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Discussion, Comments and Prayer Requests

Using the form below you may submit any prayer requests, poems, comments, or questions concerning the writings within this site or the rosary cds or scripture topics you may want other opinions on..

Welcome are opinions of all humans and particularly but by no means exclusive to Clergy or Religious of all denominations and faith practices.

Any (constructive) additions or subtractions will be done within the writings themselves and or posted to the "Discussion and Comments" area for worldwide viewing.



1).    Comments that are posted using this forum will be transcribed from the original submissions sent by the Authors, no editing will be done except to be viewed and only as to (accepted or rejected from posting) and posted as time permits. So this could be a slow process ... although still a lot faster then in biblical times.

2).    Prayer requests will be viewed as in Rule (1) (with any second party names omitted for privacy ) and posted within the same page as comments for maximum exposure. and even if prayer requests you have sent in are not posted for whatever reason .. Rest assured we will be keeping you in our prayers ...

3).    Any email addresses within the post must match an email address sent to us by the author and be that of an individual person not an enterprise (and will be omitted from the post if it seems suspicious) NO email addresses or contact information (other then that within the body of the post itself) will be shared with others by us. This should allow authors to communicate with each other outside of this forum with a minor amount of security  ... Include any "personal information" at your own risk .... 

4).    All posts must include a name  (containing at least a first initial) and a State or Province of origin. such as "J.D.Doe, Minnesota" (this way "if we need to" we can check with any service providers of the email address to discern if it is someone honestly interested in this forum or some rick-a-shay showoff  . If found to be someone not honestly interested in this forum we reserve the right to turn any and all information gathered over to the proper authorities.

5).    Comments or statements within any submission that are non-constructive - vile - or in anyway off color .. will NOT ONLY cause that statement to be nullified from consideration for posting on this page...It will AUTOMATICALLY cause the authors name (email address and or name of the ISP address of the email and its operator) to be put  on our prayer chain with the sincere intention that Our Lord will grant that person the Grace to "clean up their act" .... So if you have no other way of obtaining Intercessory Prayer, go for it, but even then, try your best to, be kind as we are a simple people.

6).   That's all the rules so far ... and they are subject to change... without notice. so let's see if we can enrich each other through discussion of scripture - prayer -fellowship...           

 7). Comments Will Be Reviewed Before they Are Posted Here.



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