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To perspective sponsors of this Rosary CD project
(we know it is a lot but please read at least (a-b-c)

If your decision is YES follow this link to order online.


A).     We are sure you have come to understand that there is a responsibility of stewardship along with, the blessing of, living in a position of being able to help others financially. And the fact that: If it truly is a blessing from God that has brought about a prosperous existence   .... there is a desire to ...share those gifts from within the same heart.

B).    It is understand (to a certain extent) that there are risks, of being used, that are taken by offering anything for free these days.

C).    These concerns need be balanced with the fact that: THERE ARE STILL MANY LIVING among us that, at this time in their life's, are truly unable to afford even the meager cost of this Rosary cd. These are the persons we are trying to reach, via this sponsorship program some examples would be: Students---Homeless persons ( viewing this site at the library or shelter and borrowing a mailing address for receipt of the cd )---Elderly on fixed income---Natural disaster victims---or those that have truly been humbled, by the loss almost everything, due to illness or rudimentary vice of their own or someone dear to them and are sincerely answering the call to rebuild their life.---AND THE LIST COULD GO ON AND ON.


D).    Bottom line is the effort is being made to operate this program with a few failsafe (s), without being rude or hard hearted...as follows:


1).    The (SHIP TO) address as well as the "ISP" addresses of the orders are kept track of. We have found that multi-ordering can sometimes be an indication of something goofy, yet sometimes not.        

1a).    If it is discovered that we have been tricked, your sponsored gift cds will be replaced with and equal number +(1) of our own, that you as sponsor don't take the loss. You will be notified (via email) as to our findings and reasoning, unless your wish is to remain anonymous.

2).    The email address names (behind the submission) are critiqued, as to weed out any obvious jokesters, such as (thelordhimself@heaven.com)        

2a).    Although these days there are some quite odd legitimate names that would seem to "need" a pray along rosary cd, simply by the persona expressed within the name, we attempt to not judge too harshly.

3).    We like to be able to send ( YOU THE SPONSOR ) the " LIST OF RECIPIENTS".        

3a)    receiving this list, ALLOWS YOU A POWER OVER US, IN THAT, ANYONE ON THE LIST "COULD" BE An acquaintance  OF YOURS JUST MAKING SURE WE ARE DOING OUR BOOKWORK PROPERLY... (although we certainly respect your wish to remain anonymous. (if that is your choice) Total anonymity has been done in the past by sponsors (of the rosary on the old cassettes tapes) mailing  in money order payments with rather scribbled signatures and no return or ship to address. Although by you sponsoring, we feel you are becoming a spiritual partner in this endeavor, and you will find us to be very discreet.  


If the You would see fit to SPONSOR this Project, for others to receive Gift Rosary Cds via this program here is how:


1).    For the amount of $20.00 we will send You (1) CD and free gift CDs  to the next (3) requests for Sponsored CDs

2).    For the amount of $35.00 we will send You (1) CD (as our gift to You) and free gift CDs  to the next (7) requests for Sponsored CDs

3).    For the amount of $60.00 we will send You (2) CDs (as our gift to You) and free gift CDs to the next  (12) requests for Sponsored CDs.

4).    For larger "corporate" type Sponsorships please contact us.

5).     In turn we take care of the ongoing production costs, book and record keeping, shipping and handling of the CD to the end recipients, operation costs of this site, and advertising as it can be afforded.      

5a).    Mailing costs are roughly $1.60 per unit (via USPS continental USA" ) when shipped individually. (as is the case with sponsored cds) "Packing" and "Handling" costs are around $0.37, and production costs around $1.40). We pay any sales tax due for Minnesota recipients.

6).    The Recipients of Your Gift Rosary CD will also receive a card stating:

This Rosary CD is by rosaryoncd.com and Offered to You in The Spirit of Friendship by for example"ANONYMOUS DONOR of France " OR " J&M Doe of Iowa "    "Please do keep them in Your Prayers."


7).    Follow this link to see how the Recipients put in an order or go the Home Page and click on the "Free cds" button, which receives a position of greater prominence on the home page whenever greater numbers of Sponsored CDs are available.

8).    The Cds may be given anonymously  if desired. or Sponsors will receive a list of the names of the recipients, of their sponsored cds, if desired. Names are abbreviated such as John D. of Minn. ..or Mary D. of Iowa for privacy. You will receive this list via email, after all of Your Sponsored Rosary cds have found homes. (or every 12th one which ever comes first, ) NO addresses or contact information will be given out by us, terms to which Sponsors and Recipients both agree by submitting).

9).    While we are NOT a 501c3 (fully tax deductible Non Profit Organization) This program (under certain circumstances) SHOULD allow you to deduct these expenses as a charitable donation. but we are making no claim as the methods under which that could or should be done ... (please check with your Income Tax Advisors as to any privileges you may have)        

9a).    Regardless of the tax deduction issue, We have heard that God will Not Be Out given.


THANK YOU FOR CONSIDERING THIS. Once again here is the Order Link


Mike C  of Minnesota.



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