPal ______)

        2a) If a Credit Card or PayPal ... Enter a Valid phone Number above  (NO SALES OR SOLICITATIONS CALLS WILL EVER TAKE PLACE) Our reprehensive will call within 24 hours to verify details for secure Payment Information.

           2a) Best time of day to reach You... Morning(___) Afternoon(___) Evening(___) or Exact time(_____)   (example: 3:15pm.CDT)

3) If for "Resale" Tax Exempt #___________ (if for private use this does not apply) 

4). Sponsors Name as to be printed on "Friendship Card" ______________________  Or the or the word "anonymous" is you so chose.

5). Recipient List: check one Yes (__)  No (__) 

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