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Eucharistic Reflections on John Chapter 6

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Intersession as the Minds Eye See it


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Eucharistic and other reflections of John chapter 6

The following commentary which will be shared is one of my own meditations of the rosary, It crosses over into one of the age old arguments of mankind, which has been, the cause of much pain and suffering in so many families.

This is an attempt to qualify my interpretation of these biblical writings in what is sometimes  referred to as a "Discourse on the Eucharist" and taking up the age old discussion  (about the inspired writings in the Book Of John ) concerning the Eucharist and the matter of Transubstantiation-Consubstantiation verses no substantiation at all. (whether you agree or disagree would seem to be of little consequence, whether you have peace in your heart or malice toward your fellow man may be of the utmost urgency)  AS  FOLLOWS:

1).    Many times in the recorded life of our Lord Jesus the Christ, He spoke in words and or actions that were in parable or (type and archetype) .but not always:

    1a).    Other times in words alone, with deep personal thought provoking sentences, near that of  poetry.

    1b).    Yet other times very plain straight forward no non-sense orders.

2).  This old man is lead to think that, whenever He spoke, whether in word or action, He was at all times, taking into account:

    2a).    The folks He was dealing with at the time.

    2b).   The folks He knew would be inspired later (within a 100 years or so) to write it down.

    2c).   The folks that He knew, later yet, were going to be reading (and hopefully discerning) those inspired writings for the next thousands of years.

    2d).    A lot of other stuff we cannot even comprehend.

3).    Here in lays one of the reasons for this and all controversial issues in earthly reasoning of heavenly matters among mankind. "Interpretation of Scripture".

    3a).    It would seem that those Holy Inspired Words and Actions were designed a step or two above the heads of all men. and that allowing mere earthlings the privilege or freedom (or the command) to interpret Gods Words and Actions is in itself a grace.

    3b).    This would seem to be done for the loving purpose of (throughout all time) challenging each of us individually as well as collectively (within The Larger Body-Church) that we can never tire of seeking and learning, thereby continued growth is not only inevitable it would be a means for the Initiator of the Words and Actions to gauge the accuracy of that growth.

4).     Concerning John's Writings: Some things we all seem to agree upon:

    4a).    The words and actions that were recorded, were written for the benefit of all people of all times and are Divinely Inspired...

    4b)     The divinely inspired writers had different styles of writing.

    4c).    John is known to have been more romantic and poetic in his general  style of writing, more so, then Matthew - Mark - Luke, to the point where he is not considered (by a few) to be as "factual" and almost considered as a Gnostic writer.

   4d). Johns' style (of lateral thinking) seems to be custom designed, for the inspirations needed for words and actions to be transmitted into writings as Type and Archetype or what this old man sees as "Parables in Action".)  You have my GUARANTEE THAT NOWHERE IN THE BIBLE WILL YOU FIND THE WORDS "PARABLES IN ACTION", AT LEAST NOT IN A ROW, IT IS SIMPLY THE WAY MY COUNTRY SCHOOLED MIND .. LEARNED TO RELATE THE DICTIONARY DEFINITION OF "TYPE AND ARCHETYPE" TO MY "FEELINGS" ABOUT SOME SCRIPTURE READINGS.

5).      It would seem that, in ( John Chapter 6 ) the (4) times Jesus is quoted in having said "I Tell You the Truth",  This makes it very hard to see him being figurative (or speaking laterally) on such an important issue. After all many were leaving because of the hard teaching,

    5a).    A few other times it is recorded in the Good Book that Jesus himself is quoted as saying "I Tell You the Truth" (or "Tharly Tharly" or "Amen Amen I say onto you" depending on which English translation you prefer) and every other time the statements thereafter are taken as literal. Seemingly these were the type of words HE didn't throw around lightly. BUT:

6).    Does this make liars out of those who read and preach it as "figurative" ?..Well maybe NOT .(in a very deep Spirit filled way). To view that thought process as a lie could well be unjust.  AND NOT FOR ANY HUMAN TO JUDGE WITHOUT CONFIRMED AUTHORITY FROM HEAVEN and we ARE NOT dealing with THAT CONTROVERSY here.

7).   Is it not possible that Jesus was speaking literally that day, making it memorable (even unforgettable) by using words He rarely found it necessary to use. ("I Tell You the Truth")  And that through John, (many years later) Jesus and the Holy Spirit were speaking figuratively as well?

    7a).    The entire concept of  these passages being "Spirit and Life " is also exactly how some PORTIONS OF THIS CHAPTER are written. Interpreting it that way does its servers very well to give glory and honor, worship, and praise to THE WORD in the Persons of the Holy Spirit and Spiritual Communion with Jesus and the Father in THAT manner.

8).    Being that, it was expressed to Him by many, that this teaching was "to hard to follow" (easily supposed because of their desire to follow the Law which were taught and they "loved" and, unbeknownst to them, He was about to make a very important amendment to, or fulfillment of ) and He (AT THE TIME) was being asked to compromise on an issue that He did not wish to, and could not, compromise on....

    8a).    From those that left that day, by their actions, He was being TOLD to compromise, which could really rub a guy the wrong way when the people you are speaking to have no idea as to the perfection and beauty, effort and Love being put into the Gift which you are explaining to them that they are about to have offered to them. (yet they are willing to point blank turn there back on it for corporal reasoning) 

    8b).    And Possibly (50-100 years later) while inspiring John, HE (Jesus and The Holy Spirit) DID in essence compromise and was and is begging us to Commune with Him Spiritually if we are not willing or able to Commune with Him Physically, so that He. (in Three Persons) may continue to give us every opportunity and to work with all humans of all time drawing each and every one of us, to the life of eternal bliss He has in store.

So as Usual He would be doing it *** By the Book*** By the Word ***By Himself*** 


9).    There are those of us that (have no need to question His words in the "I TELL YOU THE TRUTH" Statement) follow the teaching that His words and actions that day (as later recorded) were a foreshadowing (as in type and archetype) of the Last Supper (and The First Eucharist) and that this inspired writing ( John Chapter 6 ) should be taken literally as well as can be read Laterally BUT NOT figuratively (to which, because of that "I TELL YOU THE TRUTH" Statement of course we put the greater emphasis on the literal)

Some of what, also, leads our hearts to interpret these writings in this fashion, are a few of Our Lords other recorded "Miracles",  

    9a).    The Feeding of the Five Thousands.

    9b).    Walking on of the Water.

    9c).    The earlier (type) of the Miracle of the Wine during the Wedding at Cana,

What we see, in these, is that HE WAS, very simply yet unforgettably, showing us His dominion over the finite, utilizing those persons and items that He fully intended to, later, have come together in the writing of the Gospels, as well as pointing future generations toward the acceptance of the Non-Bloody Remembrance of the "once for all Sacrifice" that only He could orchestrate, during His life of time.

10).    He seems to have ratified that entire series of parables in action, all pointing to the Eucharistic Transubstantiation, firstly at the archetype of the Last Supper and again after his Resurrection on the Road to Emmaus. When apparently Cleopas and Simon after being with him all day, and did not recognize Him until He finally allowed it "In the Breaking of the Bread" and then Poof He is gone ...Now WE MAY see Our Good Saviors sense of humor in the disappearing at that time? Or His unwillingness to consume His Own Body?,, But without a direct meaning to it all it would seem to be little more then a parlor trick ... And That is Not HIS Style .... 

The best suggestion of this "homespun" theologian is:

1) Trust in Jesus to be your Personal Savior....

2) Pray for the Guidance of His Holy Spirit in all you do. (Read, Recite and Meditate on the The Words within The Holy Bible)..

3) Carry out the inklings He gives you. Starting with no malice toward others and if possible with His Love...  and continue in that guided spirit until which time He decides you are ready for the transformation from this seemingly finite life of time to your LIFE OF ETERNITY. (for with HIM all things are possible)



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1) It is no more "necessary" to pray the Rosary while on this earthly journey of ours, THAN IT IS "NECESSARY" TO HAVE ICING (or frosting) ON YOUR CAKE.  The only thing (necessary) is to trust in JESUS as your Savior. Follow whatever means He leads you personally. (through His wisdom, given to Him by The Father, and to you by the inklings of The Holy Spirit) AND continue in that guided spirit until which time He decides you are ready for the transformation from this life of time to your LIFE OF ETERNITY.

2) WHAT DOES THE CATHOLIC CHURCH TEACH?  (This seems to be a viable question, as it seems "they" are credited with, or criticized for, this series of prayers coming into popularity)

Having spoken to numerous Priests of the Catholic Church about the "praying of the rosary"  NOT ONE HAS BEEN FOUND to say it is "Necessary" to pray the rosary to "Get to Heaven". Although close to 100% of the Roman Catholic Priests do believe that praying the Rosary is an enlightening means of beckoning the Graces of Heaven, to not only take root within the injured soul, it is an efficient method of maintaining the necessary Virtue of Humility needed for continued spiritual growth. 

In my lengthy conversations (and not being one that gives up easily, as am reasonably sure several of the Priests and Ministers spoken with wished would be the case) It has been expressed to me that in my situation (that of an extremely sinful life) it is not uncommon for a human to feel unworthy to approach such a Holy God directly as we should. (because of our pride having finally received a decent dose of the first gift of the Holy Spirit, "Fear of the Lord")

In that situation, we find it much more palatable to go crying to our (or a) Mother. And that (this particular Mother Mary) has no other goal then to lead (me and) all of Gods human creations to the life of eternal bliss, as God has given her.  (Every minister of every denomination ever spoken with on this subject, has reassured me that she (Mary), just as any "good Christian", would have no other goal ) You may wish to also read  ( the misnomer of worshipping Mary )

3) If praying the rosary is not "right for you" don't do it. (or at least maybe not as your main devotion) While  many have come to relish in the hours we spend speaking with Our Lord and, depending on the direction of the meditation, envision Mary at His side in the company of all the other Saints and the Angels, DON'T FEEL Left Out. this can only cause jealousy which all too easily leads to malice. GOD may be leading you to some other wonderful charisma. (for further thought read Do YOU call the Virgin Mary Blessed? )

(Someday the time may be taken to rewrite the following paragraph but for now this is faster)

We are all to be members of the same body (Holy Family if You will) and somewhere in the holy words of the bible there is something about this (Sorry paraphrased and will look for the chapter and verse someday) "should the foot be envious of the hand or the hand envious of the eye".

(OK the verse has been found, which was stuck in my head and here it is.( 1Corinthians Chapter 12: 14-17 ).. my "paraphrasing" was off but you can judge for yourself as to the interpretation.



My own story (or one of them) about the Rosary

It must be confessed. (somewhere around 25yrs ago) At one point (in my formation if you will) the rosary had been prayed each day for several weeks . A strong feeling came about of misdirecting my prayers, and not properly calculating that distinct line between honor and worship. and that of being too drawn to Mary Mother of Jesus. 

This feeling or fear came about because of far too many wonderful changes in my life and in the life's of others near me, in such a short period of time. (mostly in the form of: desires for those things that are Holy - compromise where inherent pride existed - cleanliness where filth abode - visible caring where tolerance was the norm - and some of what could be and maybe should be called miraculous healings). In my heart it was known, that such good is from GOD and GOD alone.

A feeling had developed, presenting itself as a Just Fear of Jesus being insulted by me constantly talking to His mother and no longer being as intent on my normal charismatic methods of worship. which always produced "feelings of holiness" but never before such tangible results (or graces).

Being quite bothered, with this spiritual dilemma the only safe thing to do was drop the rosary prayer from my diet. And THAT is what was done, (with the exception of the Our Father and the Glory Be and of course running across many of the mysteries while meditating on biblical writings) To which charismatic prayer once again become the norm, although prayer was now directed to the Holy Spirit..... ,

After about 30 days, which by then was the conclusion of a 9 day fast for the coming of the Holy Spirit ( or discernment ) , actions known as a Novena  (This is am not suggesting this for anyone, without consulting a physician) . The following homemade prayer came to me and now (in my later years) it is dared, to share it with you.

It is also the  second half of the 20 Second Opening Statement (or Track 1 of 25) of the Rosaryoncd prior to getting directly into the Praying of the Rosary ***( audio EXAMPLE of this prayer )***

In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit..


May the Blessed Virgin lead you to her Son,

May Jesus Lead you to His Father,

May you Live in Eternal Bliss with the Saints and Angels, Praising HIM FOREVER..




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Intercession as a minds eye sees it:

This writing is NOT for those souls, that are already "perfected", in their own minds eye, but is more so for those that have a desire to enter onto or continue on a Path to the Father of all Love.

That all praise and thanksgiving, glory, and worship may be given to The Triune God as we all know it is solely due ..


It is love and kindness beyond all comprehension that allows us feeble beings the privilege of even after having sinned against Him and knowing (by His gracious inklings) that there is forgiveness and salvation available to our retched souls... Yet we still cling to a seemingly natural need to "talk to someone else about it" before finally working up the mustard to approach His Throne...


Which one would surmise should only be of further insult to HIM.

But it is???


History (or Tradition) and the Bible seems to have proven it is not...


Sometimes He sends a Minister or Priest, to interrupt a bible verse or care for some basic need. Possibly a guest speaker at Church or just the right old or new friend to continue fueling our trip to the next junction, where He is still waiting. And He accepts these intercessions, of all types, as though we came directly to Him with the newly contrite heart that He initiated.


From time to time my minds eye has seen Mary interceding with The Father and often times with Jesus ... (More difficult, for me, to "imagine" The Holy Spirit but do believe it happens.) Well anyway .

In this imaginary world Mary is seen, presenting my needs to The Father and Him smiling ...or even a slight chortle and then saying to Her ...All rightyy then, glad to see You brought this one back home again... We shall take another look and "I am" going to see what else can be done, before his time runs out......and then they both smile...


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