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Rosary On CD Suggested Uses

From past experience in production of and sales of The Rosary (on Cassette) we have compiled this list of Usage and promotions for these CDs …we hope it sparks some additional interest:

  1. Personal usage in daily spiritual growth.

  2. Aid in public prayer (prior to or after Normal Worship Service or Mass)

  3. GIFTS (Christmas - Easter - First Communion - Birthday -  Welcome Wagon type - or Just an "I Love You Gift",  for young to learn ...middle aged to continue learning …elderly to make the practice easier.

  4. Commuters .. Family Trips (Vacations) ..Truckers (this has been one of our biggest markets for repeat customers)

  5. Religious instruction classes (of all ages)

  6. Fund raising tool ...for K of C …D of I …Local Churches … Diocesan and Synod Efforts … or any group wishing to promote Marian Devotion and raise funds for their worthy cause.  ***(Sponsor Page)***

  7. Wholesale quantity sales to Book Stores …. Record and cd shops …. Religious stands and shops of all denominations…Truck stops … Flee Markets … Door to Door Evangelization these prices they sell at Craft and Rummage Sales …

With the cost of similar cds online and in bookstores being $12.50-$20.00 per cd we have had quite a few industrious individuals and groups retailing these cds for $5.00 each (delivered of course) and some as high as $10.00 .. and the end customers seem very pleased to support the effort.

Bottom line is that we seriously doubt that anyone will get rich by promoting these rosary cds, but the efforts can have some monetary compensation, and the fruits of your labor will be seen in this life and the next.